Your NEW Earth Experience/Life is THROUGH YOUR CONSTANTLY EVOLVING Physical LightBody/DNA and Merged Unified Field of Expanded Quantum/Super Consciousness

Ascension, Spiritual Perspectives / Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020

Your LightBody is the MOST IMPORTANT part of this entire process, as it’s HOW you achieve all as PURE LIGHT.

Your LightBody gives you access to all on a multi-dimensional level and does everything FOR YOU, yet what it REQUIRES FROM YOU will be more than your human ego aspect will want to “do”.

Your LightBody is your NEW EARTH BODY… it’s your Soul Body, your Energy Body… INTEGRATED within your physical body form. It repairs, rewrites and recodes your DNA/Genetics on a level that your human aspect is not capable of….


Your LightBody emanates, RAYdiates, vibrates and transmits OUT various frequencies and codes that TELL THE EXTERNAL “REALITY” HOW to respond (and deliver) all new realities/experiences to/for you…..

Your LightBody is YOU/YOUR SOUL/YOU AS PURE SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS/LIGHT and every one of your MUCH HIGHER DIMENSIONAL ASPECTS that you open up access to, have to learn to HOLD/LIVE AS, while completely re-configuring, recreating, reconstructing and accomplishing all as PURE SACRED SOFT KIND POWERFUL LOVE here……

Your LIGHTBody is constantly Evolving, constantly Re-tuning, constantly Reconfiguring, constantly Anchoring, constantly Activating, and constantly Releasing all new INFORMATION and MUCH HIGHER INTELLIGENCE than that of your human aspect. In order to BE/HOLD THIS, you BECOME your HIGHEST VERSION/ASPECTS OF YOURSELF and you HOLD/EMBODY/LIVE THIS FULLY, for NEW EARTH TO BE your ACTual Entire Experience/REALity here…. 

There is no separation within anything… all is visible, available and possible. UNIFICATION brings Pure Peace, Ease and BEauty, Softness, Kindness and Deep Sacred Care, as well as the POWER to accomplish anything, without the distortions of the old anymore…..

There is no competition or selfishness, there is softness, caring and love, there is simplicity and sharing, presence and supporting, inspiration and contribution to a much higher dimensional reality where all new are timelines FREE FROM limits, boxes and excuses/dis-empowerment that each once held within……

THERE IS A BEAUTY IN INNER-FREEDOM and the LOVE OF CREATION, the LOVE OF INSPIRATION, THE LOVE OF UNITY AND DIVINE FLOW….. There is an ease that transcends all of the struggle that the ego aspect use to hold as “reality/necessity” before…..

There is BEAUTY in SIMPLICITY, zero complicating, zero excuses, zero waste, zero entitlement, zero lack that EMANATES from ZERO POINT FIELD/RANGE….

There is BEAUTY in SILENCE (as it’s not silent), BEAUTY in Deep Sacred Connection, BEAUTY in Nature, BEAUTY in PURE PRESENCE…. where all is perfectly IN-TUNE, in PURE HARMONY and touches/uplifts/awakens your whole BEing through PURITY, where distortions are the way of the old….. 

There is PURE PEACE where SACRED INNER UNION EXISTS, where external does not dictate anything…. and the inner creates “that”….. where all that each DREAMS through Sacred Presence becomes ACTual “reality”/Experiences here…..

There is a magnificence and magic available through our innocent and playful, kind loving hearts….. and POTENTIALS become REALITY because each HOLDS THIS AS REALITY FULLY from within…..


There is BEAUTY where all allow this, by completely and totally opening their whole BEING/HEART/MIND/SELF to LIVE THEIR OWN HIGHEST fully here and EMBODY all of the NEW EARTH CODES (and Templates) in every aspect of their own lives too…..

NEW EARTH IS US…. WE HOLD IT IN PLACE and WE EXPERIENCE THAT WHICH WE HOLD… Our Every Experience a VIBRATIONAL/ENERGETIC REFLECTION BACK to that which we “tell” our Morphogenic/Holographic/Unified Field to CREATE AS A RETURN…. through PURE PRESENCE and everything ENERGETIC….

NEW Earth is our EXPERIENCE where we each function from a State of Consciousness that allows NEW EARTH to BE our every experience here…. In order to achieve this, our SOULBODY/LIGHTBODY must fully integrate WITHIN OUR FORM and reconfigure our whole physical body make-up for immense LIGHT to RUN OUR BODIES/SYSTEMS and OUR ENERGY THAT CREATES/SUPPORTS all…..

Our LightBodies are ENERGETIC and CONSTANTLY building up through the activation and integration of immense Photonic LIGHT (atomic/cellular/molecular level/every level) DEEP within, so that our entire physical reality is supported, our entire life is highest aligned, our whole field works cohesively and through Divine Alignment. Full Integration and Embodiment is UNIFICATION and MASTERY within itself…..

To build/hold/embody PURE LIGHT and hold this at all times…. to HOLD THIS FULLY and no longer compromise ON A SOUL LEVEL is required by each….

TO LIVE a SIMPLE EXISTENCE where Service/Light/Unity/Pure Consciousness/Love/Kindness/Inner-Power and Unifying all through LOVE is our organic and natural way…. means that each has consciously chosen to RELEASE THE INNER STRUGGLE/FIGHT and CONSCIOUSLY SHIFTS FROM DEEP INSIDE TO REALITIES that are UNIFIED ON EVERY LEVEL. SHIFT INSIDE to “it’s not complicated”, as NEW EARTH CODES ARE SIMPLE… they just don’t conform to old earth ways, because those are corrupted/constricting and “go against” UNITY/PURITY/CONSCIOUSNESS… which is the opposite of how the human ego sees….

FULL CONSCIOUSNESS “APPEARS” to “go against”, yet it’s actually the other way around… Full Consciousness lifts all up/higher, empowers through unity/love/purity and holds LOVE as a WAY OF BEING/LIVING/EXISTING… which includes EVERYONE. It’s the E-Go aspect that destroys, is selfish and doesn’t actually care, lives from survival mode/protection mechanisms, judges/justifies/rationalizes “behavior” according to EGO BELIEFS/MENTALITIES/STRUCTURES/CONSTRUCTS/SYSTEMS/WAYS…. which is the “opposite” of PURITY, KINDNESS, SHARING AND UNITY….

The human ego aspect is the one “trying” to comply with rigid, fixed rules… the one trying so hard to hang onto the “old ways” learned/told/embedded/believed before….

The human ego aspect is the one that functions from a place of separation within and fears EVERYTHING that challenges that which they perceive “reality” to be…

The human ego aspect is the one that fights, defends and plays in duality within still….

The human ego aspect is the one that cannot receive love, pushes it away or seeks outside of itself….

The human ego aspect is the one “dependent” on realities that keep them in a box, prison and “fixed”, because of distorted perceptions of “control” and the distorted mentality/belief that those “fixed” limits are “safe”, when everything is ACTUALLY quite the opposite of this.

The human ego aspect is the one that loves to play in the “I’m not RESPONSIBLE” and “it’s all them/theirs” game….. totally unaware that the “matrix” is inside of their whole body and the dismantling process is “done” by their own SOUL/LIGHTBODY activating inside of their own body and re-configuring/vibrationally realigning their entire reality FOR THEM…. because they will not yet fully surrender for EASE to be the way that this occurs, as well as making the HIGHEST VIBRATIONALLY ALIGNED CHOICES/DECISIONS NECESSARY TO SHIFT ALL TO A MUCH HIGHER VIBRATION/LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS FROM WITHIN……….. so “something” has to occur to assist with this PROCESS….. of continually breaking down the “EGO HOLD” within….

SOUL/COSMIC ALIGNMENT “appears” to GO AGAINST everything the human ego lives for/believes/built… yet it’s actually the OPPOSITE. The human ego reality is what “goes against” COSMIC/SOUL/UNIVERSALLY ALIGNED REALITIES and this is what’s being aligned VIBRATIONALLY on a Quantum/Multi-Dimensional/Cosmic Level from within every moment now………….

The human ego aspect is unaware of all, because of limited, fixed and conditioned mind constructs that bind each to a VERSION OF REALITY that’s not highest aligned. There are infinite “reasons” for this, at which are too vast to cover with this writing here. In order to EXPAND INTO much higher states of Consciousness, one must LET GO OF ALL OF THAT, dissolve the old programming held within and BE WILLING to explore all new ways, incorporate all new ways that LOOK NOTHING LIKE BEFORE….

Each must be WILLING to go deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep inside/within to observe their own PROGRAMMING and learn to open up to LISTEN, HONOR AND FEEL/SEE that which perceives to CHALLENGE everything ONCE BELIEVED… and “held” as “real”ity…..

A shift in perception can shift one’s entire currently reality. Many shifts in perceptions will open up a whole new experience not previously available because each was NOT WILLING to actually see and expand their own awareness beyond their own current limits held inside……

AS each starts to TRULY COMPREHEND that “reality” is perception, reality is subjective, reality is “just a belief”…. then each will CHOOSE TO OBSERVE ALL to see the DISTORTIONS, to SEE through their own PURE HEARTS/SOUL and CHOOSE TO IMPLEMENT ALL NEW WAYS that aligned on a Soul Level, rather than the conformity and compliant ones of “before”.

AS EACH’S PURE HEART OPENS FULLY, then a whole new reality starts to become VISIBLE as an ACTUAL REALITY for EACH… this “whole new reality” or “world” is what we refer to as NEW EARTH, because it IS AVAILABLE TO ALL who truly EMBRACE THIS FULLY and start to live by the UNIVERSAL and COSMIC CODES embedded in their own DNA….

EVERYTHING is a SHIFT IN CONSCIOUSNESS…. and everything is available and already EXISTS, yet everything is also MULTI-DIMENSIONAL, so each RECEIVES THE REALITY/EXPERIENCE each holds as REAL, which is constantly transmitting out from each’s own “Zero Point” on a cellular level continuing OUT through their whole Quantum/Energetic Field to instruct the external how to reply/return a “value” relative to a multi-dimensional experience, rather than a linear one. ♥

One of the “first” things all must do, is observe, challenge and SHIFT that which they PERCEIVE AS REALITY…. and completely shift PRIORITIES through understanding “how” all is truly created and comes to BE through each’s own mentalities, beliefs, dimension occupied and FLOW of VIBRATIONAL ENERGY.

NEW EARTH is a “new” VERSION of all that replaces all of the “old” VERSIONS that all once held in place “as reality” from deep within. What each “hold as reality” determines this and FULLY Conscious Multi-Dimensionality opens up everything to everyone again. NEW Earth becomes each’s EXPERIENCE as the CODES FOR NEW EARTH are ALLOWED to fully integrate and each embraces their own HIGHER/HIGHEST States of Consciousness fully and HOLDS THIS FULLY above all. More love, more purity, more kindness, more generosity, more Divine/Sacred Experiences, more connection, more abundance, more bliss, more magic, more EVERYTHING no longer limited by the old programs/conditioning/mindsets that “stopped” all of this BEing everyone’s full experience here! EVERYTHING that “stopped” all was each’s own inner matrix and as each opens up fully, their inner matrix re-works itself, becoming the Energetic/Crystalline/Plasma Matrix System (Inner-active Holographic and Morphogenic Field that Quantum Existences allow). 

“Higher Dimensional Existence” replaces “lower”…. yet through constant merging/dissolving/shifting and tuning processes accomplished through the integration of HIGH FREQUENCY PHOTONIC LIGHT through each’s physical body form and applied to each’s WHOLE LIFE where everything becomes ONE.



I deeply love, appreciate and honor you and all you are living, breathing, being and doing as Pure Light Consciousness here (Love) too! ♥

With the utmost respect and care,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


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