Foundations Are Being Rocked & Re-Aligned According to NEW Earth Existence for All… ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown

Spiritual Perspectives

art by Tatiana Plakhova   Aloha beautiful light family! A Quick Update for for what’s going on “out there”…. in a multitude of dimensional realities…. Utter and complete chaos for many, as all inside is up-heaved. Deep emotional energies triggered by an “event”…. Many “spiritual” realities being rocked by something/whatever is necessary to move one […]


It Is Time…

Spiritual Perspectives

  art by Jalai Lama It is time for you to let go of the belief that you are broken, need to be fixed or anything is wrong…. It is time for you to take your power back, from inside and stop allowing the old ways, the old programs to run in your own reality world. […]


Exponential Evolution Now

Spiritual Perspectives

  We’ve been running Pure Source through our Crystalline LightBody Structures for hours and it continues to increase now. Our crystals are operating at optimal capacity, with light and information zooming faster than the mind can comprehend. To tune into all of this light and utilize the experience to see all holographically is KEY. I’ve […]