What is the Divine Plan? – Part 2 ~ Wes Annac

Ascension / Saturday, March 1st, 2014

Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm

Continued from Part 1

As Silver Birch tells us below, our companions beyond the veil act in alignment with the divine plan by seeking to help us remember spirit.

“The majority of mankind concerns itself only with physical growth. Some of it is concerned with mental growth and a few are concerned with spiritual growth. The only enduring reality is spirit. If we succeed by a variety of means in making man aware of [the] spiritual nature which is his reality, it transforms the whole of his life.” (1)

Birch continues, “He sees its purpose, is conscious of his origin, becomes aware of his destiny and [lives] his life in the implications of the knowledge which he has received. That very simply is the plan behind all our activities.” (1)

With everything they do, our friends and teachers beyond the veil seek to help us become aware. They want us to remember spirit and the incredible things it has for us, and they want us to know about the intricacy with which our lives are planned out.

All of the assistance we’re given is for the purpose of reintroducing us to spirit.

It feels great to know that we’re given lucrative help to remember the “only enduring reality”, and personally, it makes me want to open up to it more. Let’s allow spirit to pervade us and transform our lives, because it’s been working actively to help us remember it.

We’re then told that our freewill is an essential part of the divine plan.

“There is a plan into which we all fit and that will operate with the consent of your free will.” (2)

In my opinion, this is why we haven’t yet experienced some of the boldest effects of our shift into a greater state of consciousness. Some things would be too overwhelming for most people to experience, and our evolution has to come about in accordance with what we are and aren’t ready to perceive.

We have a lot of wonderful things to experience, but spirit makes sure we’re able to experience them when we’re ready, and not a moment sooner. Freewill is important, even though it seems to have been stifled on earth, and the highest spiritual forces act in accordance with our needs and wishes.

As Birch tells us below, there’s a “serious purpose” that underlies the work being done to help us become aware.

“There is a serious purpose which underlies the whole of our work. I am only one of many ambassadors, part of a vast plan created in a world beyond yours, directed to help those who are ready to be helped.” (1)

I love pondering the idea that trained spiritual forces work as hard as they can for humanity’s benefit, and it’s been said that the conscious seekers on the earth are part of the “vast plan” mentioned above. We’re playing the biggest role by actually being on the earth and helping awaken people, and we’re given as much support as we need.

According to Birch, a divine thread runs through our lives.

“You try to judge eternity by temporal happenings. You see in matter apparent confusion, but you do not realise that a divine thread runs throughout all your lives. There is a divine purpose and plan for all of us.” (2)

Nobody’s exempt from Source’s plan to shed light on the lower vibrations, and even if it takes some people longer to catch up than others, we can rest assured knowing that they’ll always find their way back home. Even though effort’s required to achieve enlightenment, it’s inevitable that we eventually glimpse spirit and work to evolve.

We’re intended to remember the truth of our existence and make progress from there, and the finite powers can’t stop the inevitable. We’re acting in alignment with a higher will, and no force is mightier than Source.

So what exactly is the plan for our evolution? Birch tells us about it, reminding us that as complex as it could seem, it’s actually very simple.

“The plan of life is very simple. You come from spirit, incarnating into matter to obtain the experiences you need to enable you to come to our world equipped for the tasks and the joys that await you. The equipment is obtained in your world. That is where you learn the lessons that prepare you for the life after school.

If you do not learn the lessons, then you are not educated, not ready for what comes next.” (2)

The earth offers an opportunity for rapid soul growth, and I’d imagine this is because of the intense duality it has to offer. The harshness and rapidity of this life apparently serve to accelerate our soul growth, and it’s been said that we can learn lessons in a week on the earth that would’ve taken decades in the spirit realms.

That’s pretty amazing, in my opinion. The purpose of our existence here clearly isn’t to toil in unawareness, assuming that everything’s the product of empty randomness, but to learn the toughest and most important lessons required for us to progress tremendously in the spirit realms.

An aspect of our ongoing soul growth is learning to take responsibility for our actions and the things they cause, as we’re told below.

“All law is part of the one vast law. All works in harmony because all is part of the divine plan. The lesson of it is that men and women throughout the whole world of matter must seek their salvation by working it out in their daily lives, and abandon all the false theology which teaches that it is possible to cast on to others the results and responsibilities of your own actions.” (3)

As hard as it might be, we have to give up the ingrained habit of blaming others for problems or circumstances we’ve caused. We have to learn to live in harmony and balance, even when we’re faced with difficult circumstances, and we have to be strong and work through any issues that present themselves.

This is the way of the new world we’re building. Strength, balance, and harmony will replace weakness, chaos, and the tendency to blame others for our problems, and we’ll stop working against each other in favor of coming together and changing the planet like we’ve always been intended to.

We’re then told about the opportunities to fulfill our destiny that are placed before us every day.

“The divine plan is perfect and you are part of it. You have to fulfil yourself. Opportunities of self-fulfillment are daily provided for you.” (4)

We’re always given the opportunity to do something positive, and even if society doesn’t offer a lot of opportunities for the development and progression of the majority of people, spirit will place things before us that we can take and run with.

Continued in Part 3


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