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Spiritual Perspectives / Thursday, May 12th, 2016

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Diamond Light Codes are ‘filaments of information’ if you will that hold the frequency of the Diamond Ray. Before we deliver to you explanations and perceptions of the codes it is necessary to impart to you information regarding the Diamond Ray.

There are many rays of “colour” if you will. In truth these colour rays are vibration or frequency. They are consciousness that exists within the perception of being “outside” your physical body and indeed “outside” the perimeters of your physical planet Earth. This is truth. However they also exist within your human body and within the planet Earth. When perceived as “outside” your body and your planet they are “separate” if you will from yourself. From that perspective of being “outside” they are in “pure form” if you will and are activated.

These vibrations that exist within your physical body and within your physical planet Earth are “lying dormant” if you will – until such time as they are”activated” In truth they do not “lie dormant” they are always active. But they cannot be accessed by an individual until that individual begins to raise their overall vibration so that they begin to vibrate at the matching frequency to the colour ray. The same holds true for the planet Earth.

All we speak of here is metaphor and we present one model of reality that is most in alignment with the consciousness pathways and reality fields of our conduit Magenta Pixie and many that vibrate with similar consciousness pathways to our conduit Magenta Pixie regardless of expansion levels. In truth their are many models to describe what is, in actuality, a non-linear, non-limitation, all expansive concept.

Rays of colour correspond not only to streams of thought within the individual or planetary body but the entire vibrational field that makes up the energy matrix or soul of that individual.

Rays of colour work as one distinct “merge” if you will looking like a rainbow frequency or sounding like a symphony of music within the individual or planetary body.

Yet the Earth dimension, from a linear point of view, holds a predominantly third dimensional template even whilst those that are drawn to our communications at this time hold frequencies above the third dimensional reality and in truth, their planet Earth that they experience is fourth, fifth and in some cases a sixth dimensional reality.

From the perspective of the majority of individuals thought process towards their planet we can view your planet as third dimensional. Within this linear reality the colour rays are experienced as individualised colour rays, each operating in turn, separate from the other. Each colour ray a match to emotion, thought, action, word, deed and the frequencies they broadcast.

The colour rays are living consciousness structures and may be interfaced with and indeed communicated with resulting in inspiration, creativity, musical genius, the Artist’s eye, the muse, the scribe, the magician, the warrior and so many more patterns of presentation through the human or planetary conduit.

For those whose expansion reaches into frequency fields beyond the third dimension they may communicate with these colour rays, personified as archetype, image, deity, ascended master, angel, guide, animal totem, mathematical formula or sacred geometric presentation.

The Diamond Ray is one of these colour frequencies. However, if we could place the colour rays of blue, green, yellow, violet, magenta, red, orange, indigo and other colour merges visible to multidimensional seers and expansive thinkers “within the Rainbow” if you will….then the Diamond Ray, along with the Golden Ray, Silver Ray, Platinum Ray and pure white light rays are “beyond the rainbow” if you will.

These are living consciousness structures that may be interfaced with that result in higher dimensional travel, spiritual awakening and experience, synchronicity, communication, out of body experience, clairvoyant sight and much more.

The Diamond Light Ray holds the crystal frequency in the highest geometric presentation. For your planet Earth, the “mission” if you will, for those holding love-light frequency, was to reach crystal incarnational critical mass point which would then serve as a gateway for the Diamond Light.

Many individuals holding the crystal incarnational vibrational ray have been birthed upon your planet Earth. This has allowed or created simultaneous activation of crystal grids and gateways within the structure of your planetary body itself to activate. This has opened crystalline gateways which has allowed crystal light rays and crystal light codes to be “beamed” onto your planet if you will from Extra Terrestrial races and other planetary bodies and for the crystal codes to be activated within the receptive ones.

Therefore the matrix field of your planet has become conducive to holding the crystal ray allowing a great many crystal beings to incarnate. The incarnations of the crystal beings has created the matrix field of your planet to become conducive to holding the crystal ray. Both are as true as the other. One did not come before the other. The cause and the effect are one and the same.

The highest geometric presentation of the crystal ray is the Diamond Light Ray.

Prior to your Earth’s date of 21st December 2012 the Diamond Light frequency began to manifest in probability and potential only. Those who existed within higher dimensional Zero Point fields were able to harness this Diamond Light Ray and receive the Diamond Light Codes. Their “potentials” had been activated, if you will, due to their dedicated spiritual work of heart opening, clearing of dense old belief patterns, working with the shadow self and natural acceptance and surrender to the source frequency love light fields and polarization into service-to-others frequency. Because of these Diamond Light Workers the Diamond Light Grid was created around, within and upon your planet Earth and the Diamond Light Codes have been accesable for some time.

Yet still, the new incarnations of the crystal children held the Diamond Light Ray in potential only. There were a great many of these children birthed upon your planet in your Earth years of 2008 through to your current time-frame, increasing in amount and frequency. A large amount of Diamond Light children have been birthed upon your planet in your year of 2013 and continue to be birthed upon your planet in your current year of 2014.

In order for the potential of the Diamond Light Ray to be realised then two streams need to affect that child. One stream is the physical stream of in alignment parenting, education, nurturing and nutrition. Children holding the Diamond Light Ray have incarnated into families holding frequency conducive to providing this physical stream. The second stream is the multidimensional consciousness grid forming a field across your planet. This we refer to as the Diamond Light Matrix.

The Diamond Light Matrix is a particular field created by the expanded thinkers and aware individuals receiving, interpreting and utilising the Diamond Light Codes.

When the Diamond Light Codes are received, interpreted and utilised then the individual begins to operate from Diamond Light Consciousness. This is also known as the Christed Light Consciousness and is in alignment with the Arcturian self. Each vibration slightly different to the other as the word given to the vibration allows a particular geometric pattern to set for the perception of that word even if the vibrational light ray is ultimately from the same source and holds the same frequency.

This in your bible and other sacred texts is known as the second coming, the resurrection, the achieving immortality, Enlightenment or Ascension and the moving into the Light Body or rainbow body of light. The Diamond is the apex of the rainbow and reflects the rainbow light into Quantum streams. When the individual holds the Diamond Light Matrix as their energy matrix or true soul self and this Diamond Light Matrix is activated then they “become quantum” if you will. All this is reflected within the actual biological change at the cellular level of the individual holding the Diamond Light Matrix.

Diamond Light Codes have been accessed by expanded thinkers and aware ones for some time, leading up to your shift point. These are the ascended individuals or those who “ascended” before the planet. This simply means they were the forerunners of the new energy streams prior to the Earth herself activating those energy streams. The forerunners created the portals for the energy streams to affect the planet. The planetary raise in vibration created the portals so the forerunners may access them. Both are as true as the other. One did not come before the other. The cause and the effect are one and the same.

Those receiving the Diamond Light Codes that are able to hold the frequency within their fields and process them and utilise them create the Diamond Light Matrix around them. The cellar make up is infused with the rainbow light and this activates the quantum state once the Diamond Light Matrix is activated.

The Diamond Light does not exist within “one place.” It is a quantum stream of light that holds a “group mind” if you will. The Diamond Light Consciousness is a collective consciousness. You, as a human individual existing within physicality are a receiver and a transmitter of light. Indeed you are a transducer of energy. The Diamond Light Matrix allows your natural receiving, transmitting and transducing to take place.

One Diamond Light Matrix affects another. Therefore just one individual holding activated Diamond Light can affect another individual’s Diamond Light Ray in potential to become activated Diamond Light. Light exists as a field and communicates with itself, through you and your planet, conduits of light.

The incarnation of the crystal children holding Diamond Light potential creates the transmissions, broadcasts and beams of the Diamond Light Codes. The Transmissions, broadcasts and beams of the Diamond Light Codes create the Diamond Light potential within the crystal children. Both are as true as the other. One did not come before the other. The cause and the effect are one and the same.

Those incarnated upon Indigo rays begin to “crystallise” that Indigo frequency if you will and they too receive the Diamond Light Codes assisting in the creation of Diamond Light potential within the crystal children.

The Rainbow children, those holding particularly strong connections to the colour rays also begin to activate their Diamond Light Matrix when they receive the Diamond Light Codes.

The Diamond Light Codes have been and continue to be broadcast to EACH and every soul on your planet. We repeat, the Diamond Light Codes have been and continue to be broadcast to EACH AND EVERY SOUL ON your planet. This includes the plant, mineral, animal and elemental kingdoms although the majority of positive polarised elemental beings already hold the diamond light matrix.
Only the individual that is receptive to the receiving of the codes and are able to hold those codes and utilise them begin to form the Diamond Light Matrix.

One is receptive simply by asking to receive them. Yet this in itself is the undertaking of a committed spiritual journey. For when you ask to receive the Diamond Light Codes you will receive them yet not before life altering changes take place for you, for one must stand in energetic alignment in order to receive these codes. There are those on your planet working with the Diamond Light Ray. These individuals, we refer to as the Diamond Light gridworkers, may assist you with activations, healing, meditations, visualisations and other triggers and therapies so you may work with the Diamond Light Frequency.

Holding the geometry of the Diamond close to you will also assist you in drawing close these frequencies and activating them. You may choose to have a diamond close to your person. You may choose to have pictures of diamonds close to you or to look at the artwork of the Diamond grid geometries created by those with the artist’s eye. You may listen to the sounds of the diamond frequency created by those with the musical abilities that have created these symphonies and sounds through Diamond Light Code workings.

There are many ways to “catch” this frequency if you will. It is and shall be available to all who wish it.

Holding a new born child or closely interacting with a crystal child holding Diamond Light potential is also a trigger to your own processing of the Diamond Light Codes and your Diamond Light Matrix formation.

This Diamond frequency is now settling in abundance upon your planet. Many expansive thinkers are fully aware of this frequency and are receiving these Diamond Light Codes.

Many are wishing to interpret these Diamond Light Codes and are confused as to how to do this. The Diamond Light Codes are the activation of the higher mind and the higher crystalline grid matrix at the cellular level. This is the activation of what we call the “Diamond Light Body” and it is this body that is immortal.

When this body is fully activated within you then you can begin to choose your own timelines including the length of time you spend in one incarnation. There will be the few, at first, who hold actual physical Diamond Light immortality and physically live many Earth years upon your planet. There have been those who have done this already in your Earth’s timeline. This will increase and there shall come a time where many shall have this choice.

Prior to the setting of the Diamond Light Body immortality on a physical level there shall be the Diamond Light Body immortality on a non-physical level and this choice will always be available. This is the path of the organic human. Memories are held with full clarity within the Diamond Light Matrix. When an activated Diamond Light soul incarnates then full pre-incarnate memory is available to that soul.

The Diamond Light will incarnate in physicality as potential only. Once the two streams of activation are in place and the Diamond Light potential is activated then full memory shall return to that soul in physical form. This is the Diamond Light body immortality and this is the way it shall manifest when looking at the highest probability for the Diamond Light manifestation within the majority of the Diamond Light souls.

Be not in a hurry for full Diamond Light immortality. This in itself is not a destination. It is not an end point. It appears as such because it can be seen as a potential within the aware ones. Potential, with aligned geometry, shall set. The organic humans hold that aligned geometry within their fields.

As you move closer to Diamond Light body immortality on a physical level a new “destination” or “end point” shall be seen and this shall not be so either for there is no destination, there is no end point. The journey is the path of expansion and growth and the true journey of expansion and enlightenment can only ever be found from the now moment, the Zero Point field where all is one.

The Diamond Light Grids are unity Grids. An interface if you will of activated quantum light – holding all that raise to that frequency and become at one with the apex of the rainbow. The rainbow light body, activated by the diamond light grids, is your vehicle to the creativity of source. It is your “choicepoint” if you will, where you stand within mastery over all your incarnations and quantum selves from the point of view of a physical perspective.

This indeed is most achievable within YOUR current physical incarnation.


channeled by Magenta Pixie

In Universal Service I △M ▲ Keeper of The Diamond Light Codes


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