Proof That Consciousness Creates Reality: Welcome To The Matrix

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  By Steven Bancarz Does consciousness create the material world?  Before we answer this question, it’s important to first go into what the material world is actually composed of at a fundamental level.  “Reality” is not simply made of tiny physical pieces, like a bunch of marbles or tiny little bowling balls.  Molecules are made […]


Do Consciousness and Thought Create and Change Reality?

New Science

by PL Chang   To understand how reality works at the fundamental levels, we must study the relationship between the physical and metaphysical realm and understand how they work. We also need to study energy mechanics because it is the mechanics behind energy that organize energy into codes, patterns, and structures, allowing energy to manifest […]




CHANNELED MESSAGE FROM THE ARCTURIANS 27th June 2014 Channeled by Paul Marwood Transcribed by Paul Marwood “Greetings dear Paul we are the Arcturian’s, As you know we come forth in love, we are a benevolent race, you have seen this in your journey to our planet, seeing how we live. Part of the purpose of this is […]


The composition of human life ~ Jon Rappoport

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  I’m going to give you the shorthand version of this. We’re looking at three tiers: Consciousness. Imagination. Energy. Consciousness deploys imagination, and imagination creates, among other things, energy. This isn’t esoteric at all. It’s only strange to people who have shut themselves off from consciousness and imagination. The world is embroiled in the third […]


Chris Bourne – Humanity is Waking Up from Lifetimes of Amnesia and Ascending In Consciousness – 5-24-14


  BREAKING THE INTERVENTION Humanity was always meant to be fully multidimensional, interconnected with the higher realms of consciousness and centred in the natural flow of the universe: a benevolent guidance that co-creates situations for maximum soulful expression, the bountiful experience of interconnectivity and expansive evolutionary growth. Although it’s difficult to perceive and accept, until […]


Light As Consciousness A Transmission


This post is a transmission. Open a quiet space in your heart and align to truth and know you are love.   Blending Archaic Knowledge with Future Science~ Through light, sound and color, information describes the essence of all quantum levels of healing touch. Stay with us as we transcribe through you. Stay with us […]


Become Limitless With Whole Brain Intelligence

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Part 1 Part 2 Uploaded on May 1, 2011 FREE Whole Brain Workshop at: – Hear Daniel Rechnitzer, Author ‘The All Knowing Diary’ founder of Ui Group demonstrate the “All Knowing” capabilities that belong to Whole Brain Intelligence (or Accessing Universal Intelligence).


Laws of Human Consciousness


Observe our self, know our self, and slowly bring order out of chaos. Arnold Keyserling, Charles Tart, and others discovered that our own consciousness is the main hindrance to our realization of full potential. We are not only held back by weak thinking, but by our fragmented and constricted consciousness. We cannot answer the big […]