The New Energies and the Changes They Bring – Part 1/5

Spiritual Perspectives / Wednesday, March 16th, 2016

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An influx of vivifying energies has been showering the Earth for some years now, powering our Ascension.

The Constant Companions confirm that the influx “is indeed a carefully orchestrated event.” (1)

Who’s orchestrating it and where’s the energy coming from? SaLuSa explains that we’re “receiving more energy from outside of Earth, and it comes from many sources.” (2)

It originates, according to Archangel Michael, with Supreme Creator. He says: “The rarified cells of Creator Light—the higher frequency, powerful new Rays of Individualized Expression, … are radiating forth from the rarified realms of the Supreme Creator.” (3​​) He adds:

“As the Supreme Creator increases the flow of the Elixir of Life throughout the Omniverse, it is affecting all Creation. You cannot hide from it. You cannot deny it. Your lifeline to your Source is growing stronger and more compelling all the time.” (4)

The energies from Source are in turn being channeled through the great Central Sun, Michael tells us.

“At a cosmic level, the Supreme Creator is now sending down the radiance of Itself via the Great Central Suns, which is being filtered down upon Earth in great bursts of Living White Fire Essence of Life through the Sacred Heart Core of our Father/Mother God by way of the Sun of this solar system.” (5)

Cosmic Awareness agrees.

“The energies of Spirit are coming through the central Sun. … Divine Source’s energies [are] coming forth wave after wave after wave crashing upon the planet, bringing higher spiritual awareness and understanding.” (6)

This energy is then chanelled through other beings, Michael says. “There are many who are bringing forth the supreme light of the Creator through their beings and creations,” Archangel Michael explains, “to be anchored and experienced upon the Earth.” (7)

One intermediary source is higher-dimensional civilizations, as Matthew Ward explains.

“With unconditional love for Gaia and every sentient being on her planetary body, far distant civilizations whose vastness and power are beyond your imagining are beaming intensive light to dispel fear so every heart can open to love.” (8)

These civilizations live in higher dimensions. Their energy is stepped down till it reaches us, as Archangel Michael explains.

“The energies of the Higher Dimensions work their way downwards, so that when the 6th Dimension is opened to the Magical Creation of the Garden of Eden on Planet Earth, this will begin to manifest until it is anchored on the 5th Dimension and the illusion of the Third Dimension with its duality consciousness and conflict will disappear from the Timeline.” (9)

AA Michael described the role our local Sun plays in this process. The Sun is itself a higher-dimensional being.

“When the Earth, through the Earth Councils, indicates that she is ready for an accelerated process of transmutation and change, as in February of this year, the Solar Council of the Sun, those Light Beings entrusted with the transmission of Solar Codes to the Solar System and to Earth, responds with what is needed.

“And so, apart from very powerful Solar and Lunar eclipses, there have also been immensely powerful Solar Flares that have bombarded your planet day after day, week after week, bringing the Light Codes and information necessary to open the portals and incorporate the 6th Dimension of Magic and Dreams into the Earth Grids.” (10)

The Constant Companions described this as a “huge orchestra of incoming celestial music in the form of energetic discharges coming your way by the help of the Sun.” (11)

The Team through Peggy Black tells us that:

“These energetic magnetic dynamic forces are constantly bombarding and showering your Earth home with charged particles from the Sun and your Milky Way. These charged particles or vibrations express themselves as solar flares, gamma rays, plasma rays or a geomagnetic flux.” (12)

What we regard as solar storms and flares may in fact be transmissions of light codes, the Arcturians explain:

“We wish to tell you that you are in the process of download and integration of a higher Light that was, and is still, being delivered from the higher dimensions. How does higher Light download into Earth from the higher dimension? One way is that they ‘catch a ride’ on the current ‘space weather.’” (13)

Tomorrow let’s look at the impact these energies are having in Gaia and us.

(Continued in Part 2.)


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