I am a Timeless Being

Spiritual Perspectives

art by Android-Jones By Steve Beckow Everyone is a timeless being. We step into and out of physical bodies. We look out from every pair of eyes. We manipulate the levers of our human form. And then, when it’s no longer needed, we step out of the body and carry on. We return to the […]


This State is Clarity

Spiritual Perspectives

  by Steve Beckow Life begins when the mind is still. It isn’t that life ends then. I really hear what I hear. I taste what I taste. I arrived in life again. I’m around. There isn’t any other part of me that wants particularly to be still but a mind that’s still makes all […]


Time to Let Go of the Ego ~ Steve Beckow

Spiritual Perspectives

by Steve Beckow   The energies have reached a place where I’m feeling urges to drop large chunks of formerly relevant and insistent parts of myself. The most insistent large chunk is the ego. Of all the “I’s” that I am, the “I” of the ego feels most like an anchor that holds me down […]



Spiritual Perspectives

  July 15, 2016 by Steve Beckow In the late Nineteenth Century, the prevailing view of the path to growth was what historians have called “creative repression” – the view that our path to growth lay through denying ourselves. (1) Victorians constructed a view of self that was based upon needing to appear to be […]


A New Philosophy for a New Earth

Spiritual Perspectives

April 3, 2016 by Steve Beckow   Context We light workers are building a New Earth, what Werner Erhard called “a world that works for everyone.” A shift in consciousness is occurring. Some of us have experienced states like love and bliss, brought on by it. From inside these states, it’s easily seen that a […]


The New Energies and the Changes They Bring – Part 1/5

Spiritual Perspectives

  March 12, 2016 by Steve Beckow An influx of vivifying energies has been showering the Earth for some years now, powering our Ascension. The Constant Companions confirm that the influx “is indeed a carefully orchestrated event.” (1) Who’s orchestrating it and where’s the energy coming from? SaLuSa explains that we’re “receiving more energy from […]


Ascension as Opening the Doors of Perception


  September 22, 2015 by Steve Beckow We’re obliged to use language to discuss matters between us. But language so often fails us. It may convey a point incompletely. It may reduce something vast and significant to something inconsequential. It may prove totally incapable of conveying anything about the something it refers to (God, for […]


Steve Beckow: Self/No Self = Heart

Spiritual Perspectives

  By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia, August 18, 2015 I sometimes hear Buddhists and Advaitins (followers of the non-dual path) say that they would come with us on the journey to ascension if they only saw how the two paths fit together. Perhaps I can offer my interpretation of how they fit. Ascension […]


Steve Beckow: The Real Ascent

Spiritual Perspectives

  By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia, August 13, 2015 In my view, we’re at a very special part of the spiritual path. It’s a place of beginning and it’s known by many names. It could be called the centerpoint, the heart, the balance point, the stillpoint. We often call it normalcy or our […]


Heart Consciousness Is the New Reality

Spiritual Perspectives

  By Steve Beckow Let’s continue to settle into the subject of heart consciousness. As far as I can see, saying “settle into heart consciousness” is no different than saying “imagine communing with your Higher Self.” The two – the heart and the seat of higher consciousness – are, as far as I can see, […]


A Culture of Love to Leaven a Planet

Spiritual Perspectives

  By Steve Beckow   Not only do we use the word “culture” for an organization of ideas.  We call life in a Petrie dish a “culture” as well. And we lightworkers are living in a very large Petrie dish of Ascension. How we do is being observed and noted. The experiment is being tinkered […]


The Black Hats Must Go

Alternative News, Zeitgeist

Steve Beckow on June 22, 2013 With the advent of Edward Snowden, joining Bradley Manning, Julian Assange and others, I’ll be reposting a few articles written years ago – to remind us of what we’re ending on this planet and how deep the rabbit hole goes. The tone is now a bit anachronistic, given where […]