We have one primary illusion that all the other illusions depend upon … ~ Juliet J Carter

Spiritual Perspectives / Thursday, January 4th, 2018


“We have one primary illusion that all the other illusions depend upon. It is the sense of a separate, independent, self-existing entity we call me. As soon as this one is seen to be illusion and never having actually existed, the rest fall like a house of cards.”

Nihilism as a philosophy is nothing new. It’s a form of ‘spiritual’ mind control, a smug cultural identification pattern that insures that the true history of Humanity is never investigated nor discovered. The full spectrum divine immortal Human blueprint, prior to genetic manipulation, that would allow us to access any time or energy level in the universe, is dismissed as ‘there is neither self nor other’. So why bother. Its all a dream. It has an ingenious built in catch 22…if you speak against it your protestations are meaningless as you are an illusion. You don’t exist.

This anti belief system belief system is another program to disempower and generate an intellectual dead end, which, with a little decorating, can become a carefree cozy nook. Get comfortable and ride out the storm until you are placed by someone who does not exist into your illusory grave.

It’s an existential philosophical loop hole that conveniently relegates the unspeakable suffering within this deviant fear- based realm into the file marked ‘illusions’, while a considerable percent of our bothers and sisters are impacted by genocide, cultural misogyny, pedophilia, chemtrail generated diseases or a ‘simple’ lack of clean water. Someone needs to point out to them that it’s all an illusion. Or perhaps they deserve this hardship…it’s their ‘karma’ (another suppressive program that ensures unquestioning submission and obedience through guilt and shame). They need to continue dying and being reborn through the recycling system in order to position themselves in a situation where they have access to the information that they don’t exist.

The Template information integrates the understanding that out of 3 billion base pair chemicals in the Human gene Code only 60 million are active. We have been genetically modified. The mutant state of the Human Blueprint is a piece of the puzzle without which the Human condition cannot be fully appraised. There is a new era of self realisation rising out of the comprehension of the Human Masterpiece; giving rise to solutions that exist at levels outside of the problems. Rather than a better problem or a dangerous compromise.

There is no separation between matter and spirit. There is no separation. We are Simultaneously one and different . Fractal aspects of primordial awareness…sentient and sovereign. Never was there a time when we did not exist, never will there come a time when we cease to be. We are not only this we are the universe.

Juliet J Carter

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