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Spiritual Perspectives / Friday, August 21st, 2015

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By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia, August 18, 2015

I sometimes hear Buddhists and Advaitins (followers of the non-dual path) say that they would come with us on the journey to ascension if they only saw how the two paths fit together.

Perhaps I can offer my interpretation of how they fit.

Ascension is know by many names to terrestrial sages.  Moksha and sahaja samadhi to Hindus; nirvana and buddhahood to Buddhists; redemption and salvation to Christians. It signifies entry into what is called the “mental planes” in the afterlife world, “heaven” to the early Christian Fathers, and the “Fifth Dimension” to the Company of Heaven.

The medium through which entry into nirvana or heaven is effected is to many terrestrial sages known  as “Self-Knowledge” or “Self-Realization.”

The Company of Heaven seem to shy away from use of the word “Self” in this current consciousness shift. Therefore they don’t use the term “Self-Realization.”

They come back again and again to the use of the word “heart.” To me they’re the same.

I think they do that because they have a short amount of time till ascension and vast numbers of people to address and impact. Rather than get caught up in doctrinal discussions of  “self/no self/Self/No Self (anatta),” they prefer to use the one word, immediately understandable to most people on Earth – heart.

Moreover, the whole approach that’s been taken in this ascension centers around love. It doesn’t center around light and illumination. It doesn’t focus on realization or knowledge. It isn’t even on ascension itself. It has been on love. And love is probably irreversibly associated in the human mind with the heart.

Archangel Michael has made a number of telling comments to me on the subject. Once I asked him who it was that was watching what was happening and he confirmed that it was, not the personality, not the ego, not our Third-Dimensional consciousness, not some other construction in consciousness, but the Self or Atman. But notice how he begins by focusing attention on the heart:

Steve Beckow: There’s something that focuses its attention on the higher self, the ego, the mind. What is that something that does that?

Archangel Michael: It is that part of you that is your heart and part of you that is your ego, that loves to have separation. But it is the internal knowing that there are many pieces of you, not that they are separated but to be drawn upon and brought together in the harmony of the integrated self.

SB: Okay, but always there is something that is aware, always, always aware and that never ceases to be aware. That aware part of me focuses on the mind, or focuses on me, or the higher self… What IS that part of me? Is it the Atman?

AAM: It is your very soul. (1)

SB: Now is that the Atman or beyond the Atman?

AAM: No, it is your Atman.

SB: That is a question I’ve had for decades! Thank you for settling that one for me. (2)

In the following comment, he intimates that heart-centered awareness and heart-centered love are important parts of the new paradigm:  “Leadership is a tenuous role and it is particularly a tenuous role in terms of the understanding, in the new paradigm, of heart-centered awareness, of heart-centered love.”  (3)

Let’s look at his next comment: “Transformative love, heart-centered awareness, expansion, increase in frequency and vibration is not achieved – let me be even stronger; cannot be achieved – from a place of defensiveness.” (4) Here he almost seems to offer transformative love, heart-centered awareness, expansion, and increase in frequency and vibration as synonyms. Increase in frequency and vibration is ascension; therefore heart-centered awareness and love appear to be synonymous with or lead up to ascension.

It isn’t as if the notion that the Company of Heaven seems to be putting forward is not known to us. One of the most famous passages in the Bible has God grant Solomon a wish and the king responds: “Give … thy servant an understanding heart to judge thy people, that I may discern between good and bad.” (5)

What difference is there between heart-centered awareness and an understanding heart?  Are we all now destined to have the wisdom of Solomon, upon entering Fifth Dimensionality?  (6)

The fact that the Company of Heaven departs from the practice of so many terrestrial sages and focuses on heart-centered awareness and love does not mean that Buddhists and Advaitins cannot somehow continue to focus on the Self/No Self.  It just requires both parties – the non-dualists and the followers of the Company of Heaven – to make the translation:  Self/No Self = Heart.

There are many other places where translation is required. Here are two examples. The Divine Mother = Shakti = the Holy Spirit. The Christ = the Atman = The Self. We have to knit together the differing accounts of the sages. Here we need to connect the terms “Self” and “heart” if we’re to make the connection between the non-dualist and ascension paths.

There’s no need for the light- and loveholders of the world to join the lightworkers, except in heart, in unity, in love. The lightholders are seeking illumination. The loveholders are seeking and wanting to share love.  The lightworkers are building Nova Earth.

We all have separate but important roles to play. My heart is with the lightholders but my commitment is to the lightworkers. This lifetime is about building Nova Earth for me. AAM has said expliclty no Himalayan cave this lifetime, etc. (7)

Nonethless, we’re all headed for the same place.  Just as the eye, the ear and the mouth serve different functions, but the body carries all to the same place, so loveholders, lightholders and lightworkers also serve different functions, but the body of spirituality will carry us all to the same place.

All of us are vital to the functioning of the total body of humanity and all of us have a reason for being here, now.


(1)  The Atman is the soul, but I want to hear the word from his mouth.  Nothing else will settle my doubts.

(2) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Jan. 23, 2014. [Hereafter AAM]

(3) AAM, July 21, 2015.

(4) Loc. cit.

(5) I Kings 3:9.

(6) That development comes with the attainment of Sahaja Samadhi, which itself comes a while after we enter 5D.

(7) Not like I’ve lived in a Himalayan cave in any lifetime. I have not. But several times I’ve been a monk.


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