Cosmic Rebirth ~ Part II ~ Coalescing Dimensions

Spiritual Perspectives

  Rebirth of the Multi-Dimensional Self Coalescing Dimensions Unity in All Things Embracing the shadow aspects and darker recesses of ALL that surfaces requires acknowledging, accepting, and redefining them to a heightened frequency. This is the alignment that inspires energetic movement. The Kundalini is the God-force frequency awakened, and it begins its journey from the […]


The Masters ~ The Seat of the Soul

Spiritual Perspectives

  The Seat of the Soul December 5, 2015 The Seat of the Soul for humanity is shifting. For no longer are you embedded within the material distractions that have kept you separate from all that you are, you are now eager to seek more within the world of the unseen. This inner seeking allows […]


New Earth Arrivals ~ What Matters Most

Spiritual Perspectives

  Good afternoon dear lighted ones, Have you ever wondered about the ‘wave’ of ascending humans making their way to new earth? There has been a few versions of what truly will occur when Gaia is fully ready to make ‘the shift’ with Venus in her new location within our galaxy, and even to this […]


Pleiadian Acclimatization ~~ Joanna L. Ross


by Joanna L. Ross, September 16, 2015 | Good morning, dear lighted ones. Yesterday, as I finished off my first fall video for our Free Learning page, I felt the desire to meditate. I tuned in with my ever-expanding team of guides and advisors because in the past few weeks I have sensed the energy of new […]