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Text and pictures have been obtained from many sources.  I have tried my very best to seek permission and  acknowledge the sources wherever possible. If you are the author of any content posted in this blog and consider that your copyright has been violated or desire that additional credits be added, please contact me at abzu-2 (at) and it will be rectified or removed immediately. The purpose of this blog is to share information freely without any commercial interests or infringements on personal rights. If I have violated your rights and you feel offended in any way, please be so kind as to accept my most sincere apology. The situation will be rectified promptly upon notification. My personal belief is that information is to be shared not owned, however, I fully respect those that do not agree with this opinion.

7 Replies to “Copyright Infringement”

  1. You reprinted my article on your site (and thank you). Just want to mention you are free to reprint any of my articles, giving proper credit, which you’ve done. I’ll put a courtesy link from my web site to yours when I next update the site, probably in “Features” section..

    1. Please inform me which images are yours. They will be deleted or credited. As you wish. Please note that my site is a non-commercial information site. Have over 300 subscribers and more than 300,000 views. You are the first artist to object to having their art on my site. Most authors (99.9%) are quite content to having their articles published on my site. I totally respect your copyright and wish to resolve it ASAP. But please give me a clue as to what is yours of the 2,500 + articles I have posted. This issue will be resolved immediately upon notification. I assure you that no future posting containing your art will occur, once I identify it. Was unfamiliar with your FB page until I received your notification. Whatever images of yours that I may have used where obtained from other sources.

  2. Hi there,

    I have used an image from here for a temporary profile picture. It is the picture of a human that emanates the sunlight from the heart. I tried to find the origin of the picture but the page was not found. Could please you let me know if I should remove it from my profile or not. Thank you very much.


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