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Spiritual Perspectives / Saturday, August 15th, 2015

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By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia, August 13, 2015

In my view, we’re at a very special part of the spiritual path. It’s a place of beginning and it’s known by many names.

It could be called the centerpoint, the heart, the balance point, the stillpoint.

We often call it normalcy or our natural state.

Once we’re aware of our center point and once we court remaining in it, we enter, I believe, the curve of the J-curve that ascension is.

We call it ascension. Biblical authors called it the rapture. It’s what’s meant by salvation, liberation, release from the wheel of birth and death. As a general opportunity, it happens once every 26,000 years, as far as I understand.

The center point is not the same as what’s called the zero point. I believe that to be much further down the road.

Even Sahaja Samadhi, (1) which is very far past being in our centerpoint, and past the zero point as well, is still simply a word for “natural.” So by the very terms we use to describe these events, we know we’re heading for … normalcy, naturalness.

I remember clearing a colossal vasana at an Enlightenment Intensive and it left me feeling … normal.


That means that up to that point, unbeknownst to me, I had been behaving abnormally.

People may have tried to tell me and I would not or could not hear them. And now here I was, having cleared the vasanas – and feeling normal.

I would have thought that I’d end up feeling super or great, but, no.

Another way of saying this is to say that until we’re OK with ourselves, the real ascent cannot begin.

As long as we’re not OK with ourselves, we “work” on ourselves. We labor, toil, do everthing we can think of to get OK with ourselves.  We polish, preen, strut and beg.

We feel perpetually in the red and never in the black. We’re forever not happy. Something is always out. It’s as if we’ve become addicted to drama and never experience silence.

Very little attention is left over to give to matters proper to ascent.

I’m not saying we aren’t ascending. In the overall scheme of things, our clearing is essential and results in a great deal of ground covered.

Not until we’re OK with ourselves have we finished with ourselves, so to speak. Finished with the clearing, the practising, etc. Finished with self-concern, self-focus, our everyday narcissism.

Not until then are we ready to clear some space and attention for others.

Not until then can we make the contribution we’ve intended to make (if we really looked at it) all our lives.

It’s the difference between standing on the platform talking about the rollercoaster ride and being seated in the rollercoaster with it beginning to roll.  When at last we feel OK with ourselves, I think, the real ride begins.

When we feel OK with ourselves, happiness arrives. We enjoy the silence and the not-silence. We’re available to what’s happening now rather than only to  the past and future.

The real work of ascension can now begin. If you’re a lightholder, past this point, you probably serve the Mother’s Plan by going inwards or in other ways uncovering your true and essential nature.

If you’re a lightworker, you probably serve the Mother’s Plan by helping to create and construct the new society.  That could include healing, artistry, cooking, weaving. It doesn’t have to look a certain way and each one has his or her own unique mission.

We thought this work would leave us feeling special. We were out to save the world. Are we not great?

But we find the desire to feel special departing from us along with so much other baggage that had to be dropped to reach normalcy.  We have no further need to reap what we may have sown for personal reasons. And what we’ve sown in service in the Mother’s service, we let go of as soon as we complete it.

We’re fine with everything the way it is and the way it’s not. We’re now ready to begin – the real work, our real missions, the real ascent.


(1) Sahaja Samadhi is a permanent heart opening that constitutes liberation from the need to be reborn. Functionally that means an exiting of the Third/Fourth Dimension and ascension to the Fifth. Hindus call the state moksha. Jesus called it redemption and salvation. Buddhists call it nirvana.


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