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Galactics / Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015

Golden Starship

by Joanna L. Ross, September 16, 2015 |

Good morning, dear lighted ones.
Yesterday, as I finished off my first fall video for our Free Learning page, I felt the desire to meditate. I tuned in with my ever-expanding team of guides and advisors because in the past few weeks I have sensed the energy of new beginnings and new messages that will bring forth happiness and fulfillment. As you may know, Ascension work can bring moment-to-moment excitement of new discoveries as well as a sense of growing self-clarity and fortified confidence: which is exactly what I have been feeling.
Opening up to the Divinity within has been such a profound journey. The innate skills and wisdom that has lay beneath the surface in a somewhat dormant state is now ready to be set free. I’ve often wondered why I felt certain things the way I did, but now I understand that the energy encoded within my DNA from many lifetimes of experience were hidden until I was ready to ascend toward the totality of my ever-changing expansive self.

As I slipped into my meditative state, I felt the pull of various beings and their unique energetic stamp, and sensed the presence of many others on the celestial team. I’ll be able to incorporate more specific information about the groups I am entangling with as I learn to attune my perceptions in expanded ways. For now, I have been prompted to reveal that there will be many more councils and beings “making greeting” with me as we move into our new earth bedding.

The beings that I have been working with have always been very gracious, light, and very respectful of my boundaries and duly respectful of the core team I work with. There are a number of factors and rules that multi-dimensional beings must adhere to prior to tapping into a receptive and open human. Those of the highest light frequency will not present themselves unless some of the following conditions are met:
➢ The vibration of the recipient can be one that can accept such energetic communication
➢ There is a life contract or agreement within the soul blueprint
➢ Psychological and emotional attributes and conditions are met
➢ An agreement from and with the primary team that supports that person
There are likely many other conditions for contact, but these are the ones that I have become aware of in my work and expansion into higher frequencies.
I sensed a new female energy as I fell deeper into my meditation. This new energy was very light, lovely, and happy to be assigned to me as the plan for my first conscious contact unfolds. I felt her excitement and sparkly presence and immediately knew she was Pleiadian. She also brought forward three other beings that were also excited to be working together as a celestial unit on my desire to know and willingness to further expand my Ascension. There were, of course, many other beings that were present and were excitedly observing the interaction. I felt as if I was in some sort of cosmic consecration or graduation ceremony, and the anticipation of everyone tuning in was palpable.

This type of a communal multi-dimensional experience can feel similar to that of being on stage. Even though the arena, or auditorium may be dark, you can sense that the house is full. The only ones you can really determine with clarity are those who are in the first few rows, or the ones that step forward and link in with your frequency to communicate. The new Pleiadian female being introduced herself, and with great delight, informed me that she would assist with the next phase of my preparatory work. She would be acclimatizing me to their light energy frequency so that I would be prepared when they revealed themselves to me. I was very excited and immediately recognized the wonderful news that my core team brought to my attention only a few days prior.

My Morning Pleiadian Greeting
This path and journey of personal Ascension is truly amazing. I never really know what will unfold, so every morning I wake up, I am filled with excitement and anticipation to explore what magical events may be gifted. This morning I woke up a little earlier than normal so that I could make school lunches for my kids. I had enough time to spend a few minutes gazing out into the darkened sky, and to link in with not only my team, but also Universal energies and Gaia. Within seconds, the sky filled with a variety of lightships varying in color, size, and formation. There were a few lightships that appeared brighter than others, and then there were clusters of lightships that are positioned in their usual locations every day. One cluster of lightships that usually place themselves directly in front of a large window in my home are known to me in my higher states of consciousness. I believe these beings within the lightship clusters are the ones that I have contracts with, and all have a myriad of roles and reasons for being a steady presence in my life.

After my morning greeting, I did some work on my computer then went upstairs to get my kids up for their school day. As I passed the bay window in my bedroom, I noticed a Pleiadian lightship a few miles out; directly above the streetlight on our block. I have not yet experienced this lightship, but I do know that it usually sits at the back of the house at nighttime. Today, however, it was out during the light of morning and in front of my bedroom window. This circular craft emitted a brilliant white light with lapis-colored blue lights on either side. It was hovering so close and I sensed the excitement in this new level of energetic exchange. The craft had stayed there for about ten minutes while my kids and I gazed and celebrated its presence. I believe this craft is the one that is linked with the Pleiadian crew that is acclimatizing me. There are two lightships that are of this exact coloring that usually position themselves in the sky above the back of my home.

There has been a consistency to the lightship placement and appearance, and I really do look forward to seeing them and connecting with all the multi-dimensional beings that encircle the sky above my home. I know that I am gaining powerful experience in practicing with these ever-expanding energies, and it really does feel very normal to me now. My kids are no longer surprised or amazed when they see the lightships sparkle in the sky above our neighborhood. These marvelous events have become a part of our everyday conversation and lighted discussions.

There is a lightship that is among the regular array of clusters and it is orange-gold in color. I sense this craft is dome-like in shape and belongs to my Sirian family. This craft is a lot of fun to watch and link in with because it moves and bobs excitedly whenever I telepathically send greetings and information to it. I believe that these are the beings that assisted me in 1989 when I was in need of an energetic realignment. Their assistance steered me off a rather self-destructive path, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

This expansive communication work is a pre-cursor to how humanity will be evolving and creating a collective readiness for galactic engagements. There will come a time when all of humanity will be telepathically linked, not only with one another, but also to that of our cosmic brethren. Lying and manipulation will be of no concern for all will be transparent and enmeshed for the greater good. There is an initial shock and sense of fear when some people hear this because it suggests that telepathy offers little in the way of privacy, but from the experiences I have had it is certainly not an issue.

At any given time, there are a myriad of species and beings always tapped into my life, and just as your spirit guides know your every thought, and every word, your celestial team is similarly intimate with all that encompasses your daily life. From what I’ve learned and discovered, I act, think, and behave as if the entire angelic realm is watching, and as a result I honor my desire to live in the highest of my own personal potential. If there is a moment where I would like privacy or alone time, I would send a telepathic message to my team and any other advisors asking them to respect my boundaries for the time being. Earth has been observed for millennia, and any being supporting you and guiding you on your path is fully aware of human tendencies and habits. It is not as big of a deal as many make it out to be, nor do they desire to watch and study you while you are in the bathroom. We are being observed and studied to see how we all transition into these powerful ascension energies and what challenges and triumphs we move through. This is a planetary experience where many beings from all over our Universe study and learn. It is an exciting time to move from immense density to light and much can be gained by any civilization in observing what we do and how we do it.

New communication ideologies that will spring forth in our very near-future, will allow us to release our obsession with cell phones in order to create expanded understandings, concepts and ideas in how we store information and data. There is much work being done now with crystals which I believe will be the preferred tool for such societal needs. There will be great advancements in our understanding and ability to work with crystals in our new awareness of multi-dimensional technology. Furthermore, we will see greater expanse being taught in crystal healing and knowledge transference. Just as the earliest colonies and societies learned such skills and teachings from our star families, we too will be inspired in many ways by those that are ready, to anchor the wisdom and knowledge and disseminate it out to the groups and councils. This is how we create and manifest ingenuity and profound change. It is truly is our new earth potential.

Examples of these lovely celestial engagements have helped me through many earthly challenges and ascension transitions. Knowing that I am surrounded and supported in every way has brought me great peace of mind for it has ultimately allowed me to expand into a state of Universal Oneness that I was not aware existed. This is why I have the deepest level of reverence and love for all the amazing multi-dimensional beings, and why I am so inspired to teach what I have experienced, for it truly is magical. There have been many emotional clearings that have tested my strength and courage, and I truly could not have come this far without their guidance, loving presence, and energetic expertise. Remember dear lighted ones; your path of ascension is never taken alone. We are enmeshed and entangled in every aspect of our existence and you are always supported at every new phase and learning paradigm.

As we expand and ascend, we are shown in many miraculous ways that we are more deeply entangled and enmeshed than we ever thought possible and with an infinitely immense, and loving multi-dimensional family. This is also why there is no separation or distance between any of us. In allowing these far-reaching concepts to sink within you, ruminate on the potential it has for you, and let them stir you into releasing the false need for control that has only kept humanity at a distance from everyone and everything within Creation. This is truly how we move beyond the individuated state of being, and float up into a state of Universal ONENESS. We are all linked, we are all connected, and we are all entangled as ONE.

Energetic Link-In ~ ‘Light’ Zeta Reticuli
Last week I wrote about the experience that I had with two light Zeta Reticuli beings and their offering to me. As I was going about my everyday tasks, I had felt very distinctive extraterrestrial energy (ET). This energy came with an immediate knowingness of their stature and resonance. We have all felt the feeling of someone right next to you, but when you turn to look, no one is physically there. Well it was similar to this with very pronounced and distinctive ET attributes. I literally saw a capital E and T in my third eye, and felt their presence to be about 4 ft. 9 inches tall with grey-light colored skin; they also felt very slight, delicate, and extraterrestrial. They had impressed me with their unique energetic imprint that included all of this information within a split second, and was done so that I did not have to physically see them, but only know they were present. This was a very cool experience and reminded me that my team had indicated my preparation work would step up in various ways.

I have had little interaction, if any at all, with the Greys. I do not have a lifetime in that system and I sensed that their frequency was not quite as high as the beings that I usually work with, but very light and lovely nonetheless. The Zeta’s seem to me to be an off-shoot of the Greys. The Greys are a combination of humans and ETs, and when we are ready, we will be given the exact story and genetic bibliography of our celestial and cosmic heritage. The evolved and lighter resonant Zeta Reticuli, have brought forth the ability to understand and imbue human-like emotions like compassion, nurturance, and love. This is just one example of how valuable hybrids are to the overall evolutionary state of Creation, and why this will also be a part of our future learning. The light Zeta Reticuli are very appreciative of the work we are doing in our awakening, for they are literally our great-great-great-great grandchildren, and what we do is affecting every species and alien race in very profound ways.

After this very exciting and surreal ET impression experience, I knew that this was the beginning of my team presenting me with various energetic presence experiences that will open me further for conscious contact and prepare me for their physical presence. I am constantly being shown how higher dimensional beings can impress such profound imagery and sensations with the proficiency of their use of quantum energy, and I am truly grateful for the lessons and expansion from all of these experiences.

There are many conditions and elements that must occur and be in prime position in order for any ET being to show up. Most beings are working within a team and have been with you for a while and are fully aware of exactly where you’re at within your energetic work. This is why there are agreements, protocols, and disclosures that must be adhered to, and consulted with our Higher Self before anything occurs. Because of the enhanced energy work that I have done over the past eight years, my receptivity, lengthy earthly and ET lifetimes, as well as my moment-for-moment excitement all feeds the potential for what may unfold. I know that I have made many agreements and arrangements with many beings, and acting on my excitement, living in joy in the best way that I am inspired to, and living in light, will ensure that all synchronicities are offered in perfect Divine timing.

I am never in a state of fear or worry, and I find it is often quite the opposite. I sometimes do not get the energetic work done on some days because I work myself into such an excited frenzy that my team merely sits back and takes in my earthly elation. I sense their excitement and joy for me in my conscious awakening for I am linking in with the friends and family that I play with in my higher consciousness states. There has been much work that my team and I have done. Together we have learned so many lessons thereby allowing the freedom within my own spirit to bring me to a vibration where the myriad of multi-dimensional beings can attend a meditation discussion and co-create this joyful celestial free play.

I have written many articles as well as book chapters on how to sense when you are moving into a direction of an expanded state of awareness and how to prepare for contact, so be sure to look through my material for more information. Imbuing your life with compassion, self-love, and self-honor is key to slipping into such heightened vibrational states which can then pave the way to greater direction and conscious help from your celestial team. It really is very exciting to consciously be aware of their energetic gifts and assistance. It is the reason why gratitude is the attitude that will maintain momentum in these highly transformational times.

The Christ Consciousness and the Divine Feminine Stirring
Over the past year, I have been focusing on opening my heart and softening my beliefs about myself, and others, and in many ways. In these final phases of earth transitioning into new earth potentials, humanity is re-learning how to engage intimately with the greater self. This is once again, why ‘self love,’ is so very required in the new earth that we are co-creating. This unveiling of the soul-self, the authentic aspect of who we truly are, is the Christ consciousness emerging and that which is required to bring about the manifestation of a new earth experience. What many fail to connect and link; is that the ‘Christ consciousness’ is the epitome of our emerging Mother/Father God archetypes rising, so that we may reveal and experience all that the Masters taught and lived by. What has not been written and discussed is the many disciples that travelled with Jesus during his many, many years of travels, is that there were just as many women as men that could emulate the energy and learning’s from his lessons.

Being aware of the Divinity within, the Mother/Father encoding that we all obtain allows for this Divine Feminine, or serpent energy to rise and trigger the chakra’s and cellular transmutation from carbon-based to crystalline. The ever-rising and expanding serpent energy is the purity of heart and intent to experience ‘grace and love’ of self. This is where true Universal wisdom resides. This Divine Feminine energy feels very powerful but not in an ego-driven way. The Divine Feminine feels as if you are Mother to the All, and regardless of whether you are a male or female, we can take on this nurturing energy and manifest truly profound experiences. There have been many moments, particularly in recent weeks, where I have felt a deep sense of joy or compassion. These emotions ignite tears within seconds and is a direct result of my team working with me to assist in opening my heart chakra to the level in which the Divine Feminine can emerge, unfold, and transmute old wounds.

The Divine Feminine is the Mother/Father God-self, the balance between strength, mastery, Goddess nurturance and wisdom, all coming to the forefront for the next level of exploration and freedom of spirit. These higher dimensional states of being and behaviors are crucial and required in this preparatory phase. In all of these celestial energetic offerings, or portal alignments, or healing and integrations, we are creating the potential and foundation to manifest an entirely new glowing earth, and with this comes a new way of living. We will be inspired to create new systems that provide a rebalancing in every way and will require compassion, intellect, and our intuitive knowingness. All of these attributes are held within the Divine Feminine archetype, and it is why the Egyptian Goddess Isis, is still one of humanity’s primary examples of this energy.

We can use this version of an archetype to assist us when we desire to imbue certain qualities and energies to thus entangle us within their energetic resonance. Archetypes will be key for us to tap into as we move beyond some of these powerfully restrictive energies that may surface for healing this fall. Enmesh in the love and expansiveness of the Isis wisdom, and feel her presence as you move about your everyday life. Know that humanity is moving into the frequency of love for all and will become the advocate for all life as we connect our enmeshment with it all.

These are profound times dear lighted ones. We are entering an era where you will be able to choose once again how and what kind of new earth, new version of you that you truly desire to experience. There are infinite potentials and possibilities that will be available to you if you so desire.

Blessings and light for your magical journey,
Joanna L. Ross
Intuitive Visionary, Author, Public Speaker, Ambassador for New Earth, Esoteric Teacher


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