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“I know that I am intelligent, because I know that I know nothing.”

I consider this blog to be basically a connect .:. the .:. dots site. Seemingly unrelated subjects are IMHO very much related to each other and have been posted with cross references and conveniently grouped in the Categories list. The posts are a small sample of subjects I have studied and current articles related to some of my interests, which I have decided to share with like minds and those curious beings that feel drawn to the harmonic resonant fields contained within. N’Joy and share.

There are fields of knowledge that are best contacted beyond Mind.  .:. Words of Power .:. are those that when contacted by Consciousness and through the laws of Harmonic Resonance, allow a complex set of  energies to unfold. Akin to clicking on an icon on a computer monitor. The same is true for images !!!

Throughout this blog, Consciousness will recognize TRUTH and resonate with it. May the contact fill you with Light and Love. May the forces of Unconditional Love forever be present in your Consciousness and reflected in your Divine Being.

Please take what assists you and leave what does not. Remember: “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.”

” I can not teach anybody anything. I can only make them think.” – Socrates

“It is impossible for anyone to start understanding what he thinks he already knows.” Epictetus … Greek philosopher

Entheogens & Divinity ~ Higher Consciousness Radio interviews AbZu

Entheogens & Divinity – Part 2 ~ Higher Consciousness Radio interviews AbZu

18 Replies to “About”

    1. Barry, thank you. May the Light contacted be forever radiated by your Divine Being. We are all fractals of the One Consciousness. It is through the act of CONSCIOUS Harmonic Resonance with that Divine Truth that we successfully fulfill our sojourn on this experiential plane of existence. N’Joy.

      1. Are you the Mark Comings who studied the energetic effects of crystals at UC Berkeley? I would be interested in knowing more on the subject.

  1. Hi guys

    We have recently been surveying the sites around the World who we think are important for people enquiring after content and knowledge of Life’s great mysteries. We feel that your site is a good resource that our visitors may wish to connect with. We have given a permanent link to your site on most of our web pages at aoas.org.uk.

    If you wish to add a link to us, then that’s great.

    Have a nice Day.

    Best wishes from AOAS, in Lancaster, England.

  2. I believe the Egyptians left us clues as to how their technology worked. I believe that mainstream archeology is being manipulated and that they are purposefully misleading us. I believe that many of the hieroglyphics are diagrams of how they understood and harnessed the natural energy that flows through everything. I don’t have a high level education and I only recently started down my path to awakening, but I will prove it.

  3. I listen to all of your vids. I appreciate your work very much. I love the voice tracks. Is that y’all or a comp voice? I know you have as Much information as anyone on these topics of a New Earth. I will donate once I settle as I’m a TI on the run.
    Love Only

  4. I was asked if am an AI or A1(not sure I or 1 but I think an I. I need to know what that means, please. Thank you.

    1. AI is an acronym for Artificial Intelligence and A1 is usually referred to as a level of high quality i.e., 5 star, premium, etc. The definition of AI is a tricky answer if viewed from the perspective of the probability that we are all fractals of One Consciousness and live in a holographic paradigm that is a sentient and symbiotic reality. Thus, how can Intelligence ever be “artificial”?

  5. Hey great blog!!! All of these messages are so on point and in total rhythm with the ones I e been getting as well. Love to meet like minded and understood individuals! I was wondering if I could email you privately. I have a few questions on a couple otherworldly experiences that have happened to my family and I. I consider myself a decently experienced psychic/ medium/ and I’ve never had things like this happen ever until the summer of 2017. Two life changing otherworldly experiences I’d like your insight on.
    Love light and liberation

  6. I believe I found a true home within these confines.
    “I think therefore I am” ,”I feel therefore I think”
    I feel to see, I feel to understand. I am that of a record player and the Universe is my record. There are many records and I need to play them all.

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