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Ascension / Saturday, March 1st, 2014

Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm

As difficult as it might be for some people to believe, our existence on this planet isn’t a random occurrence. Despite the extent to which random chaos seems to rule the world, everything happens in accordance with a coordinated divine plan, the result of which will be the spiritual evolution humanity.

We’re experiencing chaos as a part of the ongoing shakeup that’s preparing us to greet a greater state of consciousness, but nothing that happens is random or meaningless. Everything we experience plays a significant role in the shaping of our future, and in my opinion, there’s no such thing as a “coincidence” as we’ve defined it.

The divine plan for humanity’s evolution is overseen by spirit, and myriad forces work tirelessly beyond the veil to help awaken us so we can re-reach the states of consciousness they delightfully enjoy. We’re being given help to return to heaven, and all of the seemingly random things we experience here will ultimately lead us back home.

It was written into the divine plan that we’d never be left alone on our journeys, and we’re the only ones stopping ourselves from embracing a greater state of consciousness and connecting with the forces who are assisting us.

It’s our universal right to connect with the legions of spiritual helpers working to help us remember their existence, and we’re fulfilling our sacred destiny by connecting with them and bringing through information and energy that’s intended to uplift the world around us.

The divine plan entails our connection with greater forces and a resulting enrichment of our lives, and we’re each playing a crucial role in this unfolding plan as we seek spirit in greater ways.

Everyone will be uplifted in the future we’re creating, and an undistorted spiritual understanding will grace us and answer life’s biggest and most confusing questions. We’ll understand why we’re here; where we go after death; if God, heaven and angels are real; if there’s life on other planets; why there’s so much poverty and destruction.

Waves of truth will flood the collective consciousness, and the result will be a concerted effort to change the manner in which society functions and make it better and more livable for the people who’ve been kept down and forgotten about the most.

We need to turn our attention to those who’ve been cast down by society, because if any of us fail, we all fail. We’re a solid unit of consciousness that’s comprised of individual identities and personas, and we have to make sure we’re all able to prosper if we want to welcome a positive future.

If we work in alignment with the divine plan, we’ll see to it that nobody’s left behind or forgotten about. Everyone will be given the chance to experience true prosperity, and division will be replaced with a unified mindset.

The divine plan is a popular subject among incarnate and spiritual sources, and we’ve been blessed with a wealth of material about humanity’s true purpose and the destiny we’re here to fulfill. Here, we’re going to examine this material and strengthen our understanding of this interesting subject.

Steve Beckow tells us that the divine plan is for humanity to evolve spiritually.

“As they awaken to the special nature of these times, I think that many people will ask what the point of life is. There will be so much occurring and what occurs will be of such consequence that some will ask us to start at the beginning.

And where is that beginning? That beginning is the Divine Plan for life. And that Plan can be summarized in two words: spiritual evolution. We move from God to God in quest of conscious awareness of our identity as God. We do that so that God may meet God in a moment of our enlightenment.” (1)

Since the moment we separated from Source, we’ve tried to re-find it in various ways and with various practices. We’ve sought Source endlessly throughout the course of our lower-dimensional experiences, and now, the greater energy we’re being given is helping us diminish the thinning veil and start rediscovering Source in big ways.

We’re growing closer to Source every day, and as long as we make active and concerted efforts to strengthen our spiritual connection, we’ll learn and grow in greater measures; greater leaps and bounds. We’ll achieve bigger feats than we would’ve ever thought possible, and we’ll perceive things that we wouldn’t have been able to open up to before.

Silver Birch tells us that nobody’s left out of the divine plan.

“The divine plan … is an overall one, and encompasses everything and everybody.” (2)

Source doesn’t forget about anyone, because we all carry its eternal essence and we’re all destined to evolve back into it. We’re all destined to remember the existence of spirit, and our endless hunger for a greater perception is leading us to see life through an undistorted lens.

We’re then told that “The whole purpose [behind spirit’s activities] is to show that every being starts the physical course with a spiritual heritage conferred by the act of birth. The life force is the divine spark, spiritual in nature, which is intended to grow equally with the physical body.” (2)

The soul grows and gains experience as the physical body ages, and the earth offers one of the best opportunities for rapid growth because of its intensely dualistic nature. Even people who don’t seem to have any good left in them still carry a spark that can never be put out, and the divine plan entails a reigniting of everyone’s burning flame.

Passion will replace complacency and laziness when the burning flame is reignited, and as we act on the inspiration it offers, we accelerate our spiritual growth.

Continued in Part 2


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