The corruption is in the matrix ~~ Juliet J. Carter

Spiritual Perspectives / Saturday, February 20th, 2016

medational-bliss-by-justin guseart by Justin Guse

‘ Popular projections of what a transformation in consciousness is going to look like are in most cases a revamp of the ‘box’ – a bigger, better box in which upgrading the paradigm means improving the conditions in which we can indulge our addictions in a ‘green’way. As essential as ecological awareness is, it is not enough. The new paradigm cannot be actualized from the intellectual abstraction of a dualistic interpretation of a betterworld, built on the infrastructure of the existing mutant matrix, for the corruption is in the matrix that generates the paradigm.

The full Human blueprint, prior to our genetic modification, already exists and is etherically present in every cell of our bodies. Resurrect the full divine immortal Human blueprint,and you will realize the visual audible feed-back of the true space-time continuum of a transcendent paradigm, for the Human design is the sensory organ for planetary ascension as Earth is the sensory organ for Human ascension.

The new paradigm cannot be interpreted and determined as a theory but as a living frequency returned to the only instrument on which we can experience the truth of creation…our bodies.

You are the portal through which divine consciousness flows. ‘

Juliet J Carter

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