The Tantra of Creation

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We inhabit a lower octave of the third dimension – duality. The challenge for Humanity is not to ‘get out of’ or transcend the third dimension, but to create it, for this dimension is the stargate to every other level of manifest experience. The third dimension is where the party is!

We did not find ourselves in this immeasurably privileged position – embodying an instrument of sentient capability, each one of us an autonomous instrument of sensuality, of divine Consciousness, seeing beauty, feeling love – so that we could, upon finding ourselves challenged by the shadow, run “home” back to the “One”, to the Void, to the undifferentiated ocean of potential. We belong here ; this is our home. We must challenge the darkness and win back the true time-space frequency zone of conscious evolution for our people and for our planet.

In the full manifestation of third dimensionality, coexisting with all other prime dimensions, there are trees so deeply green they are almost as blue as midnight. Each leaf is as a faceted jewel that, when slightly turned, emanates a fractal beam of deep violet with a golden hue shining out from its core … and suddenly there for a moment is the most brilliant opal-hued silver flash! Water… liquid crystal… lavender beams swimming in its depth… becoming pink and palest blue and creamy opal white : geometry dancing beneath it all as every living thing celebrates together the conscious ceremony of life eternal, for here there is no shadow… no separation. So much light,as the grand Maha-spheric Sun embraces you, each beam of light a thousand loving arms… a cosmic embrace. And when it sinks away into the turquoise indigo night of a billion stars, you will not sleep, but awaken into a realm of celestial dreaming, listening within the cathedral night to the starry orchestra, star child that you are, riding on the alpha -wave of deep inner star-studded space to the shores of morning light ; and there again,the Sun that never left, but only withdrew, that you might know it through its starry consort, returns now as dawn’s caress upon this beloved Earth, as sunrise brings the promise of another day filled only with the joy of living and loving.

The potency of this multidimensional realm is geometrically coded into the quality of light. Our challenge is to reconnect the delivery system in order to ‘reboot’ Source Intelligence ; resurrecting within our endocrine systems the ability to translate that light into the bio-signals that will reanimate our dormant genetic material. A fully resurrected Human blueprint transmits the harmonic of the universal design principle : a critical mass of resurrected Human units of circuitry will broadcast a collective frequency which will find resonance with a multidimensional unified field, thus drawing into manifestation a transcendent Earth.

excerpt from: Worldbridger- “The Tantra of Creation” by Juliet and Jiva Carter



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