Your new realities on NEW Earth already exist. Peace, Unity, Love and Galactic Cities…

Spiritual Perspectives / Wednesday, April 6th, 2016

Star Gate Consciousness

Your new realities on NEW Earth already exist. Peace, Unity, Love and Galactic Cities… already built and working cohesively, in brilliant abundance, magnificent union as love, peaceful compassion, kindness and far beyond your imagination can dream.

Your arrival is through your vibration and the light that you hold. Your embodiment allows you this experience in your physical. Your access to the other dimensions is first through etheric means, yet as your physical body lightens, de-densifies, unifies back to higher consciousness existence, you physically vibrate into these realities.

The “hard part” is your awareness and what you DO in every moment. The challenge is for you to maintain full consciousness and not go unconscious again. The task is for you to hold light… PURE DIVINE ESSENCE AND POWERFUL LIGHT within your physical body structure and to release all of the old unconscious imprints held within your cellular memory. Your “job” is to be aware of yourself and your ability to MASTER ALL THINGS ENERGY AGAIN.

Not one bit of this is about anyone else… yet it is… for that which you allow is your mirror, your reflection and shows you what you hold within. That which causes you to waiver in your own inner faith and trust AS THE UNIVERSE… is your own lack of inner connectedness with yourself as SOURCE again.

Your external reality is as exquisite as you hold…. your solidified hologram your projection of your own vibrational frequencies transmitted out from your own physical structure…. every exchange, every experience, every word…. YOUR OWN PROGRAM….

Anything you desire will arrive as you open up fully, as you embrace fully and you stand fully in your power again. As you EMIT PURITY then the frequencies of purity are returned. As you ARE LIGHT, then all things are returned as light. As you become the gift, then all things become gifts too. As you share, others share with you. As you support, support comes wherever in your universe it is meant to.

There are linear realities and non-linear realities. Linear requires that one thing yields something equal in return. Non linear transmits continually, in every direction, across all dimensions/timelines which opens portals for all to come forth from any direction at any time… That which is received is in correlation to the amount of light held and transmitted out. Limits are released, for limits are our own. When we no longer see or believe limits, they no longer exist… for these were a figment of the human’s imagination…a condition(ing)…

Those dreams of realities that you desire to experience, these are birthed from within you. Your desire, your feeding energy into them, your nurturing, your shaping/forming them and your invested energy….. this is what allows you to experience all that you truly desire again.

In order to live in peace, love and unity, you must hold this within. In order to experience magic, sharing, honor, integrity, respect and abundance, you must open up and hold this throughout your entire being and stop allowing anything that does not choose the option of operating at these frequencies too. You dictate your reality…. every bit of this is you….

The beauty is that as you emerge as love again, as purity, and transcend all of the lack and separation, the external reality re-aligns, becomes more vibrant, colorful and beyond brilliant to experience again.

Higher consciousness realities materialize in physical form as you ARE HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS AGAIN…. You are RETURNING to an existence forgotten…. you REMEMBER your way back…through your open heart, through sleeping/pulling away, through dedicating yourself to being in-service… through the amount of Pure Divine Essence LOVE that you hold… and through the balancing of your own Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine… you birth your Divine Birthright to return for you again.

These higher light frequencies assist you with your RETURN. Your physical body going through a huge transformation and upgrade process, needs your love, care and attention. Your presence is required in every moment. Your awareness of what YOU ARE feeling and doing with your energy…. this is KEY in the dimensional reality you physically occupy in every moment now.

You are vibrating in and out of realities in every nano-second. Your own expansion of consciousness is one of your most important gifts. This gift/ability allows you to dial StarGate Codes and various frequencies to change the dimension… IN EVERY MOMENT….

You are already a MASTER….. you embody these aspects as you hold light, as you no longer compromise, as you no longer shrink down/contract back into a limited human….

PRACTICE in every moment. REMIND yourself continually. Study the holographic programs, physical reality exchanges…. see timelines and what your choices/decisions (or non-decisions) and actions are vibrationally creating in your own physical reality world.

Suffering was an old program. You do not have to experience this anymore. The deeper you go into your own core being, the deeper into your heart, brain, bones, teeth, muscles, organs, glands, systems this goes…

Separation is the energy. Density is that which your body holds. Light weaves through your whole body and ignites a fire within your soul. As you awaken inside, your physical body does too. Everything comes alive and online within the UNIFIED FIELD of Super Consciousness so that you can experience Heaven and Earth in the same physical space now.

Those galactic cities you see in your dreams or remember deep within your soul. They appear vibrationally as you make them your priority and dedicate your existence to bringing them forth in your own physical reality world. As each does this, their energy signatures activate and connect each back up again. We find each other through these signatures. You must intentionally continually tune your frequencies to the highest state of consciousness at all times. You are the walking transmitter of your NEW Earth and the galactic civilizations that already exist in another vibration/dimension/timeline…. Remember your Mastery, Purity and Power!

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder, Keeper of Light/Widsom and Guardian of NEW Earth

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