Grids, Consciousness, My Meditation with the Goddess Isis ~~ Joanna L. Ross

Galactics / Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015

starship beaming up

by Joanna L. Ross

Good morning dear lighted ones,
These truly are inspiring times and in the coming years upon our new earth Gaia, we will be exploring more about the expansiveness and profundity of our own human consciousness and how it relates to the movement and potential of our planet. We are linked and entangled in more ways than one, and our enmeshment awakens us in ever-deeper ways to Source and the infinite webbing of Creation. I can remember only a short few years ago, such topics like ‘ascension,’ and ‘multi-dimensional communication,’ was something known only to the few who seemed brave enough to come forward and talk about it. Now, there are people all over the planet awakening at incredible rates and intensities, and here we are communing once again, to further unveil just how entangled we are.

I have recently been introduced to beings from Pluto, which was truly a lovely and wonderful experience. The energy I was sensing from this one being, who was subsequently sent from their collective to work with me as my work further unfolds, was that of soft reservation. This Plutonian collective energy is reserved, profound, and light. To have my Universal request answered from across the cosmos was really special. I asked for a being to step forward and assist me in gaining a deeper understanding between human consciousness, and our planetary grid systems. Along with my team, a Plutonian stepped forward in loving light for our greater galactic family, and to see us interact in a profound new way. This 6th dimensional being will now be working with me as I expand my understanding and then disseminate to those who so desire to tap into such ascension information.

One key attribute that these 6th dimensional brethren are engaged with, is the energetic anchoring that supports not only Gaia and humanity’s evolution, but also for our entire galaxy. Regardless of how small a planet may be, or how it ‘behaves’ in comparison to other planets, each role is unique and required within the whole. This also is a symbolic message that humanity as a whole has been awakening to during its own path to ascending frequencies. We have seen greater engagement in unifying concepts and ideas within humanity, and it has been truly astonishing to see such waves of awakening sweeping our planet. There is nothing that ascension does not touch, and from every corner of our gorgeous Gaia, every human has a unique role and purpose to greater whole of Creation. There is always a mirrored lesson within all aspects of Creation, and this is why we are holographic in nature. Remember dear lighted ones, your light is profound, and within every step you can imbue and emit your unique gifts, and shine it forth to Creation. This is how we affect the collective family and potentials that we rise to. You are the very ‘energetic trigger’ that ripples throughout Creation and affects the very landscape upon earth, humanity, and our cosmos.

As we discover the enmeshment within all aspects of our reality, we will open to the gifts and expertise that each council and group of beings has to offer. There are beings that offer their skills in compilation of data, information, and scientific study, like that of the ‘insectoids,’ just to name one group of beings that track various aspects of the profound changes during a planetary ascension. The multi-dimensional beings from Sirius and Pleiades work in many capacities such as; Akash and record maintenance, contact development, grid and matrix maintenance, genetic evolution, and so on. Many of these beings from these star systems and planets are also working as spirit guides and energy workers upon the celestial teams for humanity. Whatever the various roles and councils may be, we are well supported and cared for beyond earthly description and linear way of thinking can imagine. There is a grand scheme of entanglement within Creation, and earth is taking center stage of much of the cosmic attention. I am a thread within this grand entanglement scheme, as are you, and any other being at every level. Many councils, forums, and beings involved at every layer level, helps humanity in some way. There are aspects that our limited mind just simply cannot grasp, and I am told this over and over. There is an ‘element of surprise,’ that we must surrender into and trust that if we stay in the moment of ‘now,’ then we will experience exactly what we designed for this fantastic ride.

One of humanities greatest discovery is that our consciousness is far more expansive and interactive than we ever imagined. The next phase of ascension will allow us to experience how interactive and enmeshed we truly are and why our cosmic family will be tapping into our requests for contact with greater clarity and timing.

Various ascension attributes can allow us to not only learn and discover more of who we are, but also allow us to engage with our cosmos in a whole new way. Remember, we manifest physical experiences that inspire the soul at grander levels and depths to touch the core of Source, self-love, and collective unity. We are seeing this at various levels of our socio-economic environment. Humanity desires, and is seen speaking out to gain greater fairness, integrity, and balance within the systems we have elected to govern the way we live every day. When we rise in peaceful concern, debate, and commitment to aid and change to benefit the all, and the greater good, immediately sends profound energetic signals to Creation. We are gifted with beings and councils that stand in the wings of our potential assisting us in every way that we prepare ourselves for. For those ready to enmesh, entangle, and engage with our cosmic brethren, there has never been a more supple time to do so than right now.

The Profound Human Tool ~ Consciousness
As mentioned in our book, we have the most profound tool and that is quite underestimated and underutilized. It is our consciousness. Our consciousness is beyond earthly description, and can be misunderstood in many realms of thought. The human consciousness, is linked to our DNA, it is enmeshed and entangled with Gaia, and the grid system of our planet. Just as we are able to sense energy in our environment, which in turn allows us to navigate and experience our evolution in a grander and more intimate way, so too are we able to engage more fully in the expansiveness of our own consciousness. This is what human ascension is. We are taking intent, the skill, experience, and wisdom from all lifetimes, and creating action to move beyond what we were a moment ago. We are expanding our awareness, which in turn expands our potential and the portal of Divine synchronicity to gift us. As we have stated in a number of articles, the human experience is moving and expanding in all ways. Through the ascension process we alter the: physical body, emotional attributes, energetic field, the innate, and everything within our reality. Our desire to expand what we know to be true, our intent to live a more intimately engaged life, allows us to tune our consciousness to expanded channels of potential. For this is truly why we are here, is it not? To be stretched, loved, and expanded in such a way, that it prepares for ever-greater Source experiences into even greater expanses of our reality and cosmos within Creation. At every new phase of ascension and cycle of cosmic energy, we are experiencing a new level of potential and human ability to write the new book on what we are capable of.

Ascension path work allows for our consciousness, which is our level of awareness, to expand and open up. As we release conditionings and limitations, we move out into a new level of understanding and awareness. These new threads of consciousness, as we have likened to the frequency bandwidth, can bring very surreal multi-dimensional experiences into your every day life. If you desire to expand upon your bandwidth, you can connect with a myriad of beings, experiences, and Divine wisdom, if you so choose. There is no limit or prediction that can outline for you what is possible, for this is entirely a new chapter that we are writing and it is has never been tested in quite this way. This is why we have said in every article, ‘you are this profound,’ because we co-create such brilliance with every new thought of expansion and light. The desire to live each moment with the lightness of heart, a light step, or even a compassionate and loving whisper to all beings is truly how we alter what we experience.
These new levels of awareness can allow us to truly invest ourselves, in a profound and intimate way to all that we desire to create and experience. There is no need to hold back any longer, or guard against how we feel, or hide in any way. For we are free to be the Divine aspects of our most illuminated self and truly create. This awareness potential that we have been discussing, is one of unity, intimate engagement with one another, ourselves, and all within Creation. We will experience various levels of physical and emotional safety and security, which in turn, will inspire us to express greater levels of self-love, self-acceptance, safety in our own experience and physical vessel, and of course, self-honor. These Divinely encoded experiences and attributes will bring forward the cosmic aspects that stir within us to intimately entangle and expand out, as we love within.

Entanglement = Grid Work
The more that we are aware of this expanding threadwork, and the expanding awareness with all life around us and within, the greater potential and power we have to impact and experience the impact, that our light brings forth. What this means, in the most simplistic way, our footprint, our consciousness is the activator of Gaia’s potential to create the earth we rise up into. Our planetary grid is an energetic lei-line of quantum webbing, quantum information and data, and every step you have taken is recorded and imprinted upon Gaia, and recorded within every cell that swims within your body. With every breathe you take, with every profound thought and self-loving embrace that you allow to seep within every cell, is the catalyst to how we affect our planet and what it manifests next for us to move through. If you are looking for some great resources and learning materials that go into depth about these very topics: Gaia, human consciousness, and the crystalline grid, then I would recommend any book written by Kryon. I have learned and been aligned immeasurably with Lee Carroll’s offerings and channeled material from Kryon, and I feel it is in line with what I am also sensing from the beings that I am working with. His work is authentic and reliable in this way.

There is Source light within all aspects of our reality. There is nothing that Source is not within, and our planet, our energy, our thoughts, and all else is a quantum representation of whom we are, and is embedded within our Grids and holographic weave. As we are unique and individual representations of Source, we have the profound power to expand out into the infinite potentials that is also gifted to all beings within Creation. We can choose to align ourselves with the capacity to know anything from any realm within Creation, and all is held within us right now. The more we discover about our consciousness, the greater understanding we will have for our planet, our cosmos, and the quantum play that allows us to exist. For it truly is all enmeshed, entangled and One.

We will move forward, forge ahead, and explore new territory, because it is encoded for us to seek the essence of Source within. These are the feelings and stirrings that force us to seek, to refine our beliefs, and do whatever it takes to create and unleash the light within. When you taste this, when you truly experience what appears to be darkness, or self-loathing, and then experience your team, your guides, lovingly direct you in such a gentle and profound way, to the light that has always resided within, you will be brought to your knees. For it is Divine in every way, and it is what miracles are made of. All of this resides within you right now.

There will always be a loving and benevolent hand to show you what you are truly worthy of, and there is always Universal love in some way, showing you that you are so profoundly loved. For as many lifetimes as it may take, and for in as many realms that it may take to unleash the layers of limitation, you will always be shown the path to your own greatness and light.
Whether your spirit guides gift you with a delicately beautiful dream of a brighter day, or the laughter of a child inspires a heart-felt tear to roll from your eyes, or even if the angelic whisper encouragement for you to ‘keep on, keeping on,’ you will always be shown the light and love that resides within. This is how truly loved you are.

As you expand, as you entangle with all aspects of our reality, you will experience your existence in unimaginable ways. This is how quantum energy plays and how we are all woven together. All of these profound changes that occur at every level of our existence are here for you to tap into, and enmesh into your every day for expansive experiences, if you so choose. You are entangled with our grid that affects how the ‘split off’ occurs. You are enmeshed and entangled with every other human upon Gaia, and you are entangled with every being within our Universe. It all matters, and you have the power within to alter and affect it all.

In the coming months, you may see and experience how truly illusory certain aspects of our reality really is. We will be taught, shown, and given the energies to awaken and release the wisdom that sits within our innate, our Akash, and the grids that envelope our every step. This is why there are the beings stepping forward now, in much more obvious ways and why many more will be intrigued to understand more about these multi-dimensional communications, that are in a sense, ‘tickling’ us to go deeper within for the answers. We are so very profound dear lighted one, and if you were not, then you would not be here. It is my passion to express what I know to be true, so that others may align with peace, harmony, and excitement for lays beyond the veil of illusion and into the vast open depths of benevolence. Tap into your expansiveness, ask, seek, desire, intend, act, and know that your footprint matters. All that you do matters, so walk with a light heart, a light foot, and imagine the glow of all that you are, embedding its energetic imprint within the flooring of our new earth. Walk with unwavering confidence, clarity, excitement, and utter reverence for what you are able to create, for this is why you came forth in these profoundly powerful times.

Energetic path work and alignments that you consciously create in every moment will set you up to experience this and so much more. This is ascension path work, and it opens you up to a heightened level of knowingness, which is the tool for manifesting anything you desire. Your level of knowingness is the very color and hue that you emit to Creation. You are precious, you are colorful, and you are this infinite. Bring forth these concepts of clarity and self-worth if you experience moments of doubt and insecurity, and know that if you imbue even a small fraction of light and promise, for all that you are capable of, then you will experience a shift in your core frequency, which shifts what outcome unfolds. Know that there are teams of beings offering their light, their hand and wisdom to light the way for what you will discover resides within, for this is the way home.

A Teaching from the Egyptian Divine Feminine ~ Isis
This morning I was gifted a communion with a being that many know as ‘Isis’ the Egyptian goddess. Isis, a Divine Feminine presence and archetype, has been with humanity through every lifetime gifting us with her skills, wisdom, and energetic brilliance. There have been many lifetimes that we have worked together in temples and energetic service, and why I felt such a resounding connection with her when I first started this website years ago and debated on naming it; ‘The Isis School of Transformation.’ I was very delighted and excited to feel her energy and connection now as I sent out requests to my team for greater understanding about the benefits of sound and color.

There is no ‘time or space’ in higher realm experiences, and so these beings have the capacity and proficiency to work with many beings on earth, as they slide up and down the bandwidth to serve those who are energetically ready and willing to expand. I have also been shown that many of these mentors will be those that will greet us as we ascend in various ways. For these profound mentors, whether it be: archangels, or spiritual masters, or earthly archetypes, come to us here, but also work with all other aspects, in all other realms and timelines. This is so that they can be in constant link and entanglement with the progress of all of our other aspects. As one moves through a learning phase and opens up, it affects what funnels to the others and our mentors, and team will be in constant inter-play with all other dimensional aspects for greater progressive potential. This is why we are always supported, entangled, and even feel as if we are so much wiser from one day to another. We are all ONE in this way, and if you truly tune in, you will sense yourself knowing things and being aware of things that really are beyond anything you can imagine. There really is no separation and distance when we understand quantum energy and our profound consciousness potential and link with those being that we have contracted to ‘play’ with us, in this reality experience.
As I went into meditation, I felt as if I would be moving through another powerful lesson. Some days and moments are like this, when the sensing of something great reside ‘just around the corner,’ and today was one of those experiences. I linked into my team and was blessed to connect with Isis, and Merlin, and their presence immediately brought tears to my eyes. I am opening up to the immensity of the myriad of teams and beings with me, and their presence in the sky, their presence within my reality experience is truly very special and moves me to tears of appreciation and gratitude. The love that I feel from my team allows me to align with profound ‘self-love.’ They are available to me in any moment I ask, or desire, and they are making themselves known and be seen in much more bolder ways. I intentionally align with self-love, and center myself within the essence of Source, and their presence is immediately engaged. The more engaged I am with imbuing all that I do with ‘self-love,’ the greater energetic miracles unfold. They truly support every desire and request in loving ways so that I can fulfill my desires within my blueprint. In my meditative state, I asked Isis for any gift that she could offer with my ongoing learning in the energetic arena of ‘sound and color.’ She gracefully stepped forward and began her teaching.

There is resonance in all things within Creation. There are vibrational frequencies in all things, and this is no different with sound and color, for these are attributes of light and light is everything. If we allow ourselves to focus, or energetically align with a particular color, or sound, we open up the vibrational thread that is resonant to this focus. If we understand that quantum movement is a ‘push and pull,’ inter-play, we can see that we can imbue any attribute of light, for the reaction desired when we focus and imbue intent, and love within it. If we also understand that each being has encoded within them, the completeness of the Universe, then we merely align the various frequencies of sound, or color in a way, that is unique and special to their blueprint, or desired growth, for the ‘push and pull,’ reaction that can release the information, or data, that sits upon the thread within an individuals specific bandwidth. This is why intention and love, is so very key in all aspects of ascension. Love is the most powerful emotion, and it is the catalyst that inspires the ‘push’ or ‘pull’ interaction.

There is much for humanity to learn and explore in the arena of sound and color, and how the greater expansion of these 5th dimensional potentials can assist us in healing, manifestation, expansion, joy, and any other harmonic frequency that we desire to tap into. I may not have done justice to the profound lesson from Isis’, but at the energetic level for what I needed, I felt it ‘click.’ I know that as I was in meditation, I was being downloaded the beauty of higher realm teachings, by my various team members and I do not necessarily have to be consciously focused on any one being to have it entangle and sink within my energetic field. I will tap into it when I am ready to use it and set it free. This is how multi-dimensional and expansive we truly are. I will continue to share these lessons as best I can describe and explain within the earthly words that we have. As my practice continues with such amazing multi-dimensional energy and higher realm beings, I will also pass along what I know to be true for the human experience upon our Divine Gaia.

Blessings and light dear lighted ones, and enjoy your magical journey to your expansive and Divine 5th dimensional self.

Joanna L. Ross
Intuitive Visionary, Esoteric Teacher, Ambassador for New Earth, Public Speaker, Author


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