Ascension / Saturday, June 28th, 2014

27th June 2014

Channeled by Paul Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood

“Greetings dear Paul we are the Arcturian’s,

As you know we come forth in love, we are a benevolent race, you have seen this in your journey to our planet, seeing how we live. Part of the purpose of this is to teach you this, so you may share the new way of living. Not so you mimic our way of life, but simply so that you have guidance and a path to move towards. As you and your race on this beautiful planet called Earth, shift your consciousness and move to a different way of living and experiencing your lives.

This is very large subject which we will teach over many messages, the first of which we wish to touch on the fact that you as humanity have been taught over thousands of years, a level of separateness, a need to be reliant on physical items, and you have been shown to relate yourself to these physical items, like your worth is dependent on what physical items you have. Where as in reality you are you are, no matter what is around you and what you have, and there is no judgment in this.

So as you see just in this example, there is a significant difference between the world as your planet lives in this moment in time, and where you will be moving to as you understand the connection to all. As you understand more clearly who you are in your true essence, as you connect to your divine presence, the essence of who you are, your true essence, and with that connection how you see and perceive the world will change very dramatically.

What we wish to do is to guide you on a process of starting to connect to your inner self, your essence, to allow the examples in those fleeting moments to give you encouragement to step forward more and more and more on your inward journey. This is a journey inward not a journey outward. Some may say that this is the biggest journey that any Human can partake on in this 3-D realm, in which your existing in at this point in time. But we also wish to share with you that now is a prime time to do this journey, for you have so much in support of you to assist you in so many ways in so many levels, to do this journey more quickly, more easily, and with more grace.

For you see this planet, this galaxy is in a time of Ascension. You are aware of the energies pouring forth from the creator, source, you are also aware of how your sun is also receiving codes and information from source, and then issuing them forth in the form of solar flares, and coronal mass ejections, as you perceive them in your physical realm, but these events are much much more.

These are the sun as a conscious being, not as a fiery planet as you see it in your physical form. This conscious being, the sun, is lovingly extending new codes, new information that is specifically tailored to all that is within this galaxy, and in this case looking at the model of just humanity, the right codes at the right time to assist humanity, for the sun is connected to and tuned into this beautiful planet Earth and all that is on her in most amazing ways, ways that even your consciousness can’t comprehend at this point in time, but just trust that this is so.

You have this beautiful light, beautiful codes, beautiful upliftment from the creator, from source, you have the beings around you, you may call them your guides, the angelic realm, there are all of the many races like ourselves, the Arcturian’s, the Pleiadian’s, the Orion’s, the list continues on almost endlessly.

There are a multitude of spaceships either in physical form, as well as in energetic form. For as you start to understand the dimensions, you will start to see that it’s not quite as you may perceive it, as just simply spaceships around the planet. For in the higher dimensions time and distance takes on a very different perspective than how you understand it in your linear Earth 3-D realm.

We wish you to understand you have additional support from all of these races, star-beings, for we are all connected with you, we are your brothers and sisters, we’ve shared many lifetimes together in different places, in different adventures at different dimensions.

We are all here to support you in this moment, to assist you in this process of your conscious connection to your divine presence, your expanded consciousness, so that your experience of life changes dramatically.

We wish to encourage you to take the time in your busy lives to take a step back. Like finding a seat in a park in a quite place, and just stop for a moment to watch all that is around you. Watch the beauty, sense and feel the beauty, connect to the air, and the breeze as it gently blows past you. Tune in and feel all that is around you while you are simply just BEING, sitting in that seat.

You will suddenly start to realize that there is so much more happening around you in a beautiful way as you just relax in that seat. And from this point of view you may start to see the glimpses of a very different experience of reality.

The pressures, the demands, the expectations begin to fall away, and the joy in just simply observing what is happening around you, watching the butterfly as it floats by. Smelling the different scents in the breeze as they to simply just waft by, and start to enjoy the experiences of all that is around you, and then tune into the joy within your heart and feel the difference.

We encourage you to take this time out to experience this and start to expand your consciousness in this way. We will talk more on this in future messages.

We love you all, we are the Arcturian’s.”

© 2014 Copyright Paul Marwood

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