Taygetan Pleidian Galactic Council Federation mission to Earth plays interactive dual role as they open direct contact though social media … [RECTIFICATION]

Galactics / Wednesday, September 25th, 2019

This information has been rectified:


By Alfred Lambremont Webre

VANCOUVER, BC –  A Taygetan Pleiadian Council advanced ethical intelligent human ‘Extraterrestrial” civilization mission operating in outer space Earth orbit since at least the early life of George Washington (1732-1799), the first U.S. President, under the Authority of the what this reporter has experienced as an Inter-Galactic Federation of both the Andromeda and Milky Way Galaxies, has begun a recent paradox-filled outreach strategy of aggressively revealing itself to the Earth population through social media channels on You Tube and other popular apps, and at the same time publicly abandoning its long-standing Open Contact policy with regard to Earth. 

Social Media such as You Tube and other popular apps offer the multi-dimensional technological advantage of allowing the Taygetan outreach that must downstep itself from an original existence on Taygeta, Pleiades in a 5th Dimension/Density planet, to being anchored in a biosphere 350 miles in space orbit above Earth and then connected to You Tube and other Internet online apps for communication with on-air hosts and communities of receptive Earth humans who tune in online for First Contact.

Cosmic Agency with Taygeta Outreach host Gosia

Cosmic Agency with Taygeta Outreach host Gosia is a principal social media channel through which the Taygetan Pleiadian Council mission of the Federation is achieving its ongoing strategy of social media contact with Earth humans, at a time when the Taygetan Head of Mission has publicly announced a downgrading of its Earth mission from a sizeable fleet of Starships to just one.

One early resent outreach You Tube by the Taygetan mission to Earth humans occurred on April 26, 2019, where Taygetan mission member identified as “Rachell of Temmer”, born in 1832 in Earth years and arrived in Earth orbit in 1952 as part of a Taygetan delegation concerned about the United States of American nuclear weapons tests and the advent of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, whom the Taygetans describe as a “member of the Cabal”. In this Taygetan video outreach, the mission member Rachelle, who states she was one of the Taygetan ETs who spoke directly with U.S. President Eisenhower trying to convince him to reject nuclear weapons, reveals that the Taygetans were behind the advanced anti-gravity and other UFO technology that the Vril Society of Germany (headed by Maria Orsic, also a Taygetan individual), that preceded Nazi Germany had, that may have been instrumental in settling German colonies in Antarctica, the Moon, and Mars according to some researchers during and after World War II.

Taygetan Pleidian Report: Are Earth Humans Ready for Direct Contact?

Perhaps the most unsettling of the recent Taygetan Pleiadian Federation mission Contact communications to Earth humanity through its Social media strategy have been a 2-part You Tube communication on August 21, and 26, 2019 by the Taygetan Head of Mission, known as Swaruu. In this 2-part communication, Taygetan Head of Mission Swaruu reveals a cut-back in the Taygetan mission to Earth, based on a recent Policy decision that “Earth humans are not ready for Open Contact” with Extraterrestrial civilizations, as was once thought in recent decades and as recently as a few years ago, up until 2016. The existential reasons for this are set out at length in the two videos, of 39 and 31 minutes duration and well worth the listen.  Essentially, the Taygetan Pleiadians have concluded after a substantial investment of centuries, decades, fleets of ships, large mission staffs, that Earth humans still self-identify with the Matrix of control, and as a collective do not wish for Liberation into the larger Federation of worlds as of yet.  There is a great deal of good news this Taygetan Pleiadian Report brings, to be sure!  According to Head of Mission Swaruu, the Secret Space Program has been shut down by the Federation because of its involvement in corrupt Earth human slave trafficking by the Cabal via the Secret Space Program.  The only Earth human slave trafficking still currently ocurring is via Jump Rooms between Earth and the Moon and Earth and Mars that are difficult for the Federation to Monitor, as the Federation must operate by the Prime Directive of non-interference.

Because this Taygetan message in some ways seems to run counter to the messages of (1) many other Extraterrestrial Federation missions that are contacting Earth humans; (2) the genuine Disclosure and Contact efforts of Earth human Contactees, Disclosure advocates, and the awakening human population, as shown by public opinion polls, you are urged to listen to the videos carefully and to its nuanced layers, which this reporter experiences as intended to motivate humanity in some deeper ways.

Watch Part 1: Taygetean Pleiadian Report (Swaruu): Are we Ready for Official Extraterrestrial Contact? (Part 1)

Watch Part 2: Extraterrestrial Direct Contact: Taygetean Conclusions (Pleiades) (Part 2)

Notice of Appeal to the Taygetan Pleiadian Policy decision regarding Open Contact with Earth humanity now has been filed courtesy of the Taygetan Mission via the Andromeda Council and is under deliberation at the Federation

This reporter, Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd, has filed a Notice of Appeal to the Taygetan Pleiadian Policy decision that Earth humanity is now not ready for Open Contact and rescinding the Open Contact program for Earth.  This Notice of Appeal has been filed, courtesy of the Taygetan Mission, via the Andromeda Council as of September 21, 2019, with the Federation where we are given to understand Notice of Appeal is under active consideration.

One of several the components of the Notice of Appeal deals with the creation Earth humanity representation on the Federation.  As the Notice states: “

In addition to the above Appeal of Decision, we would like to seek Advisory Opinions of the Commander in Chief on the following important issues to Earth humanity:

Earth humanity representation on the Federation – As stated in my public presentations at the recent September 6-8, 2019 Barcelona Congress which our mutual friends Dale Harder and Gosia attended, “My insight is that fundamental positive transformation on our New Earth will take place when New Earth humanity is consciously and intentionally represented at the regional Galactic Governance Council [the Federation] , so that New Earth can have direct access on policy proposals and petitions for redress for New Earth and New Earth humanity’s progress and welfare in our dimensional ecology.

Readers are urged to download and share the Notice of Appeal widely and to promote it in their networks, families, social media, work places, neighborhoods, towns and cities, regions and nations, and planet-wide!



Thank you!

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