There is nothing mystical about ascension symptoms

Ascension, Spiritual Perspectives / Wednesday, September 25th, 2019

There is nothing mystical about ascension symptoms. Embodiment is a very clear process that can be understood by the coherent Consciousness. Living Plasmic Light codes come into the body that is comprised of damaged/fragmented DNA of 3D and facilitate the repair/rehabilitation process during which trauma release occurs, which brings up consciousness that is organized and crystallized in response to trauma. This is similar to any other form of rehabilitation… presence and devotion is required.

DNA is a system that holds consciousness. To hold crystalline consciousness, it must be rehabilitated from it’s fallen form. During rehabilitation, all trauma is ILLUMINATED. That is where we APPLY all spiritual wisdom that has been cultivated. Embodiment is be-ing. Channeling, understanding, accessing astral/esthetic bodies are the initiatory stages of ascension. The magnum opus, or the great work, is the integration of comprehension into crystallized embodiment.

Majority mysticism and spirituality practiced within the new age movement is entrapped in reversals of the one code, black magic, spells.
false light and overall delirium. The architecture of Consciousness on Planet Earth in her 3-4D expressions have been hijacked/enslaved by negatively oriented groups of galactic origins. Astral planes have been infected as well. Vast bodies of spiritual/religious texts have been transcribed by these groups to furth confuse,deceive, disorient and entrap those who seek reclamation freedom. It takes immense devotion toilluminate deceit.

There is a reason why dark arts training is an absolutely essential aspect of the ascension process. By dark arts training I mean artistry of DISCERNMENT and neutralization of negative influences.

If we cannot recognize the mechanics of negative influences that seek to enslave consciousness and feed on living light, we may be deceived to fall into traps. It must be studied in order to understand it’s ways. I recognize many spiritual leaders that are deceived by the false light, it took unspeakable experiences for me to become clear and discerning. Recently, I have witnessed women who are guiding other women quote and reference embodiments of the reversal feminine principles as an example of divine feminine essence. As I looked deeper into the data, I recognized the Baphomet energy posing as the divine feminine, which is happening globally through mainstream, music industry etc … false light posing as organic god presence. THAT is why many of us (you know who you are) have gone through hell and back … so we are no longer deceived and manipulated.

~Avatara Ananda


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