Ceremonies are combination codes that speak an alchemical language across time.~~ Juliet J. Carter

Spiritual Perspectives / Thursday, February 25th, 2016

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The Template Ceremonies can be difficult for the western mind that is searching for validation of experience through intellectual analysis. This is not surprising when you consider how far the impact of technology has driven the 20th century human to the ever-expanding chasm between what is real and what is illusory. Orthodox religion has instilled through guilt, repulsion against natural responses, “civilized” life is in direct opposition to our instinctual nature, operating as it does within a structure of imbalance, requiring subjugation of our intuitive side in favor of a logic that bows to the feet of economic survival whilst making perfect sense of the desecration of our environment. The trust we have placed in the deception of this dualistic reality has cost us trust in ourselves, and in the wild perception of the natural world. This misplaced trust has undermined a holistic circle of strength that is the foundation of human interconnectedness and co-creativity. That strength has been replaced by the vulnerability of the nuclear family, convinced of a fixed reality, that hour by hour, minute by minute, threatens its very survival, clothing us in a perverted identity that does not go beyond our physical form. This illusion has separated us from ceremony.

Ceremonies are self contained cycles that groove with and unlock ancient information matrices that exist in the natural world. Ceremony engages our wild side, as it stimulates, supports and honours our instinctual nature, nurturing the lineage of our soul, not only connecting us to our home planet Earth, but also empowering us to reach through the heavy mantel of frequency that covers her, enabling us to reach out to and connect with those ancient sentient beings from many far flung star systems who gave of their genetic codes in a time of peace, a gift that was sealed with the symbol of the bird.

Ceremonies are combination codes that speak an alchemical language across time. They are an invitation to remember who we truly are. Ceremony invokes a new pattern of response, breaking down the patterns of our social isolation and loneliness. They are a proclamation of unity, harmony and co-operation that returns us to the knowledge that we are holographic focal points within the unified field.

Words: Juliet Carter www.thetemplate.org
Art: Samuel Farrand


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