… sexual energy does not rise or descend, nor is it an isolated system ~ Juliet J. Carter

Spiritual Perspectives / Saturday, June 4th, 2016

natures kiss

art by Josephine Wall

by Juliet J Carter

‘When the full integrity of the holonomic systems of the original Human design are cooperating, sexual energy does not rise or descend, nor is it an isolated system. It imbues the being in tandem with breath and from every point within the individual’s field: a field that is the energetic form of differentiated consciousness that defines us as autonomous fractals of Source Awareness, a self -referencing vortex, a torsion field that translates light into a medium with which to assemble and construct the coded co-ordinance that manifest the full masterpiece of the Human design prior to our genetic modification.

The modification of the Human blueprint turns off the circuitry that feeds this field. Sexuality becomes a fragmented, ego based, genitally focused engagement. Due to the loss of a holonomic circulation of this creative potential throughout the entire endocrine system the energetic release it initiates is not fully shared and redirected to act as the rejuvenating elixir it is. Instead of perpetuating life (outside of procreation) it is being harvested.’

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