I am a Timeless Being

Spiritual Perspectives / Sunday, May 6th, 2018

art by Android-Jones

Everyone is a timeless being. We step into and out of physical bodies. We look out from every pair of eyes. We manipulate the levers of our human form.

And then, when it’s no longer needed, we step out of the body and carry on.

We return to the beginning, are reborn, and begin again repeatedly, worlds without end.

I am a timeless being. I am the same being who existed outside this body, took it on, and may lay it down again at some point.

Leaving it behind, with gratitude and respect, means no loss to the being; if anything, it means freedom from density.

We carry away the lessons we’ve learned. And then, when we’ve digested that, we dive back into matter again. To the being outside the body, it’s like going for a swim. To the being inside the body, it can be a slog.

But inside or outside doesn’t change matters: I remain a timeless being.

I am timeless. And I realize it.

I allow the impact of realizing it to ripple through me.

Afterwards, I feel more grounded, confident, stable.

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