Bliss is the Treasure of Heaven; Orgasm is a Taste of It

Spiritual Perspectives / Saturday, June 4th, 2016

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(Concluded from Part 1.)

I repeat that I trust I’m speaking adult-to-adult, both of us wanting to get to the bottom of the matter.

If so, then let me start in. One of the things this man started to see at last (I’m sure it’s the same for women, with appropriate changes) is that all women are anatomically the same.  Whence comes the man’s desire to undress this woman, to get that one into bed, and this one, and that one? What do we think we’ll find?

It isn’t what we find. It’s the taboo of it, the chase up hill and down valley, and the consummation. Once the chase is over, I’ve heard many women complain, men seem to lose interest rather quickly.

Why? Because the sexual impulse without love is driven by mystique, taboo, novelty, and difference. With those gone and without transformative love in their place, there’s no engine and little impulse to continue.

A second realization that dawned on me is that, if the veil of mystique is removed from the physical act of 3D lovemaking, we find that almost everyone goes through the same repetitive actions, almost in the same order, again and again and again. You don’t want me to list them. Wherein lies the draw in such predictable repetition?

The draw is orgasm. All the mystique and razzle dazzle simply contributes to the likelihood of orgasm. It stimulates us, men and women. And orgasm, being bliss, is its own reward.

People go to extensive trouble to pursue those they view as instrumental to their orgasm. (1) Men at least seem to go to great lengths to attract … OK, seduce … women. Clothing, hairstyle, mannerisms, ways of speaking, money, sports cars, yachts, expensive vacations, on and on the list goes.

Many men assume roles not to their liking to ensure their access to orgasm.  I remember snapping when it was asked of me (a monk by nature) that I read the Wall Street Journal to understand retirement-investment vehicles. That was too much for me. Orgasm wasn’t worth it.

Orgasm = Bliss

I don’t for a minute devalue orgasm. It’s wonderful. What I do say though is: Enjoy the bliss that lies at the heart of it. Send that bliss up to the heavens and down into Gaia again.

Take the attachment to orgasm and make it an attachment to the bliss that lies at the heart of it. Orgasm = Bliss.

Don’t mistake orgasm for only orgasm. That would be illusion. That would condemn us to driving around a cul de sac forever.

Bliss is senior to it. Bliss is the origin of orgasm, its source, the reservoir upon which it draws.

I say this because the sexual ties to the Third Dimension are probably some of the hardest to dissolve. If we can redirect them towards the bliss that lies at the heart of sex, we may be able to dissolve those ties and release a stubborn 3D tie.

In my view, recognizing the bliss that lies at the heart of sex and going for that opens up the road ahead, one road among many, I believe, that leads home.

Bliss Fulfills the Law of Our Nature

“I am all that a man may desire,” Krishna said, “without transgressing the law of his nature.” (2)

The law of our nature says that we can lawfully seek only God and God’s divine qualities, without inviting sometimes painful consequences (karma).

Bliss is the essence of God.  Seeking bliss for all fulfills the law of our nature.  Since we’re all lightworkers and hence active, seeking bliss on behalf of all is one among a number of pure motivations for our karma yoga, seva, or service.

No, I’m not really writing about orgasm.  I’m writing about redirecting, refocussing our attention on uncovering our transformative love for our partner, which sanctifies sex, and achieving bliss for the sake of the world. I’m talking about lifting up our focus so that love-making ceases to be a tie to the Third and becomes a doorway to the Fifth.

The larger question is: I invite us all not be afraid to be blissful any more. I invite us all not to worry about what people, think of us, dreamy-eyed as we may be.

For, doing so, we deny ourselves the treasure of heaven. And we deny others our modelling of what others seek.

Bliss everlasting, bliss overflowing, deeper and deeper experiences of bliss – that’s what we truly seek. That’s what God truly wants for us, I think.


(1) I’m restricting my view for the moment to sex with others. I mean no disrespect to the LBGT community by expressing myself as a heterosexual.

(2) Sri Krishna in Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher Isherwood, trans., Bhagavad-Gita. The Song of God. New York and Scarborough: New American Library, 1972; c1944, 71.

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