Le’Vell Zimmerman ~ Opening Your Heart Space

Galactics, Spiritual Perspectives / Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

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Le’Vell Zimmerman

With opening your heart space more as you embrace the evolved practices that come with recognizing more Unity Consciousness in being One with all there is, you are sensing your connection with the fabric of existence itself, where a loving nature is an expression of your divine strength to shine the light of truth beyond the darkness of the illusion.

This sense of openness is practiced as an integrated aspect of this healing process as you genuinely greet people that the Ego mind labels as “strangers” or those that you have not met consciously before in this incarnation, however the heart knows to be Family you have designed to enter your energy field as an encounter in the perfection of this now moment on your journey for purposes beyond logical comprehension, where with this activity you are healing from the programs of fear you have accepted throughout your experience here in duality.

We observe many of you still focusing much energy on searching for deception in sources outside of yourself, being suspicious, attempting to embrace more barriers of protection, projecting judgements, and others expressions of chaos all based in fear, where your healing is in trusting yourself more in being the source of all that is.

Know that an aspect of a fully conscious presence is in being fearless, open and unconditionally loving to all reflections beyond the mental filters of “discernment” and other mental faculties that assume who you are as God has something to “beware of” or “watch out for”, when it is these focuses that cater to the creation of harmful experiences in you always experiencing your own energy.




The temporary experience of separation humanity has embraced as the truth of existence for the last 13-15 millennia here on Planet Earth has been one of countless distortions and various limiting programs that many souls still embrace today, where the awakening process is about dissolving these limitations through healing one’s self internally.

This internal healing is in recognizing the true self within the heart space, where the Ego mind identity is the source of all the limiting programming that cater to the distorted experiences one continues to create here in the physical, where grounding is the practice of releasing the mind and its filters consciously as a soul uplifts themselves out of the cycles of reincarnation in more peace as the truth.

Know that as you come to heal yourself even more beyond the illusion of separation, you recognize the divine truth of all aspects of self to be reflections of self having their source within you as God, where this fabric remains an expression of your Love in all being One Family, beyond the many labels humanity has created in ignorance of the eternal truth.

Here amongst the Heavenly Realms there are no strangers, acquaintances, associates, enemies, or friends, where these labels remain within the illusion of Duality, not to say that being “friendly or kind” is a distorted way of being, however the title is based on the assumption that all are not family because all are incarnated through various physical vehicles not linked in the physical/biological levels of illusion, when all manifest into the physical directly from the divine source that is Prime Creator in there being no separation what so ever.




The divine nature of this transition happening here on the surface of Planet Earth at present has nothing to do with any of your “Earthly Religions”, where this experience remains beyond the confusion of “belief systems”, and applies to, as well as effects every living soul on the surface of this Planet in there being no doubts throughout this guidance.

Most of humanity are somewhat “numb” to mental concepts and religious fanaticism that refer to events on a massive scale that involve the entirety of this species, where your World Leaders beyond Governmental structures harness the nature of such a reality as tools to cultivate more fear amongst humanity through your Mainstream Media outlets, Entertainment Industries, and Religious Leaders enforcing more control over this species.

Over the last 2 decade humanity has been very fascinated and confused by an array of propaganda about “The End of the World”, “Doom’s Day”, “Judgement Day”, “Independence Day”, “The Mayan Calendar”, “UFO Disclosure”, an Economic Collapse, “World War 3”, “A Magnetic Pole Shift”, “Chemo Trails (Geo Engineering) “, “Extreme Weather Patterns”, “Solar Flares”, and an array of other projections that remain short of the divine truth of what all souls can sense on a very deep level taking place here on Earth, where beyond all this confusion is a gentle present within the Heart space that is completely aware of Ascension.

Know that there is nothing to “sell” or convince you of here in all that is expressed being imminent for all as the energies from the Central Galactic Sun continue to develop here on Earth revealing the truth of this transition, where this guidance is only for those souls sensitive enough to realize the nature of such an opportunity to make this leap in evolution which remains a free will choice in returning to the Heavenly Realms.

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