There is nothing mystical about ascension symptoms

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There is nothing mystical about ascension symptoms. Embodiment is a very clear process that can be understood by the coherent Consciousness. Living Plasmic Light codes come into the body that is comprised of damaged/fragmented DNA of 3D and facilitate the repair/rehabilitation process during which trauma release occurs, which brings up consciousness that is organized and […]


New Ascension Symptoms: The Plasma Wave, Timelines and the Dream ~ Alexa Person

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  By Alexa Person Friday, October 14, 2016, one day after President Obama issued an Executive Order regarding space weather events, the Earth’s magnetic shields collapsed and the energetic streams of energy flowing around Earth (solar winds) completely changed direction. These events corresponded with a severe geomagnetic storm that can be tracked in the satellite video below. […]


Ascension Symptoms: DNA Upgrade


    The following is part of a series on ascension symptoms extracted from a PDF by Humanity Healing and is not to be interpreted as medical advice. In this segment, DNA upgrades will be addressed. by Humanity Healing Guest writer, The tissue of our bodies is made up of cells. The cells are […]


Acceleration 101


  by Darshana Patel Guest writer, Does it feel to you that time moves faster now than it did before? The days, weeks, months, and years seem to zip past us. Perhaps this acceleration is on the quantum level, the spiritual level. We attribute it to time because we have no other point of […]


Transmutational / Ascension Symptoms

Ascension, Spiritual Perspectives

art by Korsmatt   by Sabrina Reber Ascension is the raising of our personal energy frequency. It occurs when we bring our layers of “light” from our Spiritual Body or Multidimensional God Self down into our physical form. As we integrate more of our true spiritual essence into our being we expand our auric field, chakra […]