New Earth ∞ Teri Wade

Spiritual Perspectives

New Earth The New Earth doesn’t just arrive it’s a new higher dimensional timeline, a new vibration… Heaven! This New Earth which is almost achieved all from within. It’s each and everyone of you who are dedicated to your soul and all souls who are walking this Earth now. You will get glimpses, you will […]


New Earth Energy Update: Integrating the New

Spiritual Perspectives

Acclimation, harmonization and stabilization unfolds during this powerful Cosmic Gateway of August and 2020 energies anchoring in. We continue to link-up and bringing all NEW Earth Grid systems online as One Universal Cosmic Monad. Higher levels of embodiment are accelerating and expanding our entire experience/experiment. Keep the alignment and focus in the highest timelines as […]


Foundations Are Being Rocked & Re-Aligned According to NEW Earth Existence for All… ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown

Spiritual Perspectives

art by Tatiana Plakhova   Aloha beautiful light family! A Quick Update for for what’s going on “out there”…. in a multitude of dimensional realities…. Utter and complete chaos for many, as all inside is up-heaved. Deep emotional energies triggered by an “event”…. Many “spiritual” realities being rocked by something/whatever is necessary to move one […]


A New Philosophy for a New Earth

Spiritual Perspectives

April 3, 2016 by Steve Beckow   Context We light workers are building a New Earth, what Werner Erhard called “a world that works for everyone.” A shift in consciousness is occurring. Some of us have experienced states like love and bliss, brought on by it. From inside these states, it’s easily seen that a […]


New Earth Arrivals ~ What Matters Most

Spiritual Perspectives

  Good afternoon dear lighted ones, Have you ever wondered about the ‘wave’ of ascending humans making their way to new earth? There has been a few versions of what truly will occur when Gaia is fully ready to make ‘the shift’ with Venus in her new location within our galaxy, and even to this […]