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Spiritual Perspectives / Saturday, June 18th, 2016


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It is time for you to let go of the belief that you are broken, need to be fixed or anything is wrong…. It is time for you to take your power back, from inside and stop allowing the old ways, the old programs to run in your own reality world. It is time for you to listen to your own distortions, see what you were not willing to before. It is time for you to step-up, be visible, shine your light and STOP PLAYING SMALL. It is time for you to share your gifts, stand in your power and look for the magic out there. It is time for you to FEEL FULLY and let the old go…

It is time for you to hear your own stories, pay attention to your own focus, see what you are spreading, watch the energy transmit out of you and see how it affects and touches others. It is time for you to be RESPONSIBLE for your transmissions…

It is time for you to start to honor you, your physical body, the earth, all life. It is time for you to realize that your every breath is precious, that you are a gift and you are here to share you, and your gifts, with others.

It is time for you to understand that this is BIGGER than you can see, that you will always be provided that which you desire and need, yet it will be totally different than it was before.

Everything is dependent on you. Everything is in response to you. Everything is based upon your own limits, mentalities and beliefs. And as you release these old limits, you RETURN to physical abundance here.

As you stop holding out for yourself, thinking this is only about you and start opening up. As you start to connect through your HEART and stop letting your human run the show, as you USE THE NEW AWARENESS YOU HAVE to make a difference…

It is time for you to decide, for you to commit, for you to BE the ONE. It is time for you to stop waiting for everyone else. It is time for you to listen to your heart, go deep within your soul, be your higher self…. IN EVERY MOMENT… not just when it suits you…. That’s not how this is done….

You are here to EMBODY.. which is a great RESPONSIBILITY. You do not get to pretend you are unworthy, are not enough, don’t have enough. You don’t get to keep telling yourself those old stories and you don’t get to blame anyone one else anymore. You don’t get to point the finger out there, for “that” is showing you your own beliefs, mentalities, judgments….

Here you are to BE a WAYSHOWER TO ALL …. as Light. Here you have to wake up, become conscious, remember again. Here you have to live to your fullest potential, you have to be awesome and fully abundant again. Here you do not get to experience any less.

Here is very different than our old limited human existence. Here you have a gazillion gifts and your realities are weaved with magic, bliss and amazingness. Here you face the challenges as they present. Here you understand more than any limited human can understand. Here you have compassion without pity. Here you have power without mis-use. Here you can have physical world abundance because of where you come from and what you do with it. Here you are not less, you do not lack and there is nothing wrong with you. You cannot go backwards… Here you are always moving into a higher consciousness frequency bandwidth.

Here you REMEMBER… through your heart… and your mind is used differently. It’s used to process, as is your whole body. The crystals in your Crystalline Structure process light/light encoded information as it zooms through your body. You cleared your temple of the old emotions that kept you human. Now you are love and a kick-ass computer processor too. Here you process instantly, you need not think as the old human used to. Here you do not hold the separation anymore. Here it’s just an old program that emerges, yet gets no attention. Here it’s just a cellular cleansing when you need to cry, get angry or release. Here you don’t give power to it, you just honor it. And it’s fast. Often it’s just an energetic release, you don’t even need to stop. You can do a gazillion things at one time. This is how multi-dimensionality works. Other times, we are being tuned to a higher frequency and we cannot do a thing. We have to go offline, shut-down, upgrade, re-boot, do a full-template wipe, upgrade our processors… Yes, just like computers…

Here we process information, so we have to continually upgrade our processing skills. Crystals hold information, translate information and can be re-programmed. Here we are constantly reprogramming. Every moment… a new program. A new reality. A new timeline.

Physical realities are materialized programs. When you choose your own program, write your own program, activate new programs intentionally, you get to have more fun, be creative and injoy everything again. You are not subject to the old programs anymore, unless you allow something not in-alignment with higher consciousness existence… Then you get to experience it until you are done with it, have released the energy inside of you that created it and tuned to a different frequency to transmit a new program….

The more human one is, the less power there is, the more separation there is, the longer it takes to manifest according to dreams and desires, for the human still holds lack, fear, judgment and non-belief in their physical body. Everyone is here to transcend their own human’ness. Not to fight it, but to understand it and to not give their power to their little human or all of the unconscious humans out there…

Here, you return to love… you return to purity, you return to an existence forgotten and you evolve physically back into light. Your body holds more photonic light and you BECOME a Quantum BEing… Here you don’t just see it in your dreams… here you live it… everything is a dream. ♥ It’s a whole new existence…

It’s past time… for all to return to full consciousness existence again. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Teacher/Coach/Guide, Author, Transformational Speaker, Master of all things Energy ♦


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