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Spiritual Perspectives / Sunday, April 24th, 2016

Diamond tear drop


We’ve been running Pure Source through our Crystalline LightBody Structures for hours and it continues to increase now. Our crystals are operating at optimal capacity, with light and information zooming faster than the mind can comprehend. To tune into all of this light and utilize the experience to see all holographically is KEY.

I’ve been able to consciously travel through the Crystalline LightBody Structure (again), yet this time see how our Pineal Gland evolves. It starts out as a gland, we decalcify it over years of evolution here, activate the crystal inside. The pinecone is the layers (of the onion that many refer to, peeling back the layers), revealing the Eye of Horus, which gives us 360 degree range. Hidden deep in the center is a PURE DIAMOND, beyond multifaceted, the center of our ability to see (and experience) multi-dimensionally/multi-galaxy all from one physical space here. The heart must fully be open at all times and never shut down/wall up/close off again. This is imperative for FULL BODY FUNCTIONING and walking in multiple dimensions simultaneously. The challenge is MASTERING all of these in your physical reality, in ALL moments that converge as one and never separate off again.

I can see this, because I am looking at my own… and last night I asked to what point do we physically evolve. Sometimes we wonder how far we can take these physical bodies, with all that’s going on. Last night was huge in upgrades… To awaken with more knowledge of how all works.

Akashic Records, Living Holographically, Solidifying Holograms Intentionally.

The Liquid Crystalline Light courses through our veins. Our bones filled with crystals, shake, at a high productivity rate. Our “new” bodies infused with higher consciousness intelligence upgrades continually to function at optimum capacity. It does not look like what we thought it would. It’s being expanded and contorted to house a new existence. It re-vamps itself continually, based upon algorithms, equations and coded sequences within the Galactic Schematics and Enhanced Advanced Templates that constantly overlay for merging energetic consciousness with our structure here.

These Diamond Light Code Frequencies, Rainbow Frequencies, RAY Frequencies (Golden, Silver, Platinum, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire) and more, activate every particle and aspect of you in a multitude of ways. Flames, Crystals, Essences and unlimited intelligence far beyond your old dimensional limited human one. We alternate between activation of various aspects until a “whole” process has completed for a merging inside to occur. It is through WHOLE Aspects merged as ONE that we function optimally from. Embodiment is a full-time and continually evolving process and “job”.

The pineal gland, heart and entire physical body work together as an intelligent and live conscious being. Your intentional super consciousness gives you access to all as it occurs simultaneously here.

Pineal gland, crystalline structure, liquid and electromagnetic plasma energy light…. You become a crystal recorder that plays holograms, transmits, receives and processes instantly, a Keeper of Records and Knowledge of all existences…. a walking breathing intelligent organism with “powers” (gifts/abilities) that were dormant when you were a sleeping human. All awakens and continually evolves as you do. Your physical body constantly re-configuring itself to function optimally as your new systems continually come back online.

There are days that it is physically challenging to function until these upgrades anchor and set in. Each must REMEMBER, this is why you are here and all is supported when you honor your own process fully from within. The external reality has already occurred in a higher vibrational frequency reality. When your number one objective, focus, commitment is to your own overall vibrational frequency and unification process, things become much easier. Your physical reality reshapes and reforms FOR you in response. You need not always know what/when/how. All you need is to know…. The rest occurs organic, naturally and magically.

Your entire existence does change. It completely transforms through light. Observing your own Crystalline LightBody Upgrades as they occur, will give you access to knowledge that you already hold inside. Presence through the activations is KEY.

You are RE-TUNING and UP-Tuning (Tuning UP) continually now. The power of these upgrades shall continue to increase substantially. How you do the journey, how you experience it, is totally up to you, what you commit to, what you do…..

Every moment is a response…. Your expanded consciousness (or unaware unconsciousness) dictates the experience you have in every nano-second here. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder and Guardian of NEW Earth, Light Embodiment and Crystalline LightBody Evolution Teacher/Coach/Guide, Author, Transformational Speaker all as Higher Consciousness Love & Wisdom Light




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