The grand crosses and alignments of celestial bodies now speak the truth of Humanity’ s symbiotic resonance with the evolutionary mandate of light that is transmitted from the Galactic Core.’ ~ Juliet J. Carter

Spiritual Perspectives

Juliet J Carter ‘Contemporary aboriginals have shunned the more indulgent pillowed and pampering paths, deciding that it is better to be sorry than safe. They seek for the truth of their origins by studying the new physics, hyper-space and parallel universes. The recognition of the universe as a holographic system has brought them to the […]


The corruption is in the matrix ~~ Juliet J. Carter

Spiritual Perspectives

art by Justin Guse ‘ Popular projections of what a transformation in consciousness is going to look like are in most cases a revamp of the ‘box’ – a bigger, better box in which upgrading the paradigm means improving the conditions in which we can indulge our addictions in a ‘green’way. As essential as ecological […]