Your Fractaled Realities Represent Your Fractaled Aspects: Divine Flow, Timeline Collapses are Quantum Convergences

Spiritual Perspectives / Saturday, May 5th, 2018


Your Highest Realities have already come to be, already are… It’s up to YOU to TUNE IN to your entire reality and SEE….

Your Higher Dimensional Realities ARE coming, converging… faster and faster than ever before, stronger and more powerfully than before…

The only “hold up”? Your human aspect that functions from a fractaled/separated place/space inside, disconnected from the bigger picture/whole, disconnected from all… and trying to CONTROL the physical, instead of allowing all to come forth/materialize as you, ON A SOUL LEVEL, determined it would… before incarnating into your current physical form.

Your human aspect (ego) “thinks” it knows, thinks it understands, thinks it can avoid/not listen to do it your way…. which often equates to suffering, “loss” and realities going sideways/collapsing, because it’s not willing to open up to listen, see, honor, do … what’s HIGHEST and FULLY ALIGNED with what’s already ENCODED to occur.

These Cosmic Gateways, Portals, Codes… all reconfigure your realities to be TUNED COSMICALLY… not “humanly”… not the way you want them to be, because it’s easy, comfortable and fits into the old ways that conform to your EGO (fractaled) aspect’s way…

These recode your ENTIRE REALITY FOR YOU… 24/7 to realign your ENTIRE REALITY to it’s highest potential, highest purposes, highest alignment… not caring what your human wants/needs to feel safe and live in survival mode/just get by mode… These require that your heart be WIDE OPEN – ALL OF THE TIME…. and that you BE ONBOARD all of the time too…

If you let things go unconscious around you, then your realities are unconscious, which means you are unconscious and you are the one operating/functioning from a place of separation that needs to be brought into a much higher vibration in order to fully align for EASY SYNCHRONIZATION TO OCCUR.

As these Stargates Synchronize constantly, powerfully and strongly…. they can be experienced with great ease, peace and infinite magic or be the most chaotic, uncomfortable and physically jarring, shocking, shaking awake to get YOUR ATTENTION… to make you open up, listen, care, see, allow, do…

These Cosmic StarGate Alignments don’t care what your human likes/wants… they are honoring what your SOUL aspects of you and the REALITIES that align with your highest everything… not your “lowest”, unless this is what you keep “trying” to hold onto, recreate, force through your own insistence, resistance and unconscious programming … from inside of you.

YOU have to do the INNER WORK… constantly. No one can do this for you. The human (ego) aspect will try to find every way around this, which is HOW REALITIES COLLAPSE… because they are BUILT on unconscious programming (codes/coordinates)….

Your human won’t understand this, so you will have to expand as far as you can to see/understand. When your/others’ realities are “collapsing”, they are “trying” to be brought into a much higher state of CONSCIOUSNESS. The easy way is to be fully in-tune, see, honor, allow and embrace and to shift/move WITH THE CONVERGENCE, instead of fighting it and “trying” to hold onto the old unconscious realities still.

Takes every ounce of Consciousness that you have. It takes ALL of your Energy to align your realities and KEEP THEM ALIGNED – all of the time and to RECOGNIZE when they are not and what your highest roles are, what ALL of the PURPOSES are, HOW all came to be (Vibrationally), what is APPROPRIATE and REQUIRES that your Highest Aspect of YOU be the one OBSERVING and DECIDING how to shift/tune all to the highest vibrational everything and HOLD IT THERE….

from YOUR highest Space of Consciousness…. they REQUIRE that your ACTIONS be pure, aligned and AS PURE SOURCE LIGHT… that you are in Command, when something cannot align easily on it’s own… it’s up to YOU, if you desire to have any part in navigating your realities vs. floundering through them, being bounced around or receiving a reality LESS THAN AWESOME, magical and exquisite. That which you allow is what plays out in your own reality/world. Your unconscious choices can compromise all of your conscious ones if you do not fully align all “in time” yourself, because REALITIES NOW HAVE TO FULLY ALIGN, with every component pure….

in the (Unified) Field, disrupting the CODES that CREATE/align easily. Your “job” is to identify the distortions, identify the unconscious/lack programming and RECODE IT YOURSELF.

Right now we are on Day 2 of powerful Stargate Alignments “preparing” to synchronize, plasma flares just starting to release new codes to re-calibrate/recode the DNA of y/our physical body/physical realities, high frequency SOULar Winds and Charging Photons charging the/our Crystalline Grids/Systems….

You will experience every reality based upon which aspect you are being…. Human (Ego) or Higher Self. If you go unconscious, you re-enter a karmic timeline loop cycle until you become conscious and THAT ENERGY IS EITHER GONE OR SHIFTED into a higher vibrational one…. If you are your Highest Aspect Self, your experience will be very different, because it will be ENERGETIC, instead of a physical one…. IF you’ve KEPT ALL ALIGNED, then there will be no disruptions to distort the flow of your highest realities, because you will be able to MAINTAIN THE VIBRATION to EXPERIENCE YOUR HIGHEST VIBRATIONAL ONES….

Fractaled realities collapse… to merge, converge, unify…. Unity Love Consciousness Realities transmit the codes from within you of your highest vibrational realities for you to EXPERIENCE. Which timeline you are experiencing, which dimension you are in with your body… is all determined by the Level/Space of Consciousness you are OCCUPYING from within your physical form. YOU either shift the vibrational timeline/reality yourself, or you wait until the vibration shifts/changes for your unconscious you/body to experience, in order to wake you up/bring you into a higher state of consciousness…. WHICH EXPERIENCES ARE YOU FULLY ALIGNED TO?

This is an EVERY MOMENT experience. You do not get to go unconscious again. If you do, you transmit discordant frequencies and codes out to “trigger” a vibrational response/match to “that”. Your human transmits CONFUSING CODES and Frequencies, because it wavers all over the place, because it has fear, unresolved… Your Highest Aspect transmits a PURE FREQUENCY and CODES of inner LOVE, TRUST and inner respect, integrity and more… from your inner connection, which has to be STRONGER than your unsure, lacking, untrusting, disconnected ones…

Your Highest Aligned Realities will take ALL of your focus to anchor here. If you lose focus, get distracted… you transmit “I’m not ready yet”. If you have “other priorities”, you transmit “I’m not ready yet”. If you separate off into your ego, you transmit “I REQUIRE AND EXPERIENCE TO WAKE ME BACK UP”…. and the stronger your ego, the stronger the experience necessary….

We just did a HUGE COLLECTIVE CLEARING (still in it) of each taking FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEMSELVES…. this means that all who are not, are not holding their highest vibrational anything, which calls forth vibrational realities to RESOLVE THIS DISCORD…

Everything is vibrational, every reality, every experience, everything… so if you are focused on linear anything, you are the unconscious one. TUNE YOUR ENTIRE CONSCIOUSNESS to the Energy, vibration and FEEL/SEE and function from this place/space inside…. your realities TUNE now…. constantly and Quantum Sacred Geometrics Rule your realities… not boxes and straight lines.

I love you. Get ready. May is to be a huge SURPRISE! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

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