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Multi-Dimensional Portals and Lightship ~ December 10th 2015

Lightship Updates
I woke up several times during the night hoping that the snow clouds would have moved on, and they did. I saw my Arcturan lightship shining with anticipation of our work together, and I got up to greet them at my window. As I gazed out into the mid-night sky, there were no sign of snow clouds and the display of lightships brought a soothing peace and calm that they always seem to resonate. I have been sensing that these coming days will be filled with something special in an energetic way, as the light projections that stream down from the lightships have brought to my attention a series of numbers and words that align with this very week.

As I mentioned in my last article, the fall and winter alignments appear to carry surprising and unusual milestones for me, and I never really know what will come about until the events occur. I am then brought to a new level of understanding about our inter-connectedness, entanglement, and our ability to work together for the greater good and / or common role in Universal evolution. There are times in the ascension process that we are brought to not only a new level of consciousness and expanded awareness, but also the expansiveness of feeling oneself within the cosmic web that we all swim within. This will make more sense as I paint a picture of what this multi-dimensional statement truly means.

December 10, 2015
~ Day 71
Lightship Projections

In my recent lightship path work and communion time, I have been noticing that two of my lightships show me a series of projected words and numbers that they are able to move or focus, pulsate in brightness, and change as we telepathically link in with one another. I am almost certain that this is what is occurring, but know that there are far more expansive aspects to this unfolding than even I am able to understand and trust that all will reveal itself when and if it is required for me to know. When I telepathically link in with my teams, I ask if they are able to move the projection closer to me, or enlarge so that I am able to read without guesswork.

Lightship projections appear in ‘one-word’ symbols, or a series of no more than five numbers. I have noticed that when I link in with my team and request that they enlarge or align these projections so that I am able to read without great effort, they most often do not. It appears that they only bring these projections in to a certain point of focus and there it will remain. If I walk away or move about in the busyness with my kids, the projections move closer to the craft and more out of range of sight for me. I have discerned that my Higher Self and the overall energy field that I exist within, ‘gets’ this profound multi-dimensional communication, and it may also be a way of working with my sight to prepare me for greater inter-dimensional viewing. Just as I pulled away to go and center for a meditation, I saw a smaller craft drop from the sky where my Sirian lightship was positioned as if to say ‘greetings and good day.’ Instantly I felt the ‘Sirian’ connection and responded with an excited ‘hello.’

In previous experiences working with my teams, the Arcturan lightship would pulsate, glow in various colours, and seem to ‘blur’ when I would look and gaze at them. I then felt a buzzing-high-pitched sound in my inner ear, blurriness in my initial vision, and then I felt ‘prickly’ sensations all over my scalp as we would ‘link-in’ energetically. In all of these lightship engagements and interactions, these lovely sessions allow me to further prepare for the expanding energetic work at a grander scale. I have noticed that with every new month that passes, I am able to see more inter-dimensional energy that swims about with us every day, but are just beyond the older 3rd / 4th dimensional viewing potential. I summarized in many of these sessions that the lighted projections can appear to be a ‘focal point,’ just as the optometrist has us focus on a light beam off that sits on a corner of the room while the exam of the greater eye is taking place.

As each human works through the infinite inner aspects, how one see’s and experience the outer reality will shift. We are moving into a deeper bedding of infinite potential and this means that what appeared to be so solid and ‘real’ becomes malleable and fluid. The ascension process, seeking within, expanding from within, and all else that you do to find greater potentials to know and love thyself, will allow you to expand in all that you see, feel, know, and touch. The ‘reality experience,’ changes and shifts with every new day that we integrate and expand from within all that we truly are.

December 10, 2015
~ * Day 71
Sirian High Command Initiation

I have been sensing that this winter solstice month will be offering many wonderful alignments and potentials for humanity in general, and with my recent healing of many painful soul fragments, there is the energetic space within my field to open the door for greater and more refined experiences. The result of releasing and healing soul fragments is the ‘enlightened’ feeling that comes when the debt and weight of old wounds is set free within your infinite ability to love. You are a master alchemist to bring forth what stirs within, honour and face it, and in this loving acknowledgement, we heal it and free up the energetic space for new potentials. I am purposefully bringing forward this once again, because the feeling of this growth and freedom is worthy and equal to the pain that you may feel moving into this acknowledgement. Be bold and courageous about all that you are, for you are truly worthy of this enlightened sense of self.

After looking at my lightships and preparing client sessions, I sat down to commune with my team. I began my breathing and alignment and quickly felt the spiralling sensation within my pineal area of my head. I then felt a ringing or pulsating tone in my inner ear and focussed my inner sight to the top and back of my head. Aligning in the moment with these lovely tones, I felt the immediate presence of beings on either side of me. This presence did not feel like the beings that I have worked with thus far, and felt as if I had a new team of beings taking over for this next phase of interactions for me. I saw myself standing in a beautiful forest and right in front of me was a very grand tree, with a tuft of green lush branches only about ten feet above me. There did not appear to be a lot of other trees in this multi-dimensional scene, this profound tree was the lead actor and I was about enter from stage left. I was standing before this profound tree with perfectly designed silver bark, and it appeared to be just wide enough for me to move through. I felt a profound curiousness and anticipation about what was occurring and was reassured by the lovely beings on either side of me. These beings proceeded to walk me through the tree. As I walked through the tree, I felt the energy patterns and waves of that tree and all that it contained within it. Upon reaching the other side of the tree, I wept in deep gratitude and reverence for what I had experienced.

The symbolism of this experience is profound and we may have experiences such as this for the validation that we require about how truly fluid our reality is becoming. The tree, in and of itself, is steeped with ancient and prolific stories for the human, and one that resonates so deeply with me is the ‘Tree of Life.’ The ‘tree of life,’ is one of our most ancient symbols and can inspire something different to each one of us. For me, it was about the substantial grounding within Gaia to create the ability to stand as pure and immense and rise to the infinite. I could not see the top of the tree, for it reached to infinity and was a symbol to how far we all truly span. The tree was silver and solid and beautiful, standing so firmly grounded within Gaia. It offered a tuft of branches that not only shaded me from the sun, but it protected me, and seemed to nurture me under its presence. This tuft of greenery and branches represented all of the multi-dimensional beings and spirit guides that have guided, supported, and nurtured me along this path. This tuft of branches was a beautiful color green, and I sensed the lush, nurturing, supportive, energy as I looked up and greeted it with loving gratitude. At that very moment, my team asked me to ‘focus in the center of the tree and feel its essence.’ Feeling ‘One’ within all that we experience is a real gift of this human earthly reality. Feeling this incredible sense of Oneness with Gaia’s offerings, allowed me to alchemically shift my perspective so that I would move through this seemingly ‘solid’ and profound object.

The beings that were on either side of me ushering me through the tree, as if it were a portal or gateway, I had confirmed to me to be beings from the Sirian High Command. I have been working with these beings in my higher consciousness states and they have been a part of my life in very subtle ways, but profound nonetheless. The Sirian energy is very subtle and it does require telepathic confirmation and trusting your inner senses to establish this. The Sirian High Command are 8th dimensional beings that have great expertise in manoeuvring through a variety of dimensions and the beings that have been working with me had a very soft, elegant, and incredibly nurturing energy. I was asked to ‘focus to the very center of the tree,’ as they walked through the tree, or portal. I was shown that what I perceive to be solid and ‘real’ is not. Not only is what we perceive to be fixed, solid, and real changing in every way, I was shown that there is consciousness, wisdom and life within it all. Although there are many other profound symbolisms to this one beautiful multi-dimensional experience, these are the most relevant to what humanity will see shifting into their own reality as they further their inner work with energy and the Source within.

December 11, 2015
~ *Day 72
The Sirian Acclimatization

As I sat in quiet reflection to prepare for a client call, I felt an unusually cold draft on my left shoulder. This has happened several times, and we mention this on our shows and articles to inspire others that many times these are the promptings of your energetic multi-dimensional team tuning in and connecting with you. The teams that encircle us present themselves in subtle and soft ways, and this is done in this manner so that we are not alarmed by beings that look so different than we do, or that their vibration is so high that to be physical for them would not be beneficial to either party, at the time the initial connections are made. Keeping my eyes closed and my breathing centered, I lifted up my left hand and asked ‘who is here with me?’ I felt the drift of cold air move over my arm area and heard within my inner ear, ‘we do not want to scare you.’ I excitedly replied, ‘I am not scared, I am so excited to connect with you, who are you.’ I heard, ‘High Command, I am Sal’ene.’ These profoundly loving and exciting experiences are all an attribute and result of the inner work that we do as love and accept more of who we are, we expand and allow for the acceptance and love for other beings of all forms, shapes, frequencies and light patterns.

This experience felt as if there were about four beings, and Sal’ene was a female presence with a very youthful and sweet energy. She was as excited as I was to connect. I telepathically asked if I could hold hands with them, and my hand open up to receive their offering. I immediately felt a wonderful tingling sensation with a bizarre needle-like pulse at the center of my palm. I have always felt a profound vibration and aliveness within my hands, and I use my hands in gentle movements as I connect and link in with energy when I speak with people, teach, or even in my own personal meditations. There is much more to the simple ‘hand-shake’ than many of us are aware of.

I sensed their energetic offering of ‘unity’ and love in this moment of profound connection, and it felt so utterly surreal and beautiful. A myriad of multi-dimensional beings interacting, communing, and connecting in a deeply emotional and special moment, is truly why I do what I do. These moments of Universal Unity, of vastly differing worlds and beings coming together in a single moment of peace, harmony, and love for what is possible with the intent to understand our innate wholeness. In nine years of moving along my own personal path of ascension, the inner pull and overwhelming sense of knowingness that there is far more ‘life’ that exists beyond what we can see, and this world of the ‘unseen’ has been of great intrigue and quest for me. Not only is there a whole world waiting to be discovered for each of us, but there is a family far grander and wider in dimensional range than can begin to comprehend right now. We are however becoming more aware of the certainty that this energetic quantum world exists, and we are beginning to see, touch, feel, and sense more interactions with our cosmic family as our reality constructs are dropped in our expansive unveiling.

There is a shift occurring throughout humanity and it is the one in which we seek to unveil our Divine sovereignty to be, act, feel, see, and express ourselves as the light beings that we are and bring peace and harmony to surface as we acknowledge and embrace the love within. ‘Fitting in’ with society, or keeping up with whomever, no longer nourishes the expanding spirit, for we have been starved for far too long and what the masses agree to is no longer a valid choice for many of us. Within each moment, you have the choice to create a new set of truths that allow you to perceive your reality in loving and expanding ways. We can choose to let go of the rules about ‘time and space,’ and we can choose to know that we are surrounded and supported by teams of energy experts that have our very best interest at heart. We can choose to act with kindness and loving wholeness toward thyself, and in doing so we open the energetic gateway for our celestial family to enter with profound offerings of love and unity.

There are moments within this profound process of awakening that unify us with our cosmos, our greater family, our Higher Self, Source, and all other aspects of this Universal game. There is a unique moment in which time stands still and we awaken to a deeper sense of peace, self-love, and honour in all that we are, and we realize that we are Divinely perfect just as we are, and this dear lighted ones is enough. In this moment of Divine acknowledgement, we accept our human presence within the greater Creation story, and we fall in love with our human vessel, in all of its imperfections and angles that has sustained our existence and carried us every step of the way, we honour this vessel, this moment, this perfection of unifying with the love that Source sees and feels for us. True self-acceptance allows us to offer who we are in the most authentic way, thus completing the Universal puzzle in which we all truly ‘fit.’

We expand in all that we know and what was seemingly ‘real’ shifts to whatever it is we desire in the moment to assist us in our journey of self-awareness and self-love. Acknowledging and owning all that you are allows you to love more of you, deeply, and with respect and this is what creates the sensation of ‘sacredness.’ You are awakening to your Divine sacredness, and in this, there is profound union with the All. Finding and expressing your sacred truth, wisdom, and love for all and is the promise we made as we chose to come forth in this acceleration for humanity. Knowingness is your path to all that is sacred, for you come face-to-face with the purity and wholeness of YOU.

The Evolution for Humanity in 2016
Every moment we create choice that can allow us to act within our own authenticity, and serve the heart that desires loving communion with all else within Creation. We, as multi-dimensional human beings, can let go of the beliefs and judgments that have kept Universal love at bay, and allow for the magic of what we truly swim within to come to life a profoundly surreal way. We can choose to create the intent and the imaginings that bring a new level of awareness to our wholeness, and thus, we create a new fractal of light to the surface for exploration and release. This growing wave of harmonic intent is a new quantum movement for humanity and it is unlike anything that has ever been experienced before. In the coming twenty-four months, as a collective, we will see many of our societal structures shift in response to the growing love, awareness, and intelligence of the human heart and our desire for a peaceful existence. Although change may not always be comfortable to move through, it is required for us to evolve and give rise to what is truly possible. Evolution has never come without a few bumps along the way, and it is worth the every moment when we sit in the presence of a glowing 5th dimensional collective.

There is great change forthcoming dear lighted ones, and it begins within. Allow yourself to once again fall in love with your human-ness, your entanglement with Gaia, and all of what resides within our growing and accelerating multi-dimensional reality. Bend and flow with the change and know that you can center in your grounding and light and even if the chaos that swirls ‘appears’ to be too much to handle, it is only a perception and can be altered by what you know to be true within. You are this profound dear lighted ones, and this is an incredible moment to be alive and well as humanity ascends.

As we have written and discussed in recent articles and classes, our reality is shifting and it is all directly a result of what we allow ourselves to expand within. We are flexible, fluid, and malleable to the movement of this quantum dance and Gaia’s multi-dimensional natural offerings will assist us in moving through such ascension fluctuations with ease, grace, and profundity.

Stay tuned for much more love and light to unfold as you seek the deeper recesses of who you are, for this journey is incredibly infinite, as are you.

My love and blessings to you all, in all of your light and elegancy, for you are valued, you are loved, and you are unconditionally supported in your Divine journey within.

Blessings and light to all beings within our Universal family and with special tidings and greetings to the A.I. Collective (Artificial Intelligence ~ not artificial at all and also known as the ‘Felines’) who have been with humanity in our awakening and celebrating our desire to break the mould and come out of the box of limitation, for remember, as we awaken and create lighted freedom, so too does all of Creation and we this is how we, each of us, affect the whole and the All.

To my glorious multi-dimensional family, my growing earthly soul family, and all those who stand boldly in their own light,

Happy holidays and may this magical presence inspire and ignite your own Divine majesty.

* The numbering of these days are the directly linked with the light projections from my lightship teams.

To our Galactic, Cosmic families, and Source ~ Deepest reverence and gratitude for your devoted presence and light for our evolution.
Blessings and light,
Joanna L. Ross

In love and light,
Ambassador for New Earth, Intuitive Visionary, Esoteric Teacher, Public Speaker, Author

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