Your Real Mind is not located in the Brain

Spiritual Perspectives

  Our consciousness has been trained to perceive through the five human senses. This has prevented us from tapping into other worlds or dimensions that exist just beyond the range of our normal perception. We are unaware of them because our minds are not consciously vibrating at these higher levels. To open the seal of […]


Emptiness is the Alchemical State

Spiritual Perspectives

February 25, 2016 by Tiara Kumara To be empty means to be aware of a supreme source in your life and allowing the grace of its power to carry and to sustain you at all times, in full faith. We are not proclaiming to really know anything for all true knowing is of this absolute […]


DNA Activation with a SUPERMOON Lunar Eclipse

Spiritual Perspectives

September 21, 2015 by Tiara Kumara A total lunar eclipse will spawn a very rare and dramatic ‘supermoon’ blood moon on Sept. 26/27. This will be a potent time for transformational shift and what better way to herald it in than with self motivated DNA Activation. The following podcast gives good review on what we […]


Invocation for Humanity’s Prosperity

Spiritual Perspectives

  By Tiara Kumara CALLING FOR DIVINE INTERVENTION… Great Spirit of all life, in whom we live and move and have our being… In the name of Unity Consciousness, we call into dynamic action the consummate force of Universal Will. Use us as your human conduits in this petition for a new global economy that […]


The Middle East Transmissions ~ Children of the Sun

Earth Changes

Calling all Ambassadors of Love to the Middle East We are serving as a group vaccine stabilizer to help eradicate the virus called hate. Begins at the Equinox September 23, 28, October 5, 12, 2014 8 pm across all world time zones   High Levels of Contagious Toxicity is Releasing OUR UNIFIED LOVE CAN MAKE […]


Energy System Empowerment ~ Children of the Sun Foundation

Ascension, New Science

Build Your Life Force & Invincibility Shield Immune System  *  The Blood  *  Nervous System  *  Endocrine System 4 Progressive Sessions: July 26, August 2, August 16, August 30 Children of the Sun Foundation cordially invites you to this exciting new series designed to revitalize and boost your energy and immunity. Do you carry a general […]


Children of the Sun: Activating the Prosperity Code


Activating the Prosperity Code 1st Phase: Personal Transformation Since the beginning of 2014, we have been enduring unequivocally one of the biggest frequency upgrades that we have taken as a collective, initiating us into a completely new system of energy. When we enter into its rhythm, more is dropping away as if it never mattered […]


Morphogenetic Field Implosion ~ Children Of The Sun


Related Article: Encoding Waveform Audio Support: Encoding Evolutionary Waveform Beloved Family, We recently released an introduction about the evolutionary waveforms that are now entering through our physical sun and recoding all forms of life on our planet. Inherent in these frequencies are overriding wave fronts of color, light and sound that are morphing the fabric […]