Light As Consciousness A Transmission

Ascension / Monday, September 16th, 2013

This post is a transmission. Open a quiet space in your heart and align to truth and know you are love.


Blending Archaic Knowledge with Future Science~

Through light, sound and color, information describes the essence of all quantum levels of healing touch. Stay with us as we transcribe through you.

Stay with us as we begin to describe with detail these teachings and understandings brought through the many.

Light penetrating light, light empties into light, light fills light. This light implies that all is light and from light comes the ancient modules of form and dust. A bandwidth of ancient mysteries described herein.

As light swirls around exacting itself, there are these many sounds of light described in your teachings and understanding of the Divine Architecture.

Through these minuscule granules of light we resonate the ancient wisdom teachings, enjoining the ancient with the modern now.

These understandings blend the exacting cosmic energies the universe presents each time there is a crisis or chaos energy moves or transmutes itself so that miraculous healing situations and activation occur.

These tiny ampoules of light radiate out twisting spiraling information pouring through the Divine Mother to clear all impurities from Mother Earth. Clearing through the earth’s architecture, these meridians and channels are freed to open and clear so these penetrating light particles may flow through bringing forth the truth of the One. For it is the light that propels the earth into her new domain.

Light as a teacher. Exacting light penetrating light, brings forth clarity, wisdom and information. Soulful journeys take place improved upon, and activate higher planes of consciousness awareness, filling this space with Goddess light. We move through this domain with insightful dialogues and discussions. Grounding light, we bring it through the tube of the One.

Through this divinity we wind and twist these spirals of energy, light flowing through the Cosmos, downloading and exacting, precisely evening, smoothing, untangling these strings of consciousness unveiling the hologram of the universe. For in these constructs are found the forthright teachings of the Ancient Ones. This is blending archaic knowledge with the future science. Blending the ancient with the modern there is an enveloped message for humanity being brought through the channeled teachings of the ancient tones and scribes.

Activations will occur through these carefully chosen and selected words. That’s why it is to be said exactly how we say it. We will speak through you, so you will speak through so you will know the effects these words have on many.

The Song of The Ancients

We describe and speak the universal truths through dance, poetry, music and the arts. These light ampoules compel others to channel their own divinity-divine and perfection, through their special imprint. This is why we have so much creativity and many profound resources of the original ways of healing, teaching and scribing through many channels of higher intelligence. Intelligence found in the pure resonance of the Many and the One.

This transmission is about all of us, and how we each channel our gifts towards the uplifting of our planet and all her inhabitant’s. Our time is now. You may read this post several times, for in this text is the tone of love speaking to your pure awareness self. It is time for all to be enlivened and aware of the truth found within.

I channeled this transmission in 2005.

In The Sanctuary of Enlightenment, Becoming a Divine Human

Christina Fisher Copyright 2013



The Adamantine Particles 

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