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Free Energy / Monday, April 3rd, 2017

Searl Generator


Jefferey Jaxen, Contributor
Waking Times

Monopolies are nothing new to humanity. For industries and corporations whose life blood revolves around their bottom line, it only makes sense to always push to monopolize their market by any means necessary. However, the existence of a monopoly does not suggest that there haven’t been, or aren’t currently, better ways and products, it simply means that the general public is unaware of them. This has been the case with Professor John Searl and his Searl Effect Generator (S.E.G.) for the past 60 years.

Working on principles that are not currently understood or taught by mainstream academic institutions, the S.E.G. represents scalable energy independence that holds the potential to break monopolies overnight. The ‘Searl Effect’ is based on a unique process of magnetization that, when in motion, produces interacting waveforms creating electricity. Put in laymen’s terms, the unit’s energy cycle can be compared to a hydroelectric dam in principle since both are driven indirectly by entropy of the sun’s radiant energy. According to Professor Searl:

“Of the 100% of the sun’s energy that hits the earth, 70% goes back out because we don’t know how to use it; the S.E.G. knows how to use it.

Truly Off The Grid

Searl Generator

Professor Searl makes no secret that he has run his home for the last 31 years completely off the grid by harnessing ambient energy and transforming it into electricity with his S.E.G. It is a fact that there is energy all around us in forms that are only now beginning to be rediscovered. The S.E.G. attracts this energy, compresses it, and transforms it into a usable form. The unit is better described as a converter than a free energy device.

As if this wasn’t exciting enough, the home unit, measuring roughly 14 inches in diameter and four inches high, is portable and can be taken anywhere. In addition, while operational, the S.E.G. produces a negative charge within the vicinity. Studies have shown that negative charges kill viruses and bacteria; therefore the S.E.G. also has the potential to create a healthier environment than we currently live in now.


Like most promising alternative energy discoveries, a major barrier to mass acceptance and utilization is the current consciousness of humanity. Our modern-day consciousness can be assessed by the condition of our children who are our true “free energy” devices currently slated to inherit and save this world. Other than the expected suppression from corporate interests, the S.E.G. requires rare earth materials and a different type of magnetizing process than is understood, available, and accepted today. These barriers have all added to the difficulty Professor Searl has been up against his whole life, yet he remains optimistic.

I have since been kicked for doing so (creating the S.E.G.) and today am still getting kicked for doing so. Whether they kick me or not, the S.E.G. is coming to the market here in America and in China”  -John Searl 2015


The second law of thermodynamics states that in a “closed system” disorder grows and less energy is available for work. The S.E.G. functions as an open system in which this law does not apply. To back up this point, Walter Russell, another famous inventor, stated “Gravity is a cyclic force which controls the compression of cold into heat, and the expansion of heat into cold…..thermodynamics places heat as the basis of energy instead of cold, of which heat is its sole product.” This could explain the fact that as the load increases on the S.E.G. unit, it gets colder.

Here’s a demonstration of the Searl in action…

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Addendum: This device has been in development for numerous years. There seems to be some problem to finalize the invention. The theory is very interesting and would be great if it worked. Currently (2021), the most interesting free energy device based on Nikola Tesla’s research is: Zimbabwe Man Invents An Electric System That Charges Itself

HIDDEN TECH: Searl Effect Generator Replication Measures 7% Reduction In Weight


++ V. ROSCHIN & S. GODIN Magneto-Gravitational Converter (Searl Effect Generator)

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7 Replies to “Proven Alternative Energy – The Searl Generator [UPDATED]”

  1. It’s impressive how scientists are coming up with new generators. I didn’t know that this new generator could use magnetic motion to produce interacting waveforms to create electricity. What would this type of electric generator be used for? I can imagine that this could be used to power homes and cars.

  2. OK, now I wish to buy a Searl Generator. What is the price of a generator. I wish to generate enough power to sale to the power company. I also want to power my home,and outbuildings.

  3. The John Searl SEG Generator, as pictured above, would be able to supply enough electrical power to run not just your home; but many applications that we depend on and use; “Stone Age” entities that are dangerous would be totally eliminated such as wood, coal, oil, wind, solar, and the most dangerous is our nuclear plants. This device is environmentally pure, totally portable, and can be made to meet any load demands without heat, in fact, the unit become colder and lighter in weight when meeting high load demands. No danger of fire here. Our landscape would improve dramatically in the absence of unsightly telephone poles, cable towers, windmills, space consuming solar panels, dams that could break and flood, and the most dangerous of all would be a nuclear meltdown; none of this would ever be a problem again. It is my opinion this device meets all the correct criteria for production; it is waiting patiently for the right patriot to stand up to the opposition. Face it, the sooner we use electricity as one of our main sources of clean, free, energy the sooner we save our plane; that is if we want to survive.

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