When a living Mandala activates its Light body, it manifests externally as an Island of light.

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When a living Mandala activates its Light body, it manifests externally as an Island of light.

Island of light is a community of Oneness, created in alignment with sacred geometry.

It is created as an experience of Heaven on Earth.

All Islands of light will be self sufficient regarding food, money and energy sources.

They will exist outside duality in an oasis of the new reality.

In Islands of light people will receive assistance and guidance for their Ascension process.

Islands of light will be connected energetically with each other and will create a network of light which will emanate energies of Love and Ascension towards the rest of humanity.

Those who live in Islands of light will demonstrate true Love which emanates from consciousness of Oneness.

They will cooperate with Cosmic brotherhood and their lightships which are in fact Islands of light in the sky.

Inside Islands of light, individual and group healing of body and soul will be taking place.

Use of etheric medicine technology and spiritual powers of healing will allow miraculous healings to occur.

Members of Islands of light will discover deeper and deeper levels of merger through the process of Galactic tantra.

Scientists will deepen their understanding of Cosmos through the science of vibration of matter.

Artists will create multidimensional sculptures from liquid light.

Technicians will supply Islands of light with free energy which will be produced from etheric substance (prana).

Islands of light will thus serve as models of New reality on Earth.

I) Individual preparations
Any individual that wishes to be a part of a living Mandala needs to be absolutely devoted to Ascension process.

He needs to make an insisting, unconditional and unbreakable decision for his own Ascension, no matter what happens, regardless of external circumstances.

Anybody wishing to Join a living Mandala needs to be committed to constant purification of all of his bodies.

Physical body is being purified with lots of rest and cleansing with four elements: earth, water, fire and air.

Emotional body is being purified by giving loving attention to your emotions.

Mental body is purified through triangulation… alternatively making affirmations for a mental pattern and its opposite pattern and finally transcending both towards a higher synthesis.

Causal body is transformed by inviting an Ascended master that is closest to you to overshadow it and dwell in it with his presence.

At some point during the purification process you make your final unbreakable decision to join or create a living Mandala.

When this decision is made, universe provides you with the next step.

This next step is usually Light code activation.

You come across some high quality channeled material which awakens your inner knowing.

Or you see some drawn mandalas that assist in your awakening.

Cosmic stones such as moldavites or ordinary tektites are excellent tools for Light code activation.

All forms of tektites are interdimensional doorways into One.

You can arrange them into sacred geometry stone mandalas, which will attract the manifestation of a real living Mandalas to you.

Ordinary black tektites (indochinites) came 870.000 years ago from the AN (AI Nilam) stargate in Orion.

They assist in changing reality systems from duality into Oneness.

They anchor the first ray, the ray of Divine purpose.

Saffordites and columbianites are tektites of violet-brown color and came from Sirius.

They bring forth energies of Love and Grace and anchor the second ray, the ray of Divine love.

Moldavites are tektites of beautiful green color and came 15 million years ago from AL-TA (Alcyone) star gate in Pleiades.

They activate your starry angelic presence and anchor the third ray, the ray of Divine light.

Holy Grail is a sacred chalice of the Order of the Star, made of moldavite, which serves as a physical anchor and a coordination point for planetary One living Mandala.

Unit mandalas can use pieces of moldavite as a physical anchor and a symbolic representation of the Holy Grail.

II) Mandala Activation
When your Light codes are activated, universe provides you with the next step of meeting individuals which are part of your living Mandala.

You can meet them in »casual« meetings, in existing groups or by creating your own group.

Some enough aware individuals coming to your group can become members of your inner living Mandala.

Or you may be even lucky enough to join an already existing living Mandala.

Mandala is activated when three or more beings come together in deep relationship on all planes: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.

Mandala allows no separation on any plane.

Members of a living mandala are supporting each other, willing to merge and deepen contact.

Before you enter a living Mandala you need to release all relationships that do not bring you happiness, a” relationships that block or restrain group Mandala process.

Living Mandala requires total sincerity and dedication to group Ascension process from all members.

It is good for a living Mandala to meet regularly at least once a week to build up energy and strengthen the connection.

Members of Mandala accept no compromises, they join in higher synthesis.

If nobody in Mandala accepts compromises, Mandala will work smoothly, almost miraculously.

Any compromises or duality can lower its vibration and make its growth more difficult.

Each member of Mandala needs to be sincere with himself and accept responsibility for his shadow side rather than denying it and projecting it to other members of Mandala.

Also, living Mandala has no room for jealousy and symbiotic over dependency type of relationships.

When all these requirements are met, living Mandala can grow and open like a lotus flower.

It begins to emanate love outwards and contributes to manifesting Divine plan on Earth.

~ Aurora 2012: Ascension – A Manual for Preparedness

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