Foundations Are Being Rocked & Re-Aligned According to NEW Earth Existence for All… ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown

Spiritual Perspectives / Monday, July 11th, 2016

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Aloha beautiful light family!

A Quick Update for for what’s going on “out there”…. in a multitude of dimensional realities….

Utter and complete chaos for many, as all inside is up-heaved. Deep emotional energies triggered by an “event”…. Many “spiritual” realities being rocked by something/whatever is necessary to move one out of the old unconscious (false/fake) realities and into a higher frequency dimension where those old programs cannot exist anymore….

The energy lately has been all intentionally over the place, so presence with self, more time to self, more space for self, more love and care for self is necessary when these deep turmoil energies get stirred. The frequency activations lately are going deep, with precision and straight for the jugular for many. Their fixed mentalities becoming visible to not be true anymore….

When the human’s separation/dis-illusions get triggered, the first focus is on “that out there”. Lots of finger pointing (externally or internally), lots of confusion inside, lots of turmoil and judgment…. for shaking someone’s old fixed belief system realities and separation inside… their world has to be shaken to loosen the grip that the human insistence, resistance and stubborness holds it in place…. Something has to break it all free, something has to awaken the higher-self-soul further inside so that it can emerge, often after the human aspect goes deep into victim mode, gets angry and/or cries the tears, grieves, mourns, and spews “out” (projects) all of the disdain, hate/lack of love, all of the “what’s wrong with that world out there”…..

The moment something goes down, the higher self can emerge and one can become MORE conscious and realize what is truly occurring, or they can “fall” into unconsciousness…. lately there are many who speak consciousness from their head, yet go unconscious when their world gets rocked….. This is the DIVIDING LINE… all now have to walk it, be it, live it… fully….

When the foundation of who you think you are, what you think you are here to do, what you think others are gets shaken, human goes to lack, judgement, blame and fear….. For the foundation built on separation must collapse so that one can re-build a NEW foundation, from the inside…. based on pure divine essence love, based on inner “realness”, inner integrity, inner light, inner strength/power, inner honor, inner consideration, inner respect. Where one has compromised their own soul, THIS IS WHAT IS GOING DOWN BIGTIME right now…. this will continue…. as UNCONSCIOUSNESS as a Collective was awoken last September, and every Solstice/Equinox Wave is going deep, to shake everything apart that is not true and real….

Each wave starts earlier and lasts longer now and it’s stronger & more powerful than each one before…. The current wave 3 will just roll right into the next as all activates much earlier too… for we are still in the ripples out of the June Solstice…. The amount of light activating from the each epicenter is continually powerful and constantly emanating out.

Everyone asks for this to occur (consciously or unconsciously), yet when it really happens in their own reality world they are surprised…… Not one of us here is meant to live in separation anymore…. unconsciousness… lack….. fear…. judgment….. greed…. prisons to the old…… and the only way one escapes (transcends it) is to establish that connection to/AS SOURCE inside and not separate off ever again….

These times are testing that connection…. to see what all truly believe and hold inside…. where there is a crack, light is going to get in there and not only get in there, it’s going to go searching for the deep separation once hidden & buried….. for your entire being must be filled with pure light.

NEW Earth is here… it has been for a very long time. There is an entire reality of of all of us as higher-self dimensional beings walking around holding the NEW EARTH GRIDWORK in place….. always holding a space for the rest to emerge ready to hold their own space and not go unconscious again…… Every time you are conscious, you are already here.

WE can experience physical realities simultaneously and choose the one we PHYSICALLY EXIST IN….. we do not go back to unconsciousness when it presents…. We do not doubt anymore…for WE ARE NEW EARTH here…. our realities were created from inside, outside is a response to the programs held in your physical body……

In every moment each has the choice, the decision, the RESPONSE-ABILITY to choose….. In every moment our reality plays OUR OWN PROGRAM for us…. exactly what we NEED to become more conscious, more present, more aware, more light, more love…. pure love…. not the human love we used to “think” was real….

The love that we all are is beyond anything physical here. The light that we are is immense. The beauty, the exquisiteness, the magic…. it emerges/arrives/exists ABUNDANTLY as all remain conscious. Each has to choose to pull themselves out of human mindsets, and allow the emotions clear, observe the “separation thoughts” that surface for DEALING WITH….. Yes, for as MASTERS…. you deal with your own human mindsets yourself…. in every moment. You see the distortions and you change the program….. right then…. OR you sit in it until you get done….. This is part of your own Divine Masculine energy.

The words today were RADICAL CLEANSINGS…. brutal for many, because the time of “easy” for the unconscious continually expeditiously ends. The vibrations and cosmic/galactic frequency activations are mega-high every day… and are frequencies we were never able to access before. These go straight in and target every part of the physical body that still holds cellular memories of separation. These unanchor everything hidden. These bring everyone into the most amazing physical realities as FAST as they are ready to let go of/deal with/transcend the old…….

Many are finding their emotions running high… this is because nothing of the old gets to stay suppressed inside anymore. The frequency of ASCENDED EARTH continually increases huge daily, and every physical body walking the planet has to awaken at an increased rate now…. for anything less than PURITY must be physically detoxed & cleansed…..

In September we bring through WAVE 4, so every moment leading up to that will be preparing everyone for this. Everyone one of us having huge roles & purposes on NEW Earth here….. everyone must now embrace their own journey with the entirety of their own soul. Every aspect merging inside the body, no room at the inn for the little human to live anymore…

There are no “breaks” anymore, as there used to be, to stop and breathe and go unconscious…. Now everyone has to remain conscious while also clearing, cleansing and doing…. Simultaneous existence means everything present in this space right here…..

Realities will be all over the place as particles are charged, scatter and come back together to re-align to take new form and materialize in light here. Our higher light realities are constantly more stable, for that which is/was created through purity from within is now stronger than ever before. With every collapse of the old, a higher vibrational reality emerges to take it’s place. The foundation of NEW Earth stronger and stronger as it is being built by us & within us in every moment of every day.

Many are getting hammered in the lower back/root chakra/lower 1/2 of the body and the spine … for this is where stability, foundation, (old word was security), determination/drive/desire are located. Losing the distortions of these aspects so that they can come back pure… is a beyond huge process in our Evolution of Divine Self as a NEW Earth HUman in Crystalline LightBody form. We are constantly balancing out and re-calibrating the magnetics of the body. The brain & spine are continually upgrades as well (as is the rest of the body too). Communication/throat, senses enhancing (smell, sound/hearing, eyes/vision)…. Pineal activations are huge for all. These ultra-sonic frequencies activate everything….

As all start to understand how the realms equate to the physical body, everything starts to make sense. The entire universe and galaxies inside, the body upgrades for all to physically become multi-dimensional here. Every particle of the physical body activates in Quantum Photonic Light. Sleep is necessary to clear timelines & integrate, nature to connect/balance out, alone time is necessary all along the way in order to REMEMBER FULLY again…. ♥

More are stepping further into service now and this is another MASTERY phase as well. It is new challenges to utilize and implement your new practices on where you come from, where your focus is, what your beliefs and mentalities are and what you allow…. This will take you deeper into your core with challenges of MASTERING the inner and outer world now. You will be faced with every separated belief all over over again, from a very different place. Here, you see the separation in others and within yourself, you constantly step-up AS a CREATOR, AS SOURCE, AS A HIGHER SELF, AS AN UNLIMITED DIVINE & SACRED LIGHT BEING…. you constantly have to choose, be the example and you have to stop feeding the old broke mentality/lack consciousness in others here. For you must see your worthiness in a whole new way. You have to DO it, BE it, you have to share your gifts and you have “Learn” (Remember) how your UNIVERSE always provides for you, as you start to realize and understand how PHYSICAL ABUNDANCE works…  and how it’s always a response…♦

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Teacher/Coach/Guide, Author, Transformational Speaker, Master of all things Energy ♦

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