Derivatives and US National Debt BOMBS

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The entire financial economy may be being imperiled by an exotic form of financial instrument called a derivatives contract. There may be over two quadrillion dollars’ worth of this debt, sucking cash out of the productive economy… which is crippling supply chains. DISCLAIMER: Views and opinions expressed on The Daniel Natal Show are solely those […]


Economics is a Form of Brain Damage

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    Economics is Not a Science and is Not Based in the Real World In today’s world, economics is king. Everyone’s talking money and economy, yet none of it is actually even real. Award winning scientist, author, environmental activist, broadcaster, and geneticist, David Suzuki, gives us the thought provoking truth about economics. “Economics is […]


What are Public Banks and How Do They Benefit Us?


        What is Public Banking? Public banking is banking operated in the public interest, through institutions owned by the people through their representative governments. Public banks can exist at all levels, from local to state to national or even international. Any governmental body which can meet local banking requirements may, theoretically, create […]



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In the Name of the Almighty Presence of God ‘I AM’, the Holy Christ Selves of All Humanity, We summon all great Beings, Powers, and Legions of Light concerned with the economic stability of the Nations of the Planet Earth to  COME FORTH NOW! * Beloved Archangel Michael and Lady Astrea PURIFY ( 3X ) […]



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By JC Collins   In essence, China has been slowly buying up the Federal Reserve for some time now.  If you can call it a purchase.  Its more of a negotiation over assuming the liabilities of both the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury. The Federal Reserve is the largest holder of U.S. debt at $2.1 […]


The Speculative Endgame: The Government “Shutdown” and “Debt Default”, A Multibillion Bonanza for Wall Street

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By Prof Michel Chossudovsky Global Research, October 16, 2013   The “shutdown” of the US government and the financial climax associated with a deadline date, leading to a possible “debt default” of the federal government is a money making undertaking for Wall Street. A wave of speculative activity is sweeping major markets. The uncertainty regarding […]


Karen Hudes ~ ‘Dollar Valueless, About To Crash’ ~~ The US government shutdown – a temporary ailment or a symptom of a grave disease?

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    RT October 8, 2013 The US government shutdown – a temporary ailment or a symptom of a grave disease? Are the Republicans right in their move to block Obamacare spending? Who gains from the shutdown turmoil? Do the politicians care about their citizens? Our guest comes from the very heart of the banking […]


Revenge Of The Robber Barons

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By Jim Kirwan The San Francisco Chronicle was founded in 1865 By 1880 It had the largest circulation on the West Coast And was Sold in 2000 to Hearst Communications Inc. Amid a FrontPage series of political firestorms Collectively-reminiscent of the criminality involved in The Days of the Robber Barons “The eight years in America […]