The Role the Celestials Play in our Enlightenment – Part 2/2

Spiritual Perspectives / Sunday, December 20th, 2015



(Concluded from Part 1.)

Through Ronna Herman, Archangel Michael stated that “the Angelic Kingdom amplifies Light.” (1)  In a message through Natalie Glasson, he described his role in sending a particular light dispensation to Earth.

“The light dispensation that I bring forth from the Creator, through the Angelic Kingdom and into my being is a vibration and wave of light which I wish to channel directly into the souls of humanity. It is a new wave, light and consciousness focused upon power and empowerment directed at the soul.” (2)

He described what the light he planned to bestow on people would do.

“My light dispensation at this time brings forth the energy and consciousness of power and strength to be anchored into your soul and every soul upon the Earth.

“My light dispensation empowers the soul offering the soul the courage and magnification that it requires to emerge and project its purity and creations from the physical body.

“As I channel light into your being I am focusing solely upon your soul, surrounding it with supreme love and power to create an activation within your soul to encourage its deeper emergence within your physical being and reality, as well as encouraging your greater recognition of your soul.

“My light is also opening and awakening many channels within your being and physical body to allow and support the increasing surge and flow of your soul. Please call upon me to be present with you and to share my dispensation of light with your soul, if you feel guided to at this time.” (3)

Again through Natalie Glasson, he called it his greatest purpose to anchor in the Creator’s Light among us.

“It is my greatest purpose to act as a divine expression of the Creator, connecting with and reminding souls of the vibration of the Creator within and around them. I carry the light of the Creator to you, I allow for you to see the light of the Creator within me and I support you in realising yourself as an aspect of the Creator in manifestation.

“In many ways I am here to act as an example of the Creator’s light as well as your own light. This is the role of all Angels, Archangels and Ascended Master beings.” (4)

On another occasion, speaking through Linda Dillon, he compared the celestials’ role to delivery agents for the Mother, bringing a third wave of the Tsunami of Love to us.

“There is a new energy, can we call it a tertiary wave, though it is more than that; that comes to the planet directly from the heart of the Mother. And yes, we are her delivery agents.” (5)

Again through Linda, he compared the celestials’ role to that of conduits and listed all the energies they conduct to us:

“Yes, we are conduits as well, allowing the energy of all the various codes, variables, unfoldment of her plan, to fully enter and be anchor, translated, transmuted, through us, through the realms, to each of you, not just to the select few who are lightworkers, light-holders, love-holders, but to each and every being.” (6)

AAM not only delivers the energy, but here he offers to help us assimilate and integrate it.

“Simply call me, Archangel Michael, forth and ask me to anchor and download into your soul and third eye chakra the angelic consciousness of unconditional love and seeing truth. While energy will activate from your soul, hold your focus on the growing energy within your third-eye chakra until you feel the energy present, letting it flow into your mind.” (7)

The celestials must modulate and moderate the Light. If AAM appeared in his magnificence, we’d probably leave the body, he tells us: “For my full presence to suddenly apparit [appear] would probably cause you to drop dead.” (8) I told him that had its advantages. I’d get to go home.

He was not amused.

Conventionally, in Biblical times and later, the celestials have brought Light to Earth. Archangels, Seraphim, Virtues and other angelic spheres have acted as step-down transformers, delivering the Mother’s energy and light to us in amounts that we could assimilate and anchor.

Now they’re joined by terrestrial and ascended masters, to accomplish our ascent up the crystal staircase to heaven and the first mass physical Ascension in the universe, a gradual and sudden process which we’re right in the middle of today.


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