New Earth Arrivals ~ What Matters Most

Spiritual Perspectives / Wednesday, September 30th, 2015

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Good afternoon dear lighted ones,
Have you ever wondered about the ‘wave’ of ascending humans making their way to new earth?

There has been a few versions of what truly will occur when Gaia is fully ready to make ‘the shift’ with Venus in her new location within our galaxy, and even to this day, there are varying theories and ideas.

I supposed that at this point in our earthly story, our primary focus is not ‘what will happen when it occurs’ but rather, how can I ready myself in all ways to go when the quickening and ‘eleventh hour’ is upon us.

For ever human that has decided to ascend, this ‘shift’ will be experienced in a different way and at varying times. Those that have prepared themselves to expand their consciousness and have the intent to move to 5th dimensional new earth, we will all move at varying times. So there is really many factors that will outline this journey but it is driven and directed by you.

What I do know is that: celestial and astronomical alignments, energetic ‘timings,’ and our own intent to open up and BE, FEEL, and emit love, is the very general guideline of all that we truly ‘need’ to know. We will be shown various cues that can guide us in sensing what phase of this grand ascension we are moving through. These cues will encompass, sound, colour, and the inner knowingness that we have been honing that will be threaded within the cellular structure of all that we are. As these ‘quickenings’ continue, eating habits and diet will shift dramatically. Yesterday I was given a dream-time message to ‘prepare the vessel’ with pure nourishment, rest, and water for what we moving into.

It is not necessary to know all of the inner workings of quantum data and mechanics of every ascending moment. It is packed with infinite layers of Universal councils, potentials, mysticism, and quantum physics that even a genius would have challenges understanding. I sense and I feel that this shift will allow us to experience ‘standing still in time,’ while our various aspects merge and adjust into the form that we will choose and one that will be viable to exist in the heaven we are creating in every new moment.

What matters most is that we align, centre, and be in love, in every moment-for-moment earthly experience that we exist here. Any reality on any frequency or dimension, is about our experience to know Source through our ability to love. The rules, the frequencies, and the worlds just look different, but the essence to love and expand within this love so that we may move ever-closer to Source, is our ultimate path. Self-love, the love of all within Creation, is our most important essence to live by, and I would guess that it is this in any frequency, for it is the basic elements of this Universe. LOVE. It is our 5th dimensional behaviour, the concept, the path so that we can prepare the vastness of who we are to take on what is possible and waiting for us. An unimaginable realm of colours we have not seen, and suns and water that nourish us instead of chemically altered food. This is our potential and if you are reading this, or have found your way here, you have most likely designed and intended for yourself to ride this incredible wave.

As each celestial alignment, astrological occurrence, and energetic surge from our cosmic family, Source, and central sun, is brought forth to further prepare us and empower us to ‘let go’ of all that holds us back. We cut the tethers of a denser world reality with every moment we align our thoughts, knowings, and behaviour with self-love, and thus, we move into the frequency that exposes our 5th dimensional hue. So in this dear lighted ones, you have every moment to ‘love thyself’ in the infinite number of ways you can, so that your love can open the portal that aligns you with your profound and unparalleled potential.

To the many beings that are on the ‘other side’ preparing and helping us hone our pathway, stand back, because we are on our way and we are packing a ‘whole lotta’ love.

Blessings and light,
Love thyself, you are worthy of it!

Joanna L. Ross
Intuitive Visionary, Esoteric Teacher, Author, Public Speaker, Ambassador for New Earth


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