The Reveal of A Master ~ Lightship Updates ~~ Joanna L. Ross

Galactics, Spiritual Perspectives / Monday, November 30th, 2015

Fractal Light Wings

The Reveal of a Master
by Joanna L. Ross

The Light within the Darkness
There are moments within this journey of self-discovery when you feel like you may have hit rock bottom. I write about these ascension experiences to let others know that they are not alone in this process, and however dark or challenging these energetic releases and transformations may appear, knowing why we have these ‘triggers’ and how to move through them can certainly ‘smooth out’ the emotional ride that is unleashed from within. As you reveal your infinite profundity and immense light within, you will allow for whatever darkness or mismatched vibration to surface with confidence that you have all you require to heal it and move on. When you’re overcome with a profound sense of darkness and feelings of defeat, it is precisely the time when one must surrender into the alchemic burning and release of all we have known to be true. The sensation of darkness, which is our emotional label for ‘fear,’ is simply the result of unawareness about who we truly are and why we are here. Darkness can feel ‘as if’ you are suffocating in a world you cannot understand, or even feel as if you ‘fit’ within, however this is only a perception based on unawareness.

Create the ability to seek within for expanded awareness, and you can alter your experience, in anything. For remember dear lighted ones, there is only ONE primary vibration that we were all created by, and that is LOVE. Any feeling, or any experience that does not feel like love, is only what we have not understood, or allowed into our waking conscious awareness. The more that we awaken and allow light within, the less dramatic and traumatic these profound energetic initiations will feel. Awaken to your core truth and what you are capable of, then that belief or knowingness of lack, doubt, loneliness, anger, or whatever else you have labeled under fear, will be transformed and transmuted. As you transmute your sense of knowing, you alchemically change that which was fear into a new set of emotions that align from new powerful beliefs, truths, or knowing’s that thread within the core light of love.

The Multi-Dimensional Self
There is a great misunderstanding that many believe we must ‘get rid’ of our ego-mind, or control it, or suppress it, or squash it. This is farther from the truth. We are born into this reality with every innate and energetic tool that we require to master this reality frequency. That means, that you are born perfect in every way. As you move through your earthly experience, you are in a constant state of ‘remembering’ all that is already encoded and entangled within every molecule within you. The ego-mind is that which allows us to experience this physical reality. It is the manifestor, the mechanism that can be seen as the vehicle of the journey you exist and travel within. The vehicle is not supposed to know where you want to go, or what your destination is. The ego is the vehicle to which you transport within, but it is as valuable as any other aspect and without it, the journey would not be possible. The Higher Mind, or Higher Self, is the navigator or this journey, and is linked and entangled with the All, Source, Creation, and your soul which is the designer of what your journey will look like and what experiences you will have along the way. If we move about life overwhelming the ego by placing expectations upon it, thinking it has to manage and control every aspect of our experience, or placing undo stress upon it by way of ‘not tuning in’ with our teams and Higher Self daily, then it can create negative manifestations that are merely a result of It’s exhaustive measures to keep you safe. The ego-mind cannot see, nor does it have the ability to know what is in your highest and best interest in the grander scheme of your soul blueprint. It is not the role of the ego to handle every aspect and outcome of your life. It is the merely the vehicle for which you are able to manifest physical experiences within this physical reality. This is why, once again, ascension path work and daily communion with your teams is so very key. The more you commit to engaging and creating a balanced and fluid free flow of wisdom, energy, and multi-dimensional information, with your energetic aspects, the greater ease this ascension process will feel. All of these aspects of the multi-dimensional self are required in every way, and each aspect has a special and unique role to your overall soul blueprint or reality experience. The ego can create negative experiences that feed it’s desire to keep you safe, and thus creating the feeling as if you are spinning in circles of darkness or ‘bad luck.’

As you expand in your awareness, you allow wisdom to be your fuel, which allows for you to move through life with an open heart and express love in all ways, so that the ego can ‘take a break,’ and do the job that it was designed to do. Your Higher Self is the all-knowing navigator, it is the golden spark that ignites with excitement and engagement with the love of Source, and It desires for you to walk the path you designed within your soul blueprint, and It is your earthly guide. You are the experience of all aspects of your multi-dimensional self. You still have ‘free will’ to alter the path in any way you desire or to take It’s guidance or not. We often do not listen to the cues and symbols that are gifted to us by our Higher Dimensional teams and Higher Self, because many still believe that we are the ‘all knowing’ aspect of this lifetime, and that we are somehow alone and separate from the Divine. This is usually when negative experiences and / or situations occur, because we have not heeded the council of our Higher Self and we have chosen something that ends up resulting in a very long and painful way to the destination that could have been more enjoyable if we had simply tuned in.

Our multi-dimensional self is also responsible for the many synchronistic and quite miraculous occurrences that are gifted by the auspices of; your Higher Self, spirit guides, and Celestial teams, and also within Divine timing, the appropriate activations of specific multi-dimensional encodings that can allow you greater wisdom, knowledge, fluidity, skill, and remembrance of traits and / or expertise that can assist you on your expansive journey. You must therefore, grow into our magical abilities and mystical potentials. There is profound power and ability within each and every one of us, but we must remember how to engage and entangle in the most sincere, respectful, and benevolent manner before we are given the permission to freely use such Divine gifts and powers. This pivotal lifetime ‘is’ our initiation back into the full remembrance of who we truly are, and as we expand and ascend, we understand that any skill, healing power, self-love, or intuitive gift, which is your treasure of any dimensional reality, experience. In each dimensional realm, there are specific rules and understandings that govern that experience. Every reality experience has it’s own version of learning about polarity and duality, to some degree and every being incarnated within that dimensional frequencies agrees to move through and learn from those game outlines. The higher frequencies however do not experience as much polarity and density that the lower frequencies do, but there are still these lessons in unity, self-awareness and self-love, and Universal Oneness that must be accomplished before other higher frequency incarnations can be attempted.

All aspects of our multi-dimensional self are valuable and important for they each allow us to create greater unity and Oneness of this experience, if we so desire. Our global awakening is one that humans are being offered incredible potential from every possible angle to heighten and expand their awareness to be able to move beyond everything that has ever been established within what we possible. We have incredibly moved beyond a 3rd dimensional mindset and have allowed such profound expansive inspirations to be possible, that a wave of electromagnetic energy has seeped into the collective at astounding rates. This wave of light energy and potential is the foundation to anything we desire to experience as our personal frequency raises and alters to match our earthly cosmic bedding, which is alternatively shifting every moment. Our planetary beddings is shifting so that we can be offered the 5th dimensional potential that can allow for evolution not only for Gaia and her inhabitants, her family, but the entire Universe. This expansive entanglement that we all play and swim within is why many people like me are stepping forth in our personal excitement to offer what we know to be true in the light of understanding the profundity of what we are truly experiencing. The magic, the gift, the expansive and unlimited potential that we each contain is immeasurable and we unite in this moment of now, even as you read this piece of inspiration, are energetically uniting for the potential of what is and may be possible for humanity and Creation. How utterly Divine we are, and how profound this earthly experience is!

Remember dear lighted ones, you are the light. You are love and any darkness or heavy challenge that you are moving through will reveal if you persist in seeking the light within. For within all darkness, there is the only one Universal frequency, light and love. You are a profound and unique aspect of Source experiencing a physical reality so that you can emerge within your own remembrance of infinite potential. As you release and unveil the dark shadows of what covered and created illusions from what truly is. You, a light essence of Divine proportions, and this is your lifetime to remember and reveal it for all within Creation to sense, feel, see, and touch. The more awareness you awaken to that exist within, your light, your Source essence provides greater potential for you to seek higher, more expanded multi-dimensional wisdom and insights. Thus, the incremental gifting of energetic magic, skill, knowing, and wisdom is yours to use and gift back to Creation for the greater good of the All. All of this can be gain as you see the light with inner seeking and reflection. You can see how everything within Creation is linked and entangled and there is nothing that we are not entangled with. Allow yourself to move through life with an open, loving, and compassionate heart that ultimately nurtures, inspires, empowers, and unifies your whole reality experience. We gain such wisdoms, ground these wisdoms as our core truths, and thus manifest a new reality experience and is what is called the mechanics of the alchemic process of spirit. Expanding, integrating, and contracting and expanding once again is the process of ascension. This infinite process of quantum movement, quantum inter-play of love and light which creates infinite potential.

Letting go of the darkness, is merely creating the level of awareness that is required for you to unveil the light that will prevail all levels of the self that was misunderstood or misaligned. This is the path of expansion. We literally create a new world order, a new world frequency with every moment that we allow awareness, the drive to seek within, the drive to silence the stir and innate rumble within to be more, to know more, to experience an aspect of Creation that was heretofore unknown. This is ascension. All that we have built our beliefs around is forever changed because we have allowed awareness to create new core truths that alter what we experience, and thus a new earthly vibrations is created. We are swimming within a new sea of love every moment and what we are being offered is unlike anything our physical body and ego-mind has ever experienced. Energy must move, and as we expand into higher frequencies, old and darker energy will need to be released. This will usually surface as; dark memories, dreams, or even daily experiences that the soul will manifest so that you can create the inner seeking, inner dialogue with the Higher Self and your teams, to move through the energy. As we do so, we create the integrative process that is; acknowledging the dark emotions and truths we created and agreed to, lovingly heal and embrace with an open heart knowing that we did so in only what we knew to be true, however we now know that we can finally release such negativity and darkness because we have become aware of our true nature, our true and unlimited potential as a Divine light being, and we are sovereign in our knowingness to let go of what no longer serves us, and thus we then create higher core truths that can move us to even higher potentials and life experiences.

New Earthly Bedding ~ New Vibrational Initiations
This profound movement into new territory, whether you know what you are expanding into or not, will only begin to flow when you surrender all that you know. When you are truly ready to be more, know more, experience a more profoundly loving reality, you will trust in the Universe and teams that envelope you and you will surrender into the ‘unknown.’ There is profound growth in this very concept of letting go of fearing the unknown and surrender into it. Your Higher Self, your spirit guides, your celestial teams and Source only desires the very best for you, and it is in our ‘letting go,’ of what we believe we need to manage, organize, and detail, that we can truly allow whatever magical offering to occur and float effortlessly to us. As our planetary environment offers up higher refined frequencies, we are initiated at every new phase of this ascension if we are willing to ‘let go’ and surrender into the knowingness that we are supported in all that we do. Ascension initiations are offered so that we can expand and grow into the light body that can swim within unconditional love, compassion, and pure Divine grace.

Without seeking within, we are not able to understand the validity, purpose, and power of Divine surrender. Seeking within is the golden path to self-love, which cannot be attained unless we are able to surrender with unwavering trust in all that is unseen. Each initiation phase allows us to go deeper within to unveil and release the shadow aspects that we carry with us and that ultimately keep us from feeling and knowing our Source aspect within. ‘Shadows’ are the darker aspects or soul bruises that are left from other lifetime or current lifetime experiences that require our acknowledgement and healing to be brought to light. These shadow aspects or soul bruises, have left us feeling fragmented out of wholeness, which were the result of negative and dark beliefs out of the unawareness or misinformation that we believed to be true. If we swim within various beliefs that support a lack of knowingness, love, forgiveness, or abuse, we experience a life that will offer such themes to be resolved until we expand in our awareness and alter the truths that we hold within. Remember, we are not victims within any reality experience and we have chosen to take on any belief or experience in the highest knowing that we are capable to create ourselves anew. Even if there are shadow aspects that we believe were the result of someone else’s actions or words, the permission we gave through the contracts that we made by us and were all sourced from within our own sovereignty.

Humanity is now awakening to the understanding that we exist within a Divine Orchestration and quantum energetic system that allows for us to gain tremendous expansive knowledge and wisdom through these earthly experiences. If we are moving through an energetic initiation that is inspiring us to seek within the dark emotions and memories that are arising, then we are equally powerful enough to choose a new course of experience. The ‘experience’ itself, the reason and the intrigue about ‘why’ we incarnate upon earth is our ability to experience. Experience that you have complete creative expression to explore, can alter all that you are and all that exists within your reality. Experience is the bearer of wisdom, love, and light, for in such wide variances of polarity, duality, or limitation, is the potential to create profound light as we let go of darkened concepts about who we are.

The Experience is the Gift
As we have said in many other articles, the experience that you gain as you ‘seek within’ is the gift of this journey. This profound and pivotal earthly experience that we sit within right now, will give those that desire to ‘know thyself,’ a new phase of potential that has never been tasted before in our modern history. This is our quantum movement into human evolution, and it is triggered into new heights, potentialities, as each human goes within to reveal and heal the fears that have kept us locked and bound. Like an energetic or quantum ‘snowball’ effect, the light that is created by consciously going within and facing whatever it is that lurks behind every shadowy veil, is the experience that is the gift of life. Whether you unveil a fear of separation, or possibly you fear the profound power that stirs within, or even fear the unknown, or even if you unveil fears that stem from lack of self-love, or lack of self-knowingness, you create the gift as you allow yourself to unveil, heal, and reveal the light of all that you are.

We can allow ourselves to live in a state of moment-for-moment awareness and light as the daily grind can oftentimes stir emotions of greed, competition, or jealousy. Living in the moment of ‘now’ will allow you to be a master of Creation as your awareness will peak when you sense any negatively based ‘old-world’ emotions, and give you the opportunity to go within and heal the belief or ideal that it was spawn from. All of these courageous acts of self-awareness will allow you to reveal that there really is nothing to fear. You are at the center of it all. You create all darkness so that you are able to experience your profound light and that you are a profound aspect of Source that is infinite, unconditional, and compassionate in every way.

Experiencing this profound earthly lifetime is unlike any other, for it is the crucible to which all darkness from all lower frequency experiences are to be healed once and for all. The depths of separation, limitation, and fear will not be experienced again in quite this way, and why it is so very key so that you can allow the dark emotions to surface for recognition and healing. As each one of us moves through this process of self-awareness and awakening, and into self-love, we embed this light within the collective and the earthly grids. This is the window to which the collective can then be inspired by your light to also seek within and know thyself. As you reveal your light potential, you pave the way for others to energetically experience their own light potential. This entire earthly, cosmic, and Universal experience is a grand orchestration of just how Divinely loved we truly are.

All that we have held and hidden behind closed doors is now the fuel that as we release it into loving intent to heal from within, we allow for the eon-long journey back to Divine Sovereignty. Now, in this moment, we can choose to go within and seek the truth that holds this sovereignty, for you have the lock, the key, the door, and the path to all wisdom and love. The tenacity and devotion to self-love, to the benevolence of Creation, to Source and all beings, is the path that will guide you into any frequency experience you desire. This life experience will offer you situations, circumstances, and others to trigger you into to potential to ‘seek within.’ This dear lighted ones, is why we are here and this profound experience will gift us with an unfathomable potential to walk with a sense of sacredness, self-clarity, and unconditional love, for we know that within all that we experience in our seemingly ‘outside’ reality, is an offering for profound insight.

It does not matter how or even when these shadow aspects, or soul bruises were cemented within your experience, what matters is that we face it. Allow yourself the depth of ‘self-love’ to stand boldly before your darkness, and know that as you unveil your most vulnerable, naked, and raw sense of self, you are then ready to surrender into Source and ask for healing and guidance to navigate beyond it. Offer up your most sincere and authentic loving intent to be healed, to have the courage to face your mistruths and sense of lack, so that the heart of Source can fill you up with light and unconditional love. We are then shown our most intimate sense of self, our whole and sacred aspect that is pure, infinite, and cosmically linked to the All. This is the aspect of Source that we all swim within. In this moment of now, you have the incredible light essence potential that is revealed and released back into the quantum pool of Creation to play once again, as you face and heal what appears to be dark and negative.

Divine Wholeness Invocation
Breathe deeply 3 times before beginning, and center yourself in an open state of unconditional self-love and white light. State the purity of your intent to know thyself and to love thyself. And begin.

(Surrender ask for Healing)
In this moment of now, I surrender into the loving cradle of Creation, held within the loving care of Source, so that I may heal all dark and shadow aspects that stir within me. I ask for the healing, for love, and for the light of the Arch Angels, Master Jesus, my celestial teams, Spirit Guides, and Source for their expertise in guiding me beyond limitation and fear so that I may experience the profundity of all that I am. As I surrender any limitation and fear, I reveal more of my unlimited 5th dimensional life potential, and in this I trust all to unfold in this way.

(Surrender and claim your birthright)
I stand before you now and surrender into the profundity of Source, of Creation, so that I may claim my birthright in pure intent to reveal my wholeness. For I deserve to be loved, I deserve to live in wholeness and unity, and I deserve this Divine healing and guidance. I am a Divine light being of profound potential, and I am worthy of all that I seek, all that excites me, and I deserve to be here in this moment of discovery into my infinite and expansive self. I ask for unconditional love, guidance, wisdom, and support as I live every moment with an open heart to express the purity of love within. In this healing may I live with forgiveness and compassionate in all ways to all beings, and most importantly with myself.

(Surrender & Your Truth)
I surrender all that I have known to be true about ‘who’ I am, so that I may unveil my unlimited multi-dimensional aspects that crave cosmic freedom, unconditional love, and the knowingness of Source within. I create these powerful and profound truths so that I can experience unconditional love towards myself, others, and live with a sense of unwavering trust in all that I am embedded within. I surrender all that stirs as darkness and fear so that I may now see, hear, know, and live with clarity and truth about my unlimited potential. I surrender into my own quantum sea of love and hold true the light, the wisdom, and the compassion that allows for unlimited and unconditional love to flow back to me. I emanate my light as my truth as it allows me to experience love, unity, and wholeness. Assist me in this profound healing so that I may know my Divine loving whole self. Assist me in this profound healing so that I am know the depths to which I am capable of loving, as well as being loved. I accept and allow all experiences to be my healing. I walk boldly forth upon my lightened path of self-awareness, self-love, and self-honor as each loving truth is reignited with the love of Source within.

In my deepest and most profound way that I may express my reverence, gratitude, and love to Creation and all beings within it, for all lessons for it provides me greater wholeness and a sense of self-love that is my pathway to self-healing and self-awareness that I am deserving of.

In love, in light, and in wholeness, I surrender, I claim, I accept, I honor all that I am and all that I am gifted.
Amen, Namaste.

Breathe and hold in this Invocation with the knowingness that with this pure intent, you are being served in the most profound and loving ways.

Wisdom of the Ages ~
The Sea of Love is Vast & Infinite
Have the courage to seek the aspects that require your love, forgiveness, and healing, for in each moment that you do, there awaits new aspects of yourself that will marvel and dazzle you. Surrendering allows for your sacred permission to be set free within the sea of love. The higher dimensional light being from Arcturus had sent through this statement of profound wisdom; ‘The sea of love is vast and infinite.’ As simple as it may appear, it is vastly elegant in its depth and meaning. Just as our sea moves and sways with infinite power, it also alters the landscape with every wave. The sea of love is immense and profound, for it cleanses, it heals, it quenches our thirst for meaning and depth of unity, it connects all islands and lands as One, and it nourishes us from the inside out. There is nothing that is not possible if we swim within the vast and infinite sea of love.

There is no need to hide, suppress, or run from who you are, for you know that all paths lead to you, lead to love, and lead to Source and we swim within it all. To move through darkness is to move into unconditional love with the self, with Creation, and Source, and is our journey into enlightenment. There are no earthly words, or playbook to describe how much we are loved and supported, which is why I can say these very words with such profound certainty. I have sat in the very seat of darkness, begging to understand what Creation desires of me, and why such pain and separation was necessary. The path to self is the path to unveil, reveal, heal, and integrate all the aspects of the broken and separate self that desire wholeness for ascension.

In every profound phase of planetary ascension, I have been offered the incremental release of energies within my field that require healing. I have faced the actions of ill intent, judgment, and acts in haste and frustration that I have emitted. I have experienced every pain and judgment I have offered and thrown about in my lack of awareness, and in the inability to seek my own love from within. All that I emitted to others seemed to come forth this past week to show me aspects of myself that needed my attention and care. I have dropped and surrendered to Creation and Source, so that I can release and heal the pains of darkness that crept up for acknowledgement. More of my own personal journey experiences, raw and real, are coming in the next few posts so that you can pull from it what you will in your own path of attainment to greater light. Although these moments of immense darkness are not ‘fun,’ it is required to move forward on the path of self-enlightenment, for it is the only way that we can forgive ourselves and love ourselves as Source does.

A simple sentence of invocation and realignment that has helped me in instant release and grounding, regardless of what title of fear that you have given it; impatience, frustration, anger, self-loathing, or any other judgment of self that breeds separation, you can realign and move into self-love with a powerful moment of pure intent to heal and be whole; ‘In this moment of now, I release all fear and move into unconditional love. I am light, I am love, and I am worthy to experience the infinite potentials of Source.’

Fear not dear lighted ones, for if you ask for healing, for light, for the knowingness of your own intent to be whole, to thyself, the soul, and all that you are entangled within, it will be gifted. You will be met with unconditional love, compassion, grace, and the benevolence of our Universe every time.

Lightship Updates ~
This week has been another profound alignment with my lightship teams as I am initiated into a new phase of contact preparation. This is a direct result of my Divine timing and this week in the magical unfolding’s gifted to me in my openness, it became glaringly obvious that the energy movement and darkness release of all that I was experiencing was directly linked to these fall and winter months. I believe that the experiences that I move through are directly threaded in some way, to every other lifetime that draw parallels for pivotal experiences and understandings so that we can move beyond and embed with heightened truths. This is why I believe that these fall and winter months have always shown to be great milestone events for me, as they are threaded with other lifetimes in which themes and core lessons are offered to expand within, which then alters the whole. There are no coincidences to why, when, and how things occur in the manner in which they do and why the present now moment can alter the past and future. These reality subtleties are very acute but nonetheless very real as I experience them in an energy form, and why I believe that we exist within this holographic experience. I can literally sense when I am moving through an experience that must be linked to another frequency or lifetime experience and how I learn and expand within this now moment, will alter the ‘All Else’ is what I am tapping into at this point in my personal ascension journey. This is known as the ‘collective awareness.’ When we understanding and unveil that every thought, word, and deed, affects the whole and affects all other timelines, we become an aspect of experiencing the ‘collective awareness,’ and thus we act in greater sensitivity and compassion with all that we are.

We are holographic in nature, and we are threaded in all that we do and the grander web of Creation is affected by EVERYTHING that we say, think, and do. We are constantly ‘cross connecting’ with other frequencies and all within Creation is inherently linked to other experiences, this is what is meant by Oneness and wholeness. As you expand in your awareness, you can feel, or sense the various lesson parallels and even precognate or portend other poignant triggers that may be about to unfold for you. This is not a science, it is a knowingness, and as we expand within our ever-expansive reality bedding, there will be more and more experiences of unbelievable potentials that we can slip into, if we so desire.

Those of us that have an infinite number of earthly lifetimes, and have even pulled in the experiential ‘overlays’ of other lives, even if we may not have lived those specific roles. We have chosen such overlay’s for the experiential lesson so that we can take on the wisdom required for our role to unfold with the greatest potential of success in the here and now. We can also feel or sense the karma ‘as if’ it were truly lived through us at the soul level. I have felt this throughout my entire life and did not know until recently that the sensitivity to very dramatic events, or the purging and remorseful sensations, or even the immense feelings of lack of self, where directly related to the energetic release of a multitude of timelines in a variety of star systems and life experiences. As heady as some of this may appear, there are some that carry the ability to take on the energetic lessons that intimately woven within this lifetime, just colored in a different mask, so that the greatest potential of healing and promise can be achieved when awakening and ascension occurs.

These energetic weaves of experience can create or feel as if we are heavily burdened by events and emotions that are so far beyond our understanding or control, that the depth of darkness can appear to be suffocating or inescapable. What is very key to understand is that it is not necessary to know the intricate details of these other vibrational lifetimes or lessons from which your life now is threaded with, but what is primary to know and act upon is that we can focus our attention, love, and intention on revealing the pain for healing and release. When beings from other dimensional frequencies choose to take on an earthly incarnation to move through a variety of karmic, darkened, and limiting vices, the support and tools to move through these depths are wide and varied. We are sometimes offered the ability to sense and intuit our environment so that when we do awaken, we can understand and sort through the depth of what we are moving through.

I feel that many humans have taken on profound depths of darkness so that when awakening occurs, they are shown their innate strength and infinite potential to acknowledge, embrace, and move beyond whatever appeared to be a ‘block.’ This is not only for the purpose of a personal healing, but one of a profound and simultaneous collective healing occurs as well. Remember, everything within our experience affects the whole and the more awareness that we walk through this life experience as a truth, then we can have greater affect upon what we truly experience. We are the catalyst for all change within our Universe. This may or may not be true and valid for everyone, but I am sensing this is the case for some and why every path of ascension is varied and different. Regardless of what you have chosen to take on as a life theme, or soul blueprint lessons, we can gain tremendous love, light, and power if we know with unwavering certainty that this now moment holds all data, insight, and information we require to move beyond any trial or darkened challenge. If you were strong enough to chose the lesson, then you are strong and wise enough to go within and seek the love to unveil what exists and move beyond it.

Divine Timing
There is Divine timing, perfect timing for the kundalini to move into Universal wisdom and wholeness, and the timing of first conscious contact will unfold exactly as the energy alignment permits and designed within your blueprint. The purity of your intent, and the purity to which you move through life with, and how you entangle with all life around you, are all factors that will dictate the ‘flow’ of what is activated for you next within your blueprint. This awareness of your innate system, your chakra’s, and the entanglement you carry will allow you to open to unfathomable potentials. Although all of these aspects reside within the world of the ‘unseen,’ they are all very much a reality unto themselves. Awakening the kundalini, the Source essence desire to link with All of Creation, cannot be hurried or rushed in any way, for the lessons and healing will be activated when you are energetically ready, and not one minute sooner. The kundalini for me in my life experience has been directly linked to my preparing for conscious contact and reuniting with my cosmic brethren. When I work with my teams as they hover above my neighbourhood, I can immediately sense my chakra’s speed up and oscillate with great intensity. My team energetically works with me so that I am able to receive and transmit and allow certain energies through my vessel and awareness. I will be creating more on this in my next article for it really is the essence that will allow those who so desire, to truly fall into the love that exists within and behind the veils that separate us from our true Divine self.

After my profound and somewhat painful release of many aspects I had been holding in frequencies of regret, pain, loss, that all serves the belly of fear, I was able to ‘lighten’ my experience so that greater energetic movement could occur. On November 25th, the full moon and date of many planetary and astrological alignments, I woke up at midnight as I often do, and was synchronistic ally drawn to one of my lightships that was moving down into position in view of my bedroom window. As I energetically greeted it and moved to my window, I saw a huge beautiful gold-orange lightship drop from the sky like a massive ‘fire ball’ and then instantly disappear only meters from the ground. I wrote about this experience about a year ago, on November 14th 2014, as I was getting my kids ready for bed, this same experience occurred just to the side of a neighbor’s home. It was a demarcation to greater preparation work with my team and first conscious contact, and was entering my consciousness now to align me with a new phase in my preparation work. I was so excited and knew that the coming weeks would be filled with profound multi-dimensional experiences that can further assist and align me with the unfolding of my blueprint.

My teams within the sky over the past two weeks have drawn ever-closer to my home and no longer need to use the furthest setting on my binoculars to see them oscillate and light-up the night sky. The lightships from Sirius are most intriguing, as they appear to project a triangular craft shape from a single golden light that sits above and in the center of it. When I telepathically link in with this lightship, there are lovely movements and colours that appear. Many of the lightships that we see in our sky, depending upon your frequency, will be biologically and telepathically connected with the beings aboard. The lightships themselves have consciousness and are linked telepathically to that of the pilot. These higher dimensional beings have a full understanding and working knowledge and wisdom of how to contract and collapse time and space, so that if a lightship appears to be dropping from the sky at lightning speed to us, to them, this is not the case.

This is also why many first contact experiences occur and we are left with little or no memory at all of it even taking place. Our teams are very skilled in how to work with electromagnetic energy to benefit our soul blueprint and the greater good of the All. These rules of engagement and display are always done with our highest interest at heart, and why their unconditional love for us is seen and experienced in all that they do. My team knows exactly where I am at with every key phase of learning and release, and why there was such grand excitement in the sky the past few days. I went into meditation yesterday to seek more insight into the most recent lightship engagements and was lovingly greeted by my ‘ground crew’ Ajan, and two other Pleiadians, the Star Council and Master Jesus. It appeared as if they were all alluding to the unfolding’s that I am entering into now. Ajan is a bubbly, sparkly, light ‘Pleiadian’ female energy, standing about 5ft tall, slender, and wearing a silver nano-technology suit. She has indicated that I know about this ‘nano-technology’ from the other realms that I work within, and that this could be released to me as I align with the need and/or desire for this activation to be released. Ajan talked very quickly and softly, as if she was hurried about completing tasks in her excitement, but I know it was merely her energetic zest that I was perceiving.

In many of my communications, it is not revealed the totality of any one plan or theme within my blueprint. For there is the ‘element of surprise,’ which my master guide alludes to when I seek clarification to. This means that there are some elements of our new earth plan that is merely to unfathomable to explain, or understand within the energetic framework or frequency where we sit at the moment of connection. If there is ‘too’ much information released, it could set the human up for ‘overload’ on what may unfold, and not allow for the natural presence of light and spirit to follow-through what is required. Sometimes the ‘ego-mind’ would simply feel over-whelmed with what it ‘thinks’ it must achieve, and this would not be to the benefit of anyone, so this is why, we are never released all the details of any one plan or theme. Remember dear lighted ones, our teams and Higher Self, know exactly what they are doing, and why the essence of unwavering trust, surrender, and allowance is so very key as you move forward in your ascending earthly experience.

I have also experienced amazing ‘time anomalies’ that I wrote about in previous articles. I went into an evening meditation/connection with my team, and in what appeared to be a lengthy meditation, was only the span of a minute. My children have also experienced more ‘dejavu’s’ this week than any other week to date, which would only drive home the realization that our quickening realities are merging with every new dawn.

In the same experience of the golden-orange lightship dropping from the sky, moments after it disappeared, I noticed a huge lightship with golden-orange color appear from behind the tree of our neighbors home, in the same location to which a lightship had dropped a year earlier. It hovered and glowed for about five minutes and then disappeared. All of these amazing lightship experiences are in result of the engagement and devotion I am showing and emitting to my soul fulfillment. Even as painful and dark as some of these releases may be, I know within the core of who I am, that I must walk this path for true enlightenment, wholeness, and unity to be experienced from within.

My Arcturan Acclimatization
These lovely energetic offerings from the myriad of multi-dimensional beings that exists in and around our cosmic existence are the gifts of our expanding awareness. For the first time in this nine-year unfolding, I was gifted with an energetic impression experience from some of the Arcturans that work with me in a healing capacity. As I was laying in bed one evening preparing for a light meditation, I was immediately impressed with the energy of at least two small Arcturan beings. These beings appeared to be standing at my right, the first one, the closest one to me, was holding bowl or some sort, like an ancient herb bowl, or tonal bowl. These beings were only about three to four feet tall, and had sensed their energetic field to be green-blue or turquoise. The shape of their heads was unlike any other being that I have had contact with and seemed to be one with their body, and of a triangular-type or form. Their entire presence was so beautiful and unique in every way. They appeared to be very soft, delicate, and present with gentle compassion and love, with a kind smile and offering with they’re gifts. I sensed that there was a third Arcturan but that they stepped back to allow the first two to be accepted in a more surreal way. I felt as if they were family and about to do an ancient healing on me, for they looked as though they were merely answering my call for attention and soothing from the emotionally exhausting week.

This was my first conscious Arcturan experience in quite this way and it filled me with profound love and unity. It was the exact sensation I needed to soften the rather challenging week of negative energetic release. They answered my call for presence and unity, and acceptance and it was granted in the most profoundly loving way. The Arcturans were the first ET beings that I had learned about from a book that I was gifted about eight years ago just after I started my path to enlightenment. I read this book within a few days and it resonated with me at many levels. It was the energetic link that I needed that spanned beyond our space/time continuum and was a way for my Arcturan family to respond in kind to subtle stirrings for Universal entanglement that makes me feel as if I ‘fit.’ One of my roles and soul themes is that I awaken the cosmic wisdom and knowledge within, so that I am able to ground it upon Gaia, thus being absorbed within the collective consciousness so that humanity can ease into the galactic truths and evolution that is due to unfold in our collective blueprint. In many of these experiences, my teams from the various star systems and frequencies that I am concurrently living and working within, will be coming forward as Divine timing unfolds.

There are many, many other types and variances of beings that I have experienced energetically and in each experience there is a direct entanglement to what I am presently moving through. There are no accidents to any energetic or physical experience. It is all Divinely and innately entangled with the frequency in which you resonate at, as well as what ‘truths’ you hold for yourself. Every experience can allow you to alter, shift, and realign to whatever it is you desire and go within even further for deeper insights and expansion. This is why this path of ascension is never-ending and infinite. The journey is the ‘gift’ and if we live with this presence of mind and heart in every moment, we can then allow the gifts to unfold in the way that it would serve us best. Allowance and trust for who and what you are is so very key and is required on your path to greater self-awareness and self-love.

Allow all your inner brilliance to shine like the stars, for it is within you to set free. Trust the path to inner wisdom and freedom, for the gifts of spiritual awareness, spiritual enlightenment, is only the beginning to any darkness you so courageously face and heal with your profound love and light. This is your initiation to the higher realms of existence dear lighted ones, and you are worthy of this profound ride into the ‘unfathomable.’ Be bold and courageous to walk your path of purpose and intent for wholeness and unity, for it is the wave of potential that offers bliss, joy, and harmony. You are worthy, you are required, and you are loved and supported in every way for if you were not, you would not be here, and this is why this is the reveal of the master within. Claim your mastery, claim and own your past, and all that encompasses you, for when you acknowledge all that you are, your mastery unfolds and love begins its healing. This life experience dear lighted ones is the reveal of the master within. Recognize this, own this, know this as your core truth, and breathe this in. And so it is….


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