All Exists Within Nothingness

Spiritual Perspectives / Monday, April 22nd, 2024
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by Joe Weaver

The other day I wrote a posting making reference that “all exists within the nothingness”. It may seem like nothingness for the first time when coming from existing within the ego. However it is within this space of pure absence of all thought exists what is eternally real. From there the nothingness gets filled with your own higher knowingness, where more becomes known/remembered. However all that shields the nothingness from presenting itself has to be let go of or at least we must have the “willingness” to let go of it.

Become One with Self by letting go of all thoughts and feelings within your current perceived consciousness. Become the open vessel and it will be filled, it’s all the same thing. It will be filled with your own eternal truth of your own God Self IAM existence.

Some people’s minds may be thinking right now, what does becoming more One with my Self have to do with the current world for which I am living in right now? I would say it relates to “everything”. We are living in a time period where “all” is ascended into an expanded expression of it’s own Self. This included the Earth and all that exists on it.

Once a person/soul experiences this level of their own personal ascension from there it is nothing but continued heart expansion. It is all just more and more understanding of our connections with all that exists. Because by stepping out of the mind/ego consciousness you are stepping into your Soul Self then your IAM Self consciousness perceptual views of reality. Not the illusion of reality for which the ego consciousness sees and experiences.

Here is my main point for writing this. Every soul has the “choice” when they experience this shift into the space of nothingness to have fear of it or simply rest and be at balance within this space. The ego may think all is ending but all is not ending, more is just becoming “realized”. The easiest way to be in a conscious state of peace and harmony while experiencing a conscious shift like this is to simply “have/be love” and release all feelings of fear. The space of sensed nothingness is only another level of your own Being that has always existed, but it was not being experienced.

If all a person does is simply breath and radiate love within the space of perceived nothingness. The expanded knowingness of this space will be remembered/integrated and realized. We are all multi-dimensional Beings experiencing physical reality. Levels of our consciousness are experiencing other dimensional realities all at the same time. All exists within the same time and space. You and I are existing within several levels of time and space right now.

So in conclusion. We all have the “choice” if we want to get to know more of our expanded Self or not. Like it has always been written, it all comes down to living the “choice” of fear or love. If fear is held onto while experiencing a space of perceived nothingness “out of ego experience”. Then this would mean you are having fear of another level of your own Self. So how could you exist then within this space if you are having fear of it? By having fear of it you would not be energetically aligned with it correct? So how could you expect to exist where you are not energetically aligned? It’s not possible.

Our consciousness exists within the frequency for which it aligns with and this includes our physical form. So if it is your Divine Will to live and experience an expanded reality of your own existence then all that has to be done is to live the frequency of it.

Live free of the fears and judgments produced by your ego now and align with your own higher/expanded existence. It is the fear and judgment that keeps our consciousness from experiencing our own true Selves. It does not mean “you” will disappear, the illusion will just disappear!

Live free in another lifetime or live free eternally now! The only thing that gets postposed for another day or lifetime is the expanded realization of who we really are. There is no judgment. All is simply our Will to exist where we wish to exist. Live in love or live in more continuous illusion. All is our choice.

You are stronger than you think! : )

Love to all, Joe : )


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