Is Pfizer Behind Neil Young’s Decision To Cancel Joe Rogan?

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Niamh Harris – Neil Young, in case you hadn’t heard, recently pulled his music from Spotify after the music streaming giant refused to bow to his demands and remove Joe Rogan from their platform for spreading alleged dangerous covid “misinformation.”

The head of the World Health Organization (WHO) even sided with the singer over his stance.

But why would Neil Young be so bothered about somebody discussing covid, the jabs and alternative medications during a Spotify podcast….. or could it be that there was another reason for his decision?

According to reports, owners of Young’s music rights are advised by a former Pfizer CEO!

On January 6, 2021, Neil Young sold half of his music catalogue to Merck Mercuriadis’ Hipgnosis Song Management company. Later on that year Hipgnosis merged with Blackstone in a billion dollar deal. However in August, a month before the merger, Blackstone announced that they appointed Pfizer’s former Chairman and CEO Jeffrey B Kindler as the company’s senior advisor.

Peakd reports: Turns out Pfizer may have had a direct hand in the decision for Young to say what he has said – how ironic for such a ‘rebel’.

Selling out and being the complete opposite of what you claim to be is nothing new – many of Earth’s most prominent characters have, in truth, fit into this category in important ways. Sometimes these things surface after their death but in the case of Neil Young it may well have become apparent already.

Neil Young has been trending on Twitter for days and all over mainstream media for issuing Spotify an ultimatum, telling them to cancel Joe Rogan or he would remove his music from Spotify. One problem, he has sold enough of the control of his music catalogue that he actually doesn’t have the final say on whether it gets pulled from a platform or not. Guess who bought into his music!

A UK company called Hipgnosis has acquired 50% of Neil Young’s song catalog for around $150m.

Hipgnosis, in turn, has created a $1B partnership with Blackstone to invest in songs, recorded music, music IP and royalties. So Neil Young has sold his musical catalogue to an investment fund that has already been identified as having a controlling share of almost all major corporations in all industries. See the following awesome documentary that exposes this topic in detail, tracking the ownership of so many of the world’s largest corporations back to the same 3 investment funds:

Not only is this the case, Blackstone are advised by an ex CEO of Pfizer: Blackstone Announces Appointment of Jeffrey B. Kindler, Former Chairman and CEO of Pfizer, as Senior Advisor.

Does this make it clearer why Neil Young has been thrust into the limelight as he ‘chooses’ to try to get Spotify to ban Joe Rogan – who has made a point lately of interviewing Doctors and others who refute the safety profile of the Pfizer COVID19 shots?

As usual we have a corporate and oligarch circle jerk, with one corporation scratching the back of another – except in this case they have somehow roped in ‘folk heroes’ to try to seem like legitimate and ‘caring’ people. Neil Young is not the only old musician to have tried to pressure Spotify in this way and it is likely that the others are also tied up with this investment fund too.

There are a few possibilities here:

♦ Neil Young just happens to hold views that align with Pfizer and the world’s largest corporate control systems – to the point where he is happy to lead the charge in trying to cancel one of the only large internet platforms that is giving voice to world experts and Doctors who are critical of Pfizer.

♦ Neil Young doesn’t really have much say in the situation and is just doing what he’s told because he’s some kind of sell out.

♦ Neil Young is blackmailed in some way and so is basically controlled – as is often the case with the world’s wealthiest ‘elite’ people – See Jeffrey Epstein’s child rape network for more info.

Whatever the truth behind the scenes, it must surely be the case the Neil Young’s ‘rebellious’ persona is in tatters at this point, with only his hardcore fans being willing to overlook the reality that he has literally and openly done a deal with the devil. The reach of Blackstone is so pervasive that they have had hands in some of the least ethical projects around.

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