A New Philosophy for a New Earth

Spiritual Perspectives / Wednesday, April 6th, 2016





We light workers are building a New Earth, what Werner Erhard called “a world that works for everyone.”

A shift in consciousness is occurring. Some of us have experienced states like love and bliss, brought on by it.

From inside these states, it’s easily seen that a world in love and bliss will by its very nature work for all.

We now appreciate that, all factors considered, a world that works for everyone is attainable for this planet.

Out of our commitment to that view, we turn our hand to building a new society that works, based on a new philosophy of life and action which we will also build together.

Never in human history has an opportunity this bright lain before us. The shift in consciousness ensures our success, if we’ll only seize the opportunity and commit, if not to this philosophy, then to another, better one.

The end to be achieved is world peace, balance, and harmony – a world that works for all.


We commit to the following:

(1) We honor Source by whatever name people call it: God, Divine Mother, Shiva/Shakti, Everything/Nothing, the One, the Beloved. We recognize that Source has a Divine Plan for existence and that our free will is a part of that Plan. We freely dedicate our lives to knowing and contributing to that Plan ever more deeply and coherently.

(2) We respect the free will of all beings. We accord the right to choose to all beings, regardless of other factors, save in those instances where the actions of one cause harm to another.

(3) We dedicate our lives to creating a service-to-others society where before there was only service-to-self. We recognize that doing so does not preclude us from loving or tending ourselves, but to add on a regard for others. We recognize that loving and serving ourselves makes it possible to love and serve others.

(4) We recognize the purpose of life as being the deepest-possible knowledge of who we are. Enlightenment, moksha, sahaja – we recognize these as honorable personal and social goals, fulfilling the purpose of life. (1)

(5) We agree that societies are formed and in place to assist their citizens to experience the highest order of love and bliss attainable. As a society, we honor those who’ve dedicated their lives to finding the way there for the rest of society. Those who choose to live lives as monks, for instance, receive our societies’ support.

(6) We honor the unity and sacredness of all life throughout the universe. We recognize the brotherhood and sisterhood under God of other species inhabiting other planets, unless they establish themselves as being otherwise. We recognize the insufficiency of a paradigm of knowledge that sees as real only that which we can touch, see, hear, and feel. We recognize the existence of the invisible and insensible realms and of the beings who reside in them, often higher-dimensional; that is, a little farther down the evolutionary road than us.

(7) We surrender the paradigm of “either/or,” the paradigm of a dualistic society, to the paradigm of “and,”  the additive paradigm. We assert that there’s room for all points of view on this planet. In all instances of mediation, we seek to preserve the widest-possible, ongoing freedom and well-being of both mediating parties through application of the additive paradigm.

(8) Where understanding or agreement between two parties proves impossible or unreachable, we agree to go back to the last point of agreement, as individuals and as societies, and begin again, going by a different route. We agree to allow each other our disagreements with honor and dignity.

(9) We agree to be stewards of Mother Earth’s bounty. We agree to share it with each other and with other species, equitably. We agree to assume the burden of probing ever more deeply into the subject of equal sharing and make Planet Earth itself a paradigm of it.

(10) Whatever has been left out of this philosophical statement, we agree to supply by abstracting from what are called the “divine qualities.” These qualities are taught by every parent to every child. They’re taught in kindergarten. They lie behind counsel to “share and share alike” and “take our turn.” Examples are honesty, integrity, courage, audacity, persistence, love, unity, gentleness, nurturance, forgiveness, humility, generosity, patience, etc.

Each of us has a commonsense appreciation and an innate knowing of these qualities because they’re basic to our being: we are divine. We look to the divine qualities to provide balance and harmony in our new society and to form the basis of our common social philosophy.

I recognize my guidance as the source of these principles.

I offer this statement of a new philosophy for a New Earth as a contribution only. I’m happy to have what I say here expanded, corrected, and transcended. Copyright is declined.


(1) Moksha means liberation from birth and death (upon attainment of the Mental Plane or Fifth Dimension). Sahaja samadhi, a permanent heart opening, is the stage of enlightenment at which moksha occurs.


A New Philosophy for a New Earth

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