All Exists Within Nothingness

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by Joe Weaver The other day I wrote a posting making reference that “all exists within the nothingness”. It may seem like nothingness for the first time when coming from existing within the ego. However it is within this space of pure absence of all thought exists what is eternally real. From there the nothingness […]



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Empathy is the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing from within their frame of reference, that is, the capacity to place oneself in another’s position. Compassion and sympathy are terms associated with empathy. Sympathy is a feeling of care and understanding for someone in need. by AbZu Student of the Ineffable, Star Child (we all are). Unconditional […]


Who Is Really Mentally Ill?

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By Kelly Brogan, M.D. Guest Writer for Wake Up World Hallucination (huh-loo-suh–ney-shuh n) : a sensory experience of something that does not exist outside the mind, caused by various physical and mental disorders, or by reaction to certain toxic substances, and usually manifested as visual or auditory images. Psychiatry has built an entire infrastructure around the definition of […]


The Crucial Role of an Observer: How Physics Demands a Conscious Agent ∞ Alex Vikoulov

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2/21/2023 by Alex Vikoulov “To say that a world is objective means that the world’s existence does not depend on the agent.” ―Donald Hoffman​​The concept of relativity pervades the field of physics, as any viewpoint ultimately boils down to a dimensionless ratio. In the realm of physical reality, a viewpoint assumes the existence of an observer […]


When The Dimensional Shift Happens

Earth Changes, Spiritual Perspectives

by Teri Wade, The Dimensional shift will change the molecular structure of your body cause that is the only way you can make this transition. Your body must become less dense. We’re currently being prepped for it in various ways…. The Day of Purification When the Dimensional shift happens we’ll experience the 3rd dimensional […]


An Explanation of Reality Through Quantum Physics

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Reality is defined as “the state of things as they actually exist”. When the term reality is used, it includes everything that is and is not, whether or not it is observable or comprehensible by the human race. Reality in this sense may include both being and nothingness, everything and nothing, all that is and all […]


The 5th Dimension Reveals Itself

Ascension, Spiritual Perspectives

5/25/2021 ERA OF LIGHT  Huge influxes of solar energies in the form of plasma coronal mass ejections and Solar Winds become overwhelming to physical bodies that need to take time to discharge the extreme pressures and excesses it places on your vastly expanded energy fields. Your own Light signature energy is also partially overshadowed by greater […]


The Mental Universe Hypothesis: Reconnecting to Your Cosmic Self ∞ Alex Vikoulov

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“The Universe begins to look more like a great thought than a great machine.”-James Jeans ​​Is the Universe mental or physical? Let’s rephrase the question for ease of argumentation: Is reality informational or mechanistical? Science often makes strides by contradicting what we take for granted, and the biggest thing everyone takes as a given is […]


Decree To Shift Into The 5th Dimension

Spiritual Perspectives

 by Asara Adams In the name of my “Beloved I AM Presence” I now call forth my Galactic Family of Light, the Beloved Ascended Masters, and the Great Angelic Hosts. I Ask for these Blessed Beings of the Light to Amplify, Intensify, and Multiply the power of this Decree with the Light of a Thousand […]


The Quantum Awakening

Spiritual Perspectives

We stand at a point in-between what we believe in our hearts to be possible and what we see in our world. We hold tightly to the spiritual lifeline that dangles from the high cliffs as we try over and over again to propel up the side of what seems to be an insurmountable slick […]