Big shifts/changes/timeline jumps, mean big things for all. ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown

Spiritual Perspectives / Tuesday, April 12th, 2016

Earth face transcending

Lisa Transcendence Brown

Big shifts/changes/timeline jumps, mean big things for all. What we do/don’t do and the energy and light that we hold. Becoming fully conscious pushes our limits, pushes us out of those safe/comfort zones. It’s supposed to… this is the point.

Here we don’t get safe, we don’t get to be small, we don’t get to continue to listen to the old unconscious made-up stories and “little human” mentalities of fear, lack, judgment anymore.

These higher frequency bandwidths and continual light activations require that you stand in your power as pure divinity and love again. These DO activate everything that is not okay, where you do not love and accept yourself, where you compromise to your own little human self….

Not one of this is about “out there”. “Out there” is so that you can see. It’s to show you what is possible, then show you where you are still limited and holding onto an old unconscious program and belief. The energy is stored inside your physical body and the longer held onto, the more it builds…. a breaking point necessary for the “big ones”… It’s about the energy that has to go…. not all of the things you’ve convinced yourself of or the external things you’ve wrapped stories around…..

We only “lose things” when we need to get a point. Physical realities shift as a response to us and FOR US. We do not lose things, we need the experience to bring us into consciousness, to help us see. Where one is conscious, we do not need the experience once we get it. We go straight to the energy inside of us and we deal with it. However appropriate. There are a multitude of ways to do this…these are called Mastery Tools.

The strong human limits and stories either go because we became conscious or we continue until there is a breaking point. The stronger the energy, the more breaking is necessary, unless we become conscious and break it/re-program it our self.

Clarity comes when we step back, pull away, get away and shift to just observing… watching the patterns, the themes, the cause/affect of all things energy…. AS A MASTER LIGHT BEING you can do this simultaneously, within you, IN THE MOMENT… from a place of UNIFICATION within yourself…. you need not separate off, unless you are sitting in separation already…. then you must SHIFT TO your HIGHER SELF ASPECT to observe all, resolve all for unification again to occur. When you are STANDING AS YOUR UNIFIED SELF, your head does not take over your heart any more… Your heart is always open and you just listen to your head. You synchronize your thoughts TO HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS.

Unity Consciousness goes so far beyond just words. Unity Consciousness is all synchronized and unified to the frequency of love. Sometimes we have to stand in our powerful Divine Masculine to bring all into alignment again. Especially when we have a huge distortion…. WE must be stronger INSIDE than the energy of the distortion is……

These energies will continually push you to step into your power, be your magnificence, your abundant being self… fully exposed and visible…. you do not get to hide from your TRUE SELF here…. You do not get to sit in fear, procrastinate, not deal…. Those frequencies cannot exist in these higher frequencies of TOTAL CONSCIOUSNESS.

You are here to be vibrant, thrive and contribute…. you are here to be in-service with every breath… yes… every breath… Total consciousness is how you DO this, whether consciously sleeping to upgrade or consciously clearing out old untrue energies that represent lack of love, unity and peace…. Every breath conscious… You did not come here for anything less…

WE all are RETURNING, in every moment, to total consciousness… then the moment will shift.. a new timeline present and if anything is unconscious, we have to deal with it…

All along the way, there will be moments of “I wish I didn’t take the blue pill”, I don’t want to do this anymore, because becoming fully conscious is not easy…. and it will challenge everything of little human that you ARE not anymore….

The moment you are truly done, things will start to shift… You are not done until you are done… you keep re-creating it to keep occurring again. The difference is the external reality won’t support unconscious loops anymore… The gridwork of unconsciousness collapsed last year and there’s nothing in the physical that will support those old realities anymore….

These frequencies will continue to take everyone deeper into their galactic soul self core. If it is not PURE, if it is not love, if it is not inner power…. It will become visible here. This is an opportUNITY to see, to release, re-tune, transcend… this is a GIFT, so embrace it… Everything is important here.

I love you guys. Have an amazing everything.

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Light Embodiment Guide

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