Invocation for Humanity’s Prosperity

Spiritual Perspectives / Sunday, September 6th, 2015

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CALLING FOR DIVINE INTERVENTION… Great Spirit of all life, in whom we live and move and have our being…

In the name of Unity Consciousness, we call into dynamic action the consummate force of Universal Will.

Use us as your human conduits in this petition for a new global economy that is based upon your divine principles. Bring to us now a great surge of intervening support from the realms of illumined truth.

By and through the redeeming power of unified awareness, we call forth immediate Divine Intervention to restructure the financial systems so that equality and economic balance is actualized upon this planet. Please assist us to inaugurate the era of the “right use of money” in accordance with Earth’s Divine Plan.

From the vast reservoir of universal light, we call forth the mightiest penetration of solar sacred fire… to go DEEP DEEP DEEP into the darkest financial corruptions that are happening in our world. Send in the divine intervening forces to conduct a massive and permanent cleansing of ALL economic transgressions, through every time frame and dimension, both known and unknown.

This includes a relentless and thorough psychological cleansing of the sub consciousness of every man, woman and child upon this planet. Through the Law of Grace, purge and redeem all humanity from the self-imprisonment of vice and any associated karmas, in perfect accordance with Divine Will.

Permanently SEAL the door where corruption dwells. Release the human race from the grip of all economic controllers who use financial assets to control, deceive, manipulate and destroy. Bless these transgressors with the unfailing light of forgiveness, mercy and compassion. May the Truth be revealed!

Blaze the Cosmic Light in, through and around all financial related buildings and controlling factions… their entire matter-space and all persons and associated activities. May a great act of purification ripple out to affect all other related groups and individuals, creating a massive domino effect in this global housecleaning.

Blessed Legions of Light, un-trench the planetary morphogenetic field of mass consciousness to accommodate the new intellectual blueprint for our evolving species. Support this recalibration with a constant stream of living light intelligence until the task is complete.

We call the Universal Laws into action, which permits assisting star nation technology and the cosmic light of morphogenesis into full momentum. Come dear intergalactic family of light….aide us in our full transition into global peace and prosperity.

Help us to seed, anchor and activate the new financial and educational templates that are created from Divine Principle and Universal Law. Through the realization of global equality, may all beneficial systems prevail.

We command the radiance of universal love to sweep through the higher mental body of every soul, catalyzing a permanent shift in all illusions of fear and lack, transmuting these ancient patterns into the global realization of infinite abundance and shared opportunity.

Awaken and inspire all people with divine remembrance of our true unlimited nature, beings of immanent love and prosperous beyond measure.

ACTIVATE, ACTIVATE, ACTIVATE the New Earth codes of prosperity and co-creation… HERE AND NOW, for the greater good of all.

Please sustain this sacred fire and invocation activity until all is fully manifest in your holy name.

By and through Universal Law…..Thy…. Will…. Be…. Done!


Courtesy of Children of the Sun Foundation


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