What is the Divine Plan? – Part 3 ~ Wes Annac

Ascension / Saturday, March 1st, 2014

Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm

Continued from Part 2

Spirit will encourage us to develop our talents and abilities. We’ll be encouraged to pursue things that we’re clearly good at and that we enjoy, and our development will never come to a halt again. In reality, our development really doesn’t ever halt – we simply convince ourselves it does.

Growth is ongoing, in the lower and higher dimensions. Even when we seem to be standing still, we’re growing; learning; moving.

Even our most painful moments contribute to our overall development, as Birch says below.

“In the great universe where harmony is the Law, each one of you contributes to the Plan. The events in your lives, sometimes of bitterness and despair, of pain and misery, all pay their part in preparing the soul for the path that is being trodden.” (1)

Our greatest experiences enable us to see the beauty and vibrancy of the existence we’re headed for, and our lowest experiences strengthen us and, when the time is right, help propel us to the higher realms.

Immense darkness can be a catalyst to the intense experience of light, and everything we go through, however seemingly insignificant, is very important. It’s essential that we gain the deepest experiences and learn some of the toughest lessons the earth has to offer, because we’re here to accelerate our soul growth and that of the rest of the planet.

When does the divine plan start to unfold for us individually? Birch gives us the answer, reminding us that catalysts are sometimes necessary to jar us into awakening.

“[The divine] plan unfolds as you begin to realize you are a part of it. It takes time for realization to dawn. There has to be some crisis, some difficulty, perhaps what is called a tragedy which provides the catalyst for the spirit to become aware of itself. Once that happens, a magnetic link with our world is forged, one that can never be severed.” (2)

Even though every seeker hasn’t experienced intense pain or darkness and the resulting slingshot into the light, this is apparently a common way to evolve. Sometimes, our capacity to understand things in a deeper way has to be expanded by the darkness of the earth, but eventually, we’re able to really embrace the light because of it.

As we’re told below, our helpers in the spirit realms aren’t in any hurry to bring the divine plan about, because it’s proceeding at a good pace already.

“[The divine plan] was devised by evolved spiritual beings in my world. The plan is to liberate spiritually, mentally and physically all those in your world who can be reached as they are ready to be helped. It is a plan for nations and for individuals. It will gradually outwork itself and we are not in a hurry.” (3)

From the perspective of the spirit realms, our evolution is playing out in a more gradual manner than we’re experiencing it here. They have a perspective of timelessness, whereas we’re experiencing time in an increasingly rapid, linear manner, and this perspective enables them to move at a steadier pace.

We experience quite the opposite here – most of us run around frantically, asking ourselves if we’ve done enough for humanity’s evolution at the end of the day. Ultimately, everything is and has always been perfect, including our service to the planetary awakening, but it can be easy to stress if we don’t feel like we’ve played our part.

We’re then told of the individual seeker’s realization of the perfect and orderly nature of existence.

“With an understanding of how the universe is ruled, and with a dismissal of the idea of a partisan God, there does come to the mind a picture of sequence, orderliness, rhythm, harmony and perfect balance. The individual realises that he is part of an infinite scheme, his own life playing its measured part in the divine plan.” (3)

Ultimately, this is what we’re intended to remember – the orderly divinity of this existence and the realms beyond. When we reawaken to this underlying perfection, we start to understand the realms we’re reentering in much greater ways.

Opening up to spirit now will help us reach this understanding, and even though a lot of us consider ourselves ‘conscious’, most of us probably haven’t reached such a state of mastery yet. We’ll reach it in due time, because it’s our destiny to return to the lands we’ve come here from.

It’s our destiny to master the lower-dimensional lessons we’re being given and emerge out into the world as strong spiritual forces, and we’re being called to fulfill this destiny as we’re given a glimpse of the realms we’ll soon return to. Doesn’t it feel great to know that our destiny is to reintroduce heaven to the rest of the planet as we glimpse it ourselves?

The power of spirit far outweighs any force that’d attempt to prevent our mass awakening, as we’re told below.

“Our numbers are small, relatively speaking. But the power behind us is the mightiest in the universe. None can gainsay it, none can overthrow it, none can prevent it from operation. There are no bodies or organizations that can in any way prevent the power of the spirit from its directed plan of bringing enlightenment to the people of your world.” (2)

No matter how hard they might try, the powers that were can’t and won’t prevent the people from awakening. They’ve thought they could curtail humanity’s growth and experience the fruits of heaven themselves, but their distorted philosophies will only lead them to their demise.

The wicked will never outlast the heavenly forces working concertedly to bring everyone back to full consciousness, and try as they might, the light is far more resilient and will forever prevail. The divine plan can’t be interrupted, no matter how much it’s been misinterpreted by self-serving forces with money and power, because it’s decreed by our infinite and all-loving creator.

Continued in Part 4


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